Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 288

Song Wei Xi nodded, he used his hands to rub his eyes.

“Papa has some problems that he leaves An city. This time Mama will go to pick him up. But Mama couldn’t bring Song Wei Xi along. So temporarily you need to stay here and be good okay? Be together with Auntie. Wait until Papa Mama, we will come back soon. That time we will pick you up, okay?” Su Ran said softly.

Song Wei Xi lowered his head and be silent: “Mama, why don’t you leave me in Uncle Lin’s house? In the past I lived there, I wanted to stay there to wait till you returned. I don’t want to be with that auntie….”

He didn’t know anyone there, Song Wei Xi didn’t want to be with them.

“Wei Xi, Uncle Lin needs to go to France. He doesn’t have time to take care of you. Mama looked for that auntie to take care of you. You need to listen to her okay. We will come home soon, okay?”

Song Wei Xi didn’t say anything. It’s clear that he didn’t want to be with that woman.

“Wei Xi, you don’t want to hear Mama’s word anymore?” Su Ran clutched Song Wei Xi’s face.

Song Wei Xi noticed Su Ran’s red eyes, he opened his arms and hugged her: “Mama, I’m sorry. I will listen to you. I will listen to that auntie’s words. But you need to come home quickly with Papa. I will miss you guys…”

Su Ran kissed his little face: “I will.”

Song Wei Xi finally agreed. Even though Su Ran didn’t willing but this moment she could only let that middle-aged woman took Song Wei Xi away. That woman brought him to the car. Song Wei Xi opened the window and kept on waving on Su Ran: “Mama, bye bye. Remember you need to pick me up quickly. You find Papa and come back quickly…”

Su Ran clutched his hand. Then the car started to move away. Su Ran stood there and looked at the car.

Then suddenly a car approached her, Gu Dong Cheng lowered the window and opened the door: “Get on.”

Turned out that he was nearby and looked at her.

Su Ran got on the car. Unexpectedly he passed the tissue paper to her. She didn’t take it and didn’t look at him: “I already did it as you want, are you satisfied? When will you return Song Wei Xi to me?”

Gu Dong Cheng leant on his seat lazily: “What are you worried? Wait until I am satisfied then I will return Song Wei Xi too you. Moreover I’ve never say a fixed statement right?”

Su Ran looked at him and laughed coldly: “I know that you are shameless, but I didn’t expect that you are that kind of shameless.”

“You can scold me as you like.” Gu Dong Cheng folded his hand: “I don’t care. The more you scold me, the more happy I am.”

“Crazy!” Su Ran said: “Stop the car!”

She wasn’t willing to be with this man for a long time. No wonder Tian Mi hated him so much. This man was inhuman.

She also really admired his previous acting. He is ruthless man, but he could imitate the gentle and tender like man.

She wanted to get off the car, Gu Dong Cheng didn’t stop her so he just stoped the car.

Su Ran got off the car and suddenly realized that the car was stopped on the front of the hospital. Gu Dong Cheng said: “Song Ting Yu is here, don’t you want to see him?”

He also didn’t wait for Su Ran’s answer and the car just drove away.

Su Ran walked toward the hospital, but she didn’t come inside. She stood outside. The time Song Ting Yu was in trouble, she received the call. She knew where was he. This moment she looked at the building and stopped her gaze on one of the room.

Song Ting Yu was flipping the divorce paper given by Tang Zi Chu. Finally he saw Su Ran’s signature.

He held the ring Su Ran returned to him. It was the ring that he gave her during the Valentine’s Day.

He watched it for a long time and looked at Tang Zi Chu: “Do you have a pen?”

Tang Zi Chu was startled, was it mean that he would sign it?

“Chief Song, are you sure that you want to sign this? Actually Su Ran also has some difficulties…”

Song Ting Yu raised his head: “I know.”

He said: “Is Wei Xi in trouble?”

Tang Zi Chu immediately nodded: “I’m sorry. Chief Song. Previously I didn’t say it to you because I didn’t want you to be worry. We know that Gu Dong Cheng take it. These days we were looking for him. Today Su Ran said that she found Song Wei. We met him but it’s not really convincing. Mr Lin also said that Su Ran left the house for a long time, supposedly she looked for Gu Dong Cheng. Gu Dong Cheng threatened her to do this…”

Song Ting Yu was silent then said: “Pen.”

“Chief Song…” why did he still want to sign it?

“Cooperate with Su Ran.”

Song Ting Yu just said it. Then Tang Zi Chu understood. He took out his black pen. At first Song Ting Yu planned to sign it, but suddenly he thought, and said: “Say to Su Ran. I don’t believe it. I will not divorce him..” If he signed easily, then Gu Dong Cheng would doubt and wouldn’t believe it? He needed time to show his desperation about this, so Gu Dong Cheng would believe it.

He said: “Also, go to Jiang City, look for Mu Chu Cheng…”

“Okay, Chief Song.” Tang Zi Chu nodded.

“Right, do we need to tell Su Ran?”

“No need. This need to be more real.”

This will also let Su Ran thought that he was disappointed and in the same time made Gu Dong Cheng’s doubt disappeared.

Tang Zi Chu understood. Song Ting Yu planned to sign this. On one side for acting in front of Gu Dong Cheng, on the other side was for Su Ran.

As long as Gu Dong Cheng thought he hates Su Ran, she would be safe.

Now Gu Dong Cheng was really crazy. He wanted a revenge.

“I know, Chief Song.” Tang Zi Chu nodded: “Then I just leave the divorce paper here.”

“Em.” Song Ting Yu put the ring on his pocket and said: “Hurry up and find Song Wei Xi.”

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