Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 264

Su Ran wanted to go over and hug him, but it’s impossible.

His clothes was all wrinkled, Su Ran never saw that side of him.

Grandma’s death had given him a great blow.

“Ting Yu.” Su Ran extended her hand to grip his hand: “How are you?”

Song Ting Yu raised his head to look at her: “Grandma, she….”

“Ting Yu, grandma is really gone….” Su Ran didn’t dare to tell him that there was a problem in Song company. The time his scandal was exposed everyone said that it was his doing that Madame Song is dead, it because Madame Song kicked him out from the Song family. He was unwilling to accept it so he made a fight with Madame Song that led to her death.

This time Song Ting Yu’s gaze was empty, didn’t know what was he thinking about….

“The police thought that you are the major suspect of this case….”

Song Ting Yu just pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

But Su Ran knew clearly from his gaze that he was hurt and sad. She never thought that she would look at his sorrow expression.

Madame Song’s death gave him a great blow. He even didn’t meet her for the last time.

“Ting Yu, speak up.” Su Ran clutched his hand and felt it was really cold.

“Mr Song, now I will brief you a bit of your current situation.” It was a lawyer that Su Ran brought for him, his family name is Zhou.

He placed the material on the table: “The police investigated the crime scene and found out your phone was left there. Moreover, there was a nurse testified that before the accident happened, you indeed was in a crime scene with the deceased and Song Ming Xuan; you guys were fighting to the extent you used your fist.” His face was somewhat imposing: “Now all the testimonies and proofs are targeted to you…..”

“I know from the police that Madame Song’s death was at five twenty five in the afternoon, she was discovered probably four ten in the afternoon. The crime should be happened between half past three. Mr Song, what time did you leave the hospital? Did you return? Did you have anyone to witness your leaving?”

Lawyer Zhou kept on giving questions, but Song Ting Yu kept on being silent.

Su Ran looked at Lawyer Zhou: “He left the hospital around three o’clock and never returned. I could be the witness because I kept on looking for him. I called him but it was unanswered so it could prove that his phone was not with him. His phone was on the sick room.”

“I see…” Lawyer Zhou sighed: “But because you are husband and wife, then your testimony is still invalid…”

Su Ran nodded, she understood about this. Moreover that time she was not with him. If it’s just based on testimony, she really couldn’t be a strong witness.

“Is there anyone else that could prove that?” Mr Zhou said.

Tang Zi Chu shook his head: “Chief Song that time couldn’t be contacted….”

“Ting Yu, where were you?” Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu raised his face slowly and finally spoke out: “I looked for Song Ming Xuan.”

Su Ran felt a bit emotional? Did you find him?” If he found Song Ming Xuan, then Song Ming Xuan could be the witness.

Song Ting Yu shook his head.

“Mr Song, it’s better that you think carefully, who else could be your witness?”

Song Ting Yu lowered his voice: “No one could prove it.” That time he left the hospital alone, he looked for Song Ming Xuan alone so no one could prove it.

“Mr Song….” Lawyer Zhou said, “Actually the evidences that are provided by the police is not a hundred percent sufficient, so we may have a chance…”

Song Ting Yu was silent and looked at Tang Zi Chu: “Look for Gu Dong Cheng, let him met me.”

“Chief Song, you….” Tang Zi Chu frowned. But he knew that Song Ting Yu’s decision should be reasonable so he didn’t say anything more and just nodded.

Su Ran looked at him: “Ting Yu, Gu Dong Cheng, he…”

Song Ting Yu cut her off: “I know.”

The visitation time was over, they should leave. Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu brought back inside. She used her hands to wipe her eyes. The time before Song Ting Yu got inside, he turned his head to see her.

They left the police station. Inside the car, Lawyer Zhou flipped the folder and said: “Mrs Song, actually although now the police thought that Mr Song is the major suspect but the evidences are not really sufficient. Moreover, there is no direct evidence so dont’ worry, we will have a chance….”

Su Ran nodded and said: “Sorry to trouble you, Lawyer Zhou.”

Now everyone was blaming Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu was brought to the police and didn’t come out so everyone thought for certain that Madame Song was harmed by him.

All the news online and newspapers were blaming Song Ting Yu and thought that he should be dead.

This time Su Ran browsed on her phone about Song Ting Yu’s matters. She noticed a headline of it.

They sent Lawyer Zhou back and Tang Zi Chu also sent Su Ran back.

Su Ran said: “Assistant Tang, actually Tian Mi knows about Gu Dong Cheng. But now she was being sent away. I didn’t know where is she. It will be better if we could find him.”

She also told Tang Zi Chu about how Tian Mi contacted her yesterday.

“Right, if we could find her, it will be solved.”

“So now I will try my best to look for Tian Mi, but I don’t know where does Gu Dong Cheng hide her. Now she should be thinking to contacting us but she is helpless. Gu Dong Cheng imprisons her.” Su Ran massaged her temple.

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