Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 287

Tang Zi Chu sneered at her: “I don’t believe it.”

Su Ran looked at him: “It’s up to you whether you believe it or not.”

“Gu Dong Cheng that man, he really hates SOng family. He feels that you and I together, we help Tian Mi killed his daughter. How can he let us off easily, let Song family live happily. So he will do something like this right? Don’t you deny it. He definitely used Song Wei Xi to threaten you….”

“Don’t you think yourself to be clever.” He hadn’t finished his words, and he was cut off by Su Ran.

Su Ran said it then drove the car.

Very quickly, once again she passed the signed divorce paper to Tang Zi Chu and let him pass it to Song Ting Yu. She also passed her ring, it was the wedding ring of her and Song Ting Yu.

“Return this to him.”

She said it and took the ring off. She put it on the divorce paper.

Tang Zi Chu tried to stop her: “Su Ran.”

She turned her body and heard Tang Zi Chu said: “Is Gu Dong Cheng threatening you with Song Wei Xi.”

“I said it, don’t you try to be smart. I found Wei Xi. It’s not Gu Dong Cheng.”

“Then who was it?”

“It’s a trafficker.” Su Ran’s voice was calm: “Are you satisfied now?”

“Who helped you to find it? Lin Cheng Huan? Why did I see Wei Xi?”

“Wei Xi already returned home.” Su Ran called someone and looked at Tang Zi Chu: “Follow me.”

Tang Zi Chu followed Su Ran’s car and followed her together to a child restaurant. She opened the door and pointed at a place: “Do you see it? Wei Xi is there.”

Tang Zi Chu looked around and indeed he noticed Song Wei Xi with a middle-aged woman. Yet Song Wei Xi kept on pouting his lips. It seemed the middle-aged woman was urging him to eat. When he noticed Su Ran was coming, he kept on struggling to come over. But the middle-aged woman held him tight.

It’s been two days since the last time Song Wei Xi met Su Ran. This moment he was so sad to be unable to meet her. He cried.

Su Ran came over and carried him. Yet the woman was hesitating to let go. Su Ran glared at her and that maid let him go.

“Don’t you mess around. There is a lot of people here, except me.”

The restaurant was full of Gu Dong Cheng’s men. He set this up to play around with her.

Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi and used her hands to wipe his tears. Song Wei Xi hugged her neck and sobbed: “Mama, I don’t know who they are. Why did they take me away? Why didn’t you come to find me?”

Su Ran was heartbroken and kissed his forehead: “I’m sorry, Wei Xi. Mama didn’t do it in purpose. Next time this will not be happened okay?”

Looking at Su Ran made Song Wei Xi felt relieved. He jut nodded.

Tang Zi Chu also came over and Song Wei Xi raised his head and greeted him: “Uncle Tang.”

“Good Wei Xi.” Tang Zi Chu stroked his little face. Then he looked at the middle-aged woman: “This?”

The middle-aged woman pointed at herself: “I? I am …” she didn’t expect that Tang Zi Chu will ask about her identity. She stalled for a long time then said: “I’m not important…”

This moment Su Ran said: “She is my other relative. I let her to help me to take care of Wei Xi.’

Tang Zi Chu examined the middle-aged woman and nodded.

He was silent for a while then at last said: “it’s good that we could find Wei Xi. Since it’s your choice then I will not intervene. But are you sure you don’t want to see Chief Song? Don’t want to talk with him personally?”

Su Ran hugged Song Wei Xi: “I’ve said everything I should say. I don’t have anything more to say. You could just help me to pass these to him.”

Tang Zi Chu nodded: “Okay.” He said: “Just regard it that Chief Song loves a wrong person.”

He said it then left the restaurant. Su Ran hugged Song Wei Xi.

“Ms Su, return the kid to me.”

Su Ran didn’t say anything but she was unwilling to let go to. Song Wei Xi extended his arm and hugged Su Ran. Song Wei Xi was panic and shook his head when he heard it:”Ma Ma, where would they take me to? I will not go, you said that you will not leave me.”

“Wei Xi…” Su Ran cried. Indeed Song Wei Xi’s words were true. Yet she couldn’t do it now.

She could only hug him, the middle-aged woman started to act.

Song Wei Xi cried loudly.

The middle-aged woman said: “Ms Su. Don’t you mess around and force Mr Gu. The one will lose is you not us. Do you think you can take him away now with your current state?”

Of course Su Ran knew about this. But how could she let him go the time she saw him in front of her.

She didn’t know when would she meet him again the time she let him go.

This time Song Wei Xi lied on Su Ran’s embrace and sobbed.

Su Ran used her hand to wipe his tears: “Give me a moment.”

The middle-aged woman was hesitating then she looked at the man on the other table. The man nodded.

The middle-aged woman let go: “Don’t you play around. Don’t go out of the restaurant.”

Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi up and left the seat.

There were a lot of toys inside the restaurant. She carried Song Wei Xi to the toys section. She placed him on the carpet and wiped his tears. “Wei Xi, you need to be good. Listen to Mama. That auntie is not a bad woman. She will take care of you like Auntie Fang. You also know that recently Mama and Papa have some problems, you also haven’t meet Papa for a long time right

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