Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 291

“In the past I didn’t know that you are someone who likes to engage in self-deceiving act. Su Ran didn’t want you anymore, why are you keep on dreaming? Who will willing to wait for a murderer for several years?” Gu Dong Cheng moved forward and took the ring from Song Ting Yu’s grip when he was a bit unfocus.

At first no matter what Gu Dong Cheng said, Song Ting Yu didn’t mind him. He ignored him, but when he snatched the ring away. Song Ting Yu was angry. He suddenly sat up from the bed and extended his arm to take the ring back but Gu Dong Cheng took steps backward. With one of his hand cuffed on the bed, Song Ting Yu couldn’t reach it.

Song Ting Yu was angry and glared at Gu Dong Cheng: “Give me back my ring.”

Gu Dong Cheng purposely raised the ring up and let Song Ting Yu looked at it: “If you are able, then take this from me.”

Now with his current position, even though Song Ting Yu wanted to come over, he couldn’t.

“Gu Dong Cheng, give me back that ring!”

“I said that I want you to come to take it yourself.” Gu Dong Cheng pretended to examine the ring: “It’s quite nice. It’s a pity. Su Ran returned this to you. Supposedly this lifetime she will not wear this again? Look at yourself, how are you now? You shouldn’t blame her. Women always thinks realistically, now what can you give her? You want to wait her to wait for you forever, a woman has limited youthfulness. How long should she wait for yoyu?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t hear his words, he just wants to take the ring away. The bed started to move because his intense struggle.

His hand turned red and bled now. Yet without any good reason, he still tried hard to get to Gu Dong Cheng’s front.

Song Ting Yu looked miserable now. His hand was bleeding, his forehead was covered with gauze. He wore the hospital outfit. His face was pale. When looking closeup at his face, his lip was also very dry. Where was the previous Song Ting Yu with bright and neat appearance?

Looking at his condition now, Gu Dong Cheng felt very happy. He really wanted to watch every Song family member to suffer.

He wanted to Song Ting Yu to feel like he was dying.

The time Song Ting Yu thought that he could take the ring away, Gu Dong Cheng just smiled and threw the ring away.

He could hear the tiny voice but clear. Song Ting Yu was worried and looked at him: “Gu Dong Cheng, I will kill you….”

“Haha….” Gu Dong Cheng retreated several steps back: “Then I will give you a chance. Come here.:

Song Ting Yu ignored him and bent his waist. He knelt down on the floor and looked for the ring.

“Poor dog.” Gu Dong Cheng looked at how miserable he was, looking for the ring. He then opened the door and left.

In the moment after he left, Song Ting Yu’s gaze suddenly changed to be sober and calm. He didn’t look disappointed or sad.

Now he was very calm. He knew what was his next step.

His hand hurt. He frowned and looked at his bleeding hand.

He pressed the bell. After a while, the young nurse came cautiously. Because this room for criminal patient so all the nurses looked to be fearful and guarded.

“Mr, Mr, what happened?” The young nurse asked.

She was surprised because she noticed that the bed that placed on the center, unexpectedly was moved to the side. It was a quite big distance. God, this man still had his hand cuffed on the bed.

The young nurse then noticed his injured hand.

“Mr, you want me to treat your injury? Wait for a while…..”

The young nurse said it then knocked the door. The guard opened the door for her. But Song Ting Yu called her: “Help me to take that ring on the ground.”

The young nurse was startled: “Ring?”

“It falls there, hurry up.”

Didn’t know whether the young nurse was scared of him as criminal or because his aura, so the young nurse didn’t take a lot of time: “Okay…”

She went to the direction Song Ting Yu pointed out. She knelt down and looked carefully at the corner then found it. She returned it to him. She noticed that he really treasured that ring.

His injury needed to be treated soon so the nurse helped him to clean the injury and wrapped it. Then she left.

Regarding Song Ting Yu’s matter, Su Ran had heard it. She came to the hospital the next day.

She didn’t only know that he wanted to run away from the detention center that finally he was caught but he also beaten by the guard. She also heard that because of a ring, he unexpectedly moved the whole bed and at last he injured his hand.

She knew that the ring should be the one she asked Tang Zi Chu to return it.

She finally appeared at the hospital. It was the firs time she visit him since the last time she mentioned about divorce.

The police opened the door and Su Ran got in.

The time Song Ting Yu noticed it was her, he was emotional: “Su Ran, finally you are here.”

Su Ran didn’t say anything, he said again: “Do you come to see me?”

Su Ran came toward his bed and looked at his injured forehead and wrist. Her voice sounded calm: “Why should you make yourself like this?”

“It’s just a ring that I don’t want anymore, why should you?”

“Su Ran…” Song Ting Yu’s red eyes looked at him. His eyes were tired and red.

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