Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 267

Gu Dong Cheng smiled and his eyes were filled with vicious radiance: “Right, your biggest mistake is to trusting me. How could you never doubt me? Haha…. but what’s the point of it now? Could you go back to the past? Now you are here. You aren’t even able to guard yourself, so what’s the point of hate and blame me?”

“You should want to know why did I do this….”

“I don’t want to know.” Song Ting Yu’s cold voice cut him off. What’s the point for him to know the reason? This lifetime he wouldn’t be able to forgive him. Though he had his own reason, but how could he forgive him. As long as he has an opportunity, he also would let Gu Dong Cheng to taste his present condition even worst than what he had now.

“I just want to ask you. These two nights have you dreamt about Grandma?”

Gu Dong Cheng’s face turned sour. Yet he was subtle enough, he understands and is capable to hide his own real feeling: “Don’t you say that thing to me. Song Ting Yu, what is the use of saying this? I already did it all, so what if I have a dream about her? Now do you want to be my scapegoat? You think these all enough, no it’s not enough….”

Gu Dong Cheng seemed to be unwilling to waste anymore time so he stood up and then went to the door. Suddenly he remembered something then turned his body: “Oh right, I forgot to tell you something. Su Ran and Song Wei Xi are being kicked out from the Song house. As fro where they would go, I really don’t know about it….”

Being sent to USA for several days, Tian Mi had been unsuccessful to run away or make trouble. She seemed to be resigned to anything so she kept on being quiet. She didn’t anything else. Although she could go stroll around, but she never left the house again to stroll around and shop. She kept on staying at home and watching her TV.

Everyday Gu Dong Cheng would call. In the evening, every time the one who took care of her would ask her whether she would like to take the call, she wouldn’t answer.

Gu Dong Cheng seemed to understand her attitude. So every day he would only ask about her condition.

This big house like a prison like her. It has everything that she needed. Except the one who took care of her, even the doctor also stayed in the house.

Today in the afternoon Tian Mi was peeling apple and she cut her finger. The maid directly called the doctor and brought a first aid box.

Tian Mi’s injury was quite serious and deep.

For preventing it to be infected, the doctor immediately help her to treat it.

Tian Mi felt the pain and looked at the maid: “Pour me a cup of water.”

The maid looked at her condition and went down: “Okay, okay…”

The doctor looked at Tian Mi: “Mrs Gu, because now you are pregnant so we could just carry out with conservative way of treating it. Your injury is too deep, it would be a little pain, you need to endure it.”


When the doctor started to treat it, she suddenly screamed really loud. She clawed wildly: “Give me a pain killer…”

The doctor clutched her hand: “Mrs Gu, now you shouldn’t have any pain killer. Please endure it.”

The doctor hurriedly treated her injury. Because it was too hurt, this moment she laid down on the bed and didn’t move. Her forehead was full of cold sweat.

The maid took a cold towel to wipe her: “For my injury today, remember to not tell Mr Gu. It’s just a small matter. It’s okay now. This could be a great problem for him. Don’t you forget that he asked you guys to take care of me. If he knows about this, it will be a trouble for you guys. I don’t want anyone to be harmed because of me. Anyway he is faraway from here. Do you understand?”

The doctor and the maid looked at each other, then finally nodded: “Okay, we understand, Mrs Gu.”

“Go away all of you. I want to rest.” Tian Mi seemed to be very tired. She waved her hands and closed her eyes.

Both of them left. Then she opened her eyes. She took a little bottle of medicine out. It was a sleeping pill. She took it from the doctor’s first aid box.

She sat up and without caring about her injured finger. She took a pill out and used a glass to pulverize it. Then she covered the bottle again and put it back to her pocket. She lied down again.

She looked at the ceiling for a long time, then she looked at her swelling belly. Her tears fell down.

She used her hands to wipe it, then she closed her eyes again.

She really slept for a long time. The time she woke up, it was already afternoon. She pulled away her blanket and glanced at her injured hand. Then she put on her shoes and went down.

She took the glass and went down. The maid looked at her: “Mrs Gu, do you want to drink water? I will help you to pour another one.”

“No, I will go and pour it by myself.” Tian Mi took the glass and passed the maid. She entered the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, the chef was making dinner. Looking at her appearance, the chef was startled for a while: “Mrs Gu…”

“I want to pour a glass of water. No need to mind me.”

The chef nodded and turned his head back and prepared the dishes.

Because the house was full of Chinese, so the chef cooked Chinese dishes.

“What are you cooking tonight?”

The chef answered: “There’s your favorite dish…”


Tian Mi said it then took her glass of water. She drank it and went out from the kitchen.

At night, Tian Mi slept very early.

The maid was sleeping on the sofa.

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