I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 20]

Like most of women, my dream is to having a man that loves me deeply. He doesn’t need to be handsome, as long as he could be someone that I depend on.

I dream on having a family, it doesn’t need to be big as long as it warm.

I dream that if one day I could get marry with Xiao Cheng. Even it is a grave of love, our love could rest in peace……..

Action 1

Since being in Master degree, I became even busier.

Everyday I would do my study, I already forgot that year Xiao Cheng’s promise to give me fine time.

I’d been through the bloody exam, I finally selected to the list to study PhD. I passed the news to Xiao Cheng and my old Pa and old Ma who have been telling me to study hard. They were emotional and didn’t know what to say. At last they said: “If you have time, bring your boyfriend home.”

I’d been waiting for those words for so many times. Suddenly that time I felt that my effort is worthy.

During summer holiday that year, I brought Xiao Cheng home.

He used that whole day to help my old Ma to do the chores; used the day to accompany my old Pa to discuss about five thousand old poem; used the whole day to accompany my grandpa to manage his little field; used the day to teach my little auntie about learning method; used the whole day to choose a present to give to my aunties; also used a whole day engaged in small talks with many uncles and grandpas.

After being busy for a week, all of my family members praised Xiao Cheng. They said: “Xin Xin, you are quite good at choosing man. Your Xiao Cheng is more mature than you!”

I pondered for a whole day, why do I think they are not complimenting me?

I asked Xiao Cheng: “I really don’t understand, how could you handle them in a week?”

He pinched my cheeks and said: “I also don’t understand, how could I waste four years to get your heart!”

I sighed: “If I know that it will be easy for you to get that heart, why should I put extra effort to enter PhD. degree?”

“Yes! if sooner I know that I will be full by eating the third bread, then why should I eat the other two?”

Action 2

Since meeting Xiao Cheng, without anything, my old Ma just interrogated us about our future. She seemed to be afraid that her future son-in-law will run away.

I was forced that I felt helpless, I couldn’t help but took initiative to propose to him. As it was still a hot conversation, I contacted two families and arranged the meeting. We ate together.

During the dinner, both families were happy and just settled our engagement.

Xiao Cheng secretly asked me: “What is the style of engagement in your hometown?”

I shook my head: “I’ve never heard of it.”

“O, then I will save more.”


I was about to protest, but he added more sentences: “Anyway you are already mine.”

That’s right. Since today until later, he is mine! As a woman, we should look far ahead!

Action 3

Since the engagement, I and Xiao Cheng were both feeling secure. We just living our life.

One night, I accompanied him to watch football match in the bar until early in the morning. Originally we wanted to look for the hotel nearby to stay a night. who know we kept looking for it until six o’clock in the morning and we didn’t find any empty room.

I couldn’t help but to sigh: “I really want to have our own house.”

Xiao Cheng said: “You want a house?”

I said: “I want.”

“Okay, I will buy one for you.”


He thinks it is like buying a vegetable in the market?

The next day I called Xiao Cheng and asked what he was doing, he said: “I’m looking for a house.”

“Looking for house? What house?”

“I already researched it carefully. Now the house prices are rising. We can buy a small house first to stay temporarily. After several years, we will go to another city to work, then we can sell this one, we should be able to earn some money.”

I don’t really understand about economy, but it seemed to be logical for me.

As a result, I also took the opportunity of having a day off to go to real estate company. I didn’t expect that I will meet Xiao Cheng there.

I smiled and came over. I greeted him: “Hey, what’s a coincident? You are coming to buy a house for your wife?”

He nodded: “Yes! You are looking for a house too? What kind of house you like?”

“Em, the one that is close by to the school so I will not need to take a buss.”

He asked again: “How big it should be?”

“Just a small one 30 to 40 square meters are enough. Anyway, I don’t plan to live there for a long time. Small unit is easy to manage.”

Hearing this, the sales associate took out a picture to introduce to me. That man observed me quietly.

With a lot of choices, I found a special one then asked about his opinion: “Handsome guy, what do you think of this? Give me some opinions?”

He looked at it carefully: “Except being cheap, I couldn’t think of any good point.”

I: “……..”

He despised my taste, he said to the lady: “I want to see the model room for the type of apartment you just introduced to me.”

The sales girl took him, of course I followed along.

He chose a good type of room. The one with bright living room, spacious kitchen and also quite workroom.

There were also a balcony with a view of T university garden.

It is my dream home.

He suddenly got close to me without me noticing it, he asked: “Do you like it?”

I nodded: “I like it, but this should be expensive.”

“It’s enough by you like it!” He hugged my waist and said: “I buy it for you.”

This man, why did he say something like that to his wife. It’s like he is giving something for his little lover?

I peeked at the sales woman, and her expression told me —- She didn’t understand anything!

Action 4

After three months, we got married. It’s very urgent and careless. But we both know that for that day we had sacrificed a lot and waited for a long of time.

On our wedding night, I asked my husband: “I’m this stupid and sometimes heartless, what do you like from me?”

He laughed and answered: “Stupid wife, you are easy to care.”

I raised my pillow and pointed at him: “choose words that I like to hear.”

Under my urge, my husband couldn’t help but to do it. He seriously made up a sweet talk:

“A little bit stupid woman doesn’t have any schemes or tricks, it’s quite good….. I feel that you are transparent as the water, I could see your innocent.”

I am happy. His greatest strength is he knows what I like to hear.

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