Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 280

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t want to see him, he just said coldly: “Go away!”

Gao Sheng didn’t dare to say anything, he just stood on the side. He had been following Gu Dong Cheng for several years. He knows him too well. His outward appearance seems to be gentle and refine, but actually he is really a scary man. His mind is extremely meticulous, he is ruthless. By looking at how he acted around Tian Mi, you would easily know.

He wanted Tian Mi to stay beside him so he kept on doing like this.

Finally now it was trouble, didn’t know whether he would feel regret.

Because it was in time and also Tian Mi hadn’t eaten for a long time. Every time she just dependent on the nutrition drip so it’s not really deep and full of energy. Although the brush sticked in the position of her heat but it wasn’t really deep. The doctor said that it was a luck, if it’s a bit deeper, then she would die.

Tian Mi came out from the operation room. The time she sent to the patient room, Gu Dong Cheng didn’t come to see him. He just asked Gao Sheng to come over and asked about her condition from the doctor.

Gu Dong Cheng stood on the flight of stairs near the park to smoke. Gao Sheng returned: “Mr Gu.”

“How is she?”

“The doctor said that as long as she could pass tonight’s critical condition, she will be okay. Mr Gu, don’t you worry….” Gao Sheng said: “Do you want to visit him?”

Gu Dong Cheng was silent and looked at his cigarette, then he threw it too the ground: “Call Tian Mi’s parents, contact them to come and take care of Tian Mi.”

Gao Sheng was startled, Gu Dong Cheng means, then finally he would let Tian Mi go?

Perhaps yes, those days Tian Mi’s response was really terrifying, she didn’t like her former self. To the extent she didn’t have a way to leave. Except the time of break out, she was acting like a living doll.

She didn’t eat anything. Every time she would just use the IV drip. If it happened for a long time, she definitely couldn’t live longer.

Perhaps after experiencing this, Gu Dong Cheng felt afraid so he did something like this.

“Okay, Mr Gu.”

Tian Mi’s parent answered Gao Sheng’s call. It was four o’clock in the morning. Tian Mi’s parents, Su Ran, and Lin Cheng Huan rushed over to the hospital.

Looking at Tian Mi’s appearance, Mother Tian was really sad. Was it his call, mean that finally Gu Dong Cheng would let Tian Mi go?

Tian Mi woke up then Mother Tian hugged her: “How could you be this stupid, if you are in trouble, how can I and your Pa live?”

How could she think about those?

She just thought that as long as she didn’t live under Gu Dong Cheng’s control, it would be better. Even she is dead, she would die with honor. She didn’t want to live depend on the drugs.

Gu Dong Cheng controlled her with drug. He said that as long she wants it, he would give her as much as she wants.

She didn’t want to be turn to be a chronic addict. She wasn’t willing to live with him.

Gu Dong Cheng had instructed that her room to be clear of any sharp material before, she couldn’t find anything sharp.

At last when she was fed by him, she thought that she rather died than kept on taking drugs. She went to the bathroom and noticed a toothbrush.

She wasn’t afraid of death, but she wanted to die in front of him. She wanted him to be unease for the rest of his life!

She also wanted to tell him, then he was the one who killed her.

“Ma, I’m sorry…” Tian Mi’s voice was hoarse.

She didn’t have any much thought that time. Her only urge that time was to leave Gu Dong Cheng.

Mother Tian stroked her head: “It’s okay. Mi MI, now it’s okay….”

“How can you find me?”

Mother Tian and Father Tian looked at each other. Didn’t know whether they should tell her or not. They were silent, then Mother Tian said: “Gu Dong Cheng’s assistant called us…”

The time Tian Mi heard his name, her face changed. She really hated that man!

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t visit her for several days. She regained her spirit for not seeing him. She started to eat.

Su Ran sat down beside her and peeled an apple for her. She passed on slice for her. Tian Mi didn’t have any appetite and put it on the side.

Tian Mi lowered her head and said: “I’m sorry, Ran Ran. Song Ting Yu’s matter, I couldn’t help you with anything..”

“What are you saying, what’s the relation with you.” Su Ran shook her head: “You are also an victim. No one could control themselves if they are an addict…”

“How’s the situation now?”

Su Ran’s face turned white and shook her head: “No matter what, I will not give up.”

“Em…” Tian Mi nodded: “It’ll be okay, it definitely will…”

“You are a bastard, a shameless one, what are you doing by coming her?! You want to hurt my daughter again!”

There was angry voice outside. Tian Mi and Su Ran looked at each other, Su Ran stood up: “I will come out and see.”

She opened the door and noticed Mother Tian was scolding Gu Dong Cheng. Finally he came to visit.

Su Ran closed the door again, she was cautious and looked at Gu Dong Cheng: “What are you doing here?”

Tian Mi was starting to get better, she was really afraid that he would bring her back. This man is really a horrible one. Every time Tian Mi came out from his clutch Tian Mi always turned into bad condition…

Gu Dong Cheng looked at her and Mother Tian.

He didn’t say anything, just turned his body and left.

Mother Tian pointed at his figure and said ruthlessly: “Gu Dong Cheng, a people like you, will get retribution, you will have a terrible dead!”

Su Ran pulled her: “Auntie, don’t mind him. Let’s go back and look at Tian Mi.”

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