Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 290

Su Ran said it then of course they wanted to know more so they asked a lot of questions. But Su Ran didn’t answer it. With paper on her hand, she wanted to leave, but it’s still hard to escape these reporters.

The weather outside was really cold. But Su Ran was sweaty because the reporters kept on surrounding her.

This time someone tried to disperse the crowd, Su Ran was pulled. Su Ran followed the person pulled her and got in the car.

When she looked clearly, she was startled: “Cheng Huan.”

Lin Cheng Huan said: “Drive, leave here.”

“Yes, Mr Lin.” The driver said.

“Cheng Huan, why are you here?”

Lin Cheng Huan looked at her, he didn’t answer but ask: “What about you? Why are you here?”

“I……..” She folded her hand, she didn’t know how to answer him. This moment her heart was still unease.

“You came here to testify against Song Ting Yu?”

Su Ran didn’t say anything.

“I heard that you want to divorce Song Ting Yu? You even gave the divorce paper to him?”

Su Ran didn’t speak anything, she just nodded.

“Why? Because Wei Xi?”

“No, I’ve found Wei Xi. That day Tang Zi Chu also met him. I sent Song Wei Xi elsewhere.”

It’s clear that Lin Cheng Huan didn’t trust her: “Where did you send him? Could you guarantee his safety? Other people could take a good care of him?”

“My faraway relatives…”

She hadn’t finished her words, Lin Cheng Huan cut her off: “I’ve known you for many years, how could I don’t know that you have faraway relative? Your Mama’s Qiao Family had cut you and your mother off. These years you don’t contact them, how could you run to them for help? Moreover, you believe them?” Lin Cheng Huan said: “Ran Ran, you are lyging.”

His eyes fixed on her hand: “Every time you have problems, you would fold tightly your hands…”

Su Ran let her hands go immediately.

Lin Cheng Huan smiled: “A cover up only makes matters worse.”

“You hide something from me, what did happen? Is it Gu Dong Cheng’s plan? He let you did this? he hates Song Ting Yu so much, right?”

Su Ran felt her eyes began to be teary.

It seemed that everyone doesn’t believe that she would just leave Song Ting Yu because she is afraid….

Is Song Ting Yu’s heart also thinking a same thing?

So he didn’t want to sign the divorce paper.

The time she testifies in the court, will he crumble? Will he believe that she is leaving him?

“Ran Ran, don’t you hide your problem from me, you wouldn’t be able to hide it form me…”

Su Ran looked at him but didn’t say anything. She just cried.

Lin Cheng Huan used his handkerchief to wipe her tears: “Don’t cry, tell me what happened….”

Su Ran just cried and covered her face. She looked at Lin Cheng Huan: “Cheng Huan, for this matter you mustn’t tell Song Ting Yu also don’t tell anyone…”

Lin Cheng Huan sighed: “You think Song Ting Yu will believe you?”

“Wait till the time he sees in the court, he will believe it..>”

Lin Cheng Huan was silent for a while, and heard Su Ran said: “I’m scared that Song Wei Xi will be in trouble…”

She didn’t have any choice.

The decision of Su Ran will testify in the court made a hot news in An City. Song Ting Yu who was in the detention center also heard about it.

That time he made trouble, he said that he wants to leave the detention center to meet Su Ran. Then he was taken to the guard away. He was hit several time.

That time Song Ting Yu’s head was hit and the fresh blood seeped from his head.

Song Ting Yu’s injured back was not fully-recovered, so this time he was injured again and was taken to the hospital. Because they were afraid that he would run away. So they put a lot of guard around his room.

The door of grand office was opened by Gao Sheng, Gu Dong Cheng was sitting on his sofa and enjoying the tea. He raised his head: “How is it?”

He leant on the sofa and looked very relax.

“Before I heard it then Song Ting Yu wanted to run away when he heard that Su Ran would testify against him. So the guards caught him and hit him on his head. Now he was in the hospital…”

Gu Dong Cheng rubbed his ring, it was his wedding ring with Tian Mi. He is unwilling to take it off, because he keeps on thinking that Tian Mi is his.

He didn’t plan to let her go, but now temporarily he is letting him to leave for a while.

Gu Dong Cheng smiled and finally let go. He stood up and buttoned his suit then passed the car key to Gao Sheng. “Let’s go.”

“Chief Gu, where are you going?”

“Don’t you think I should pay a visit to see Song Ting Yu’s current situation?”

In other words, Gu Dong Cheng wanted to go the hospital to find Song Ting Yu.

Gao Sheng nodded: “Okay.”

They arrived in the hospital. Gu Dong Cheng ordered Gao Sheng to handle the things first then the guard opened the iron door. He came inside and the door was locked again.

Song Ting Yu heard the noise and looked at the door. He thought that Su Ran was coming to see him. He didn’t expect that Gu Dong Cheng would come to meet him.

Now his hand was cuffed on the headboard. He just had one his hand free. He looked at Gu Dong Cheng and looked down at the ring on his hand.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at him and pulled the chair to sit down: “Is it your wedding ring with Su Ran? She had returned the ring to you, don’t you think you are deceiving yourself?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t mind him just roared a word: “Go away!”

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t leave: “I came to visit you, why should you kick me out?”

“I want to see yourself now. Then compare it to previous Song Ting Yu, don’t you think it’s a miserable. You’ve never thought that you will be in this situation right? A magnificent young master of Song family turns to be criminal, it’s really interesting.”

Song Ting Yu wanted to pound a glass to Gu Dong Cheng with his free hand.

Yet Gu Dong Cheng could avoid it

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