Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 279

Gu Dong Cheng came inside again then touched the food. Didn’t know how long had it been so it was cold. Now the weather was really cold, so the food could easily cool down. Gu Dong Cheng let the people reheated again then served it inside: “Eat it.”

Tian Mi didn’t respond, like she didn’t know who was in front of her.

Gu Dong Cheng brought her from the bed: “I ask you to eat, do you hear me?”

Tian Mi just looked at him but she didn’t seemed to be focus.

Bringing her back home, Gu Dong Cheng had been prepared that she would make trouble. Or perhaps she would be angry with him and scolded him to be an evil person. She would say that she would hate him forever. He didn’t care about it, yet he couldn’t stand her being like this. Like she didn’t have any life.

Gu Dong Cheng felt strained. He took the spoon to scoop the food. He wanted to force her to eat. Suddenly Tian Mi’s eyes changed. She glared at him, her face was pale. Her forehead started to sweat heavily, her body also started to twitch.

She knelt on the bed and tried hard to control herself. But it was so server.

She was in pain and screaming.

Gu Dong Cheng stood beside her and very calm: “You want a bit?”

Tian Mi’s body curled, her body was weak that she even fell down to the carpet.

Gu Dong Cheng went outside and when he returned, he brought a pack of white powder.

He knelt down and used his finger to take a bit of powder: “Do you want a bit?”

Tian Mi was crying and her eyes were red. Her hands started to tremble and she knocked down Gu Dong Cheng’s hand.

Gu Dong Cheng laughed: “Later on don’t you beg me for this. What are you afraid of? You can eat as much as you want, are you afraid that I can’t supply you?”

“Gu Dong Cheng….” Tian Mi curled her body again. She really hated herself to unable to just kill him. If there’s something sharp in her hand, she definitely will kill this man!

This man is the one that made her life miserable!

Gu Dong Cheng picked the powder again and opened the plastic. He put it on Tian Mi’s nose and let her to smell it.

Tian Mi just felt the smell can make her more comfortable. She was suffering, so at last she didn’t have any control of herself. She clutched it and took it to her mouth.

Then she fell down on the ground. She felt the sensation then finally it disappeared. All her efforts in last few days were gone. She once again being infected by this.

Gu Dong Cheng carried her and put her on the bed. He used his hand to wipe her tears.

His actions were so soft.

Tian Mi was silent, she just glared at the ceiling.

Gu Dong Cheng forced fed her food but she vomited it all.

“You want to make yourself starve to death?” Gu Dong Cheng said and smashed the bowl to the ground.

He went down and smoke. He gave someone a call.

Because this whole day Tian Mi didn’t eat anything so he called a doctor to inject some nutrition for her.

Yet Tian Mi kept on being like that. She couldn’t control her addiction and Gu Dong Cheng just passed her the drug every time. The time she was conscious, she wouldn’t drink or eat.

Every day and night Gu Dong Cheng would come over and slept with her on one bed. He would extend his arm to hug her. But she didn’t respond. In short, no matter what he did, she didn’t have any spirit. It seemed that it was the time she had a break out, she will become a person.

Gu Dong Cheng felt his patience was running thin, he was on the edge of explosion. He clutched Tian Mi’s face: “Tian Mi, you are forcing me!”

He said it then he kissed her.

Tian Mi’s face turned. She took a toothbrush from under her pillow and broke it into two.

Gu Dong Cheng knew that she wanted to stab him. He just laughed for a while, but didn’t move to stop her.

Yet he was surprised that she didn’t stab him, but she was stabbing herself!

The time he sent Tian Mi to the hospital, Gu Dong Cheng pressed the towel tightly to the her injured chest. He didn’t dare to rashly pluck out the toothbrush. He just pressed it with the hope it would stop bleed soon.

The time being hugged by Gu Dong Cheng on the car. Her eyes were clear and bright: “Gu Dong Cheng, you, just hug… hug my dead body and live your life…”

She said it then fainted. Gu Dong Cheng tried to shake her head: “Tian Mi, wake up, listen to me wake up? If you dare to die, I will let your parents to follow you too!”

But it’s a pity, Tian Mi couldn’t hear his threat.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at the driver: “Hurry up!”

“Yes, Mr Gu.”

On the way, Gu Dong Cheng’s clothes were turning red.

Looking at Tian Mi’s situation now, Gu Dong Cheng had a feeling that she wanted to leave him. He recalled those years when other people fished out Jiang Rou, and he was hugging Jiang Rou’s cold dead body. He felt the same thing now.

The doctor came over and moved her to the bed. Gu Dong Cheng followed to the operation room. He kept on calling her loudly with fury: “Tian Mi, wake up, I tell you to wake up….”

They arrived at the operation door, he was stopped: “Mr Gu, please wait outside.”

He looked at the closing door and he went to the chair and sat down. He used his bloodied hand to massage his temple.

He understood his feeling and mood now, he was afraid. He was really afraid that Tian Mi would leave him…

He was afraid that Tian Mi would leave him like this…

He was trembling, his mind was in chaos.

“Mr Gu…”

Gu Dong Cheng’s assistant, Gao Sheng, came, he had something to say to him

2 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 279”

  1. Is he feeling that he will miss Tian Mi if she dies. What joke! After all he has done to her he is worried that she will leave him alone with no one to torture.


  2. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think somewhere along the way, he genuinely fell for her. That’s why he’s like this, and why he’s going to extremes because of the abortion.


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