Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 261

“Okay.” Madame Song’s thought was on the paper because that paper was really small and the letters were also really small. She couldn’t look clearly at the paper so she took her glasses from the shelves. This time she could look at it more clearly.

It was written:

It’s all Gu Dong Cheng’s plan!

Madame Song felt cold. She looked at the paper for a long time. She stared at it for along time then be stiffen.

There’s only a sentence like that on the paper.

Suddenly, the room was opened. Madame Song’s body was shaking. She could see who was coming inside the room. When she wanted to hide it, it was too late. Gu Dong Cheng came over to her bedside and snatched the paper. He looked at it then laughed: “Tian Mi really left you a paper…”

Madame Song regained her awareness, she wanted to pick it but it was too late. She couldn’t reach it.

With a pale face, Madame Song looked at him: “Is it true?”

Gu Dong Cheng laughed: “Tian Mi’s note. Grandma, do you think it is true? Don’t you know in your heart?”

“Gu Dong Cheng!” Madame Song screamed. She pointed at him: “It’s all you?!”

“Yes.” Gu Dong Cheng said calmly. He nodded: “It’s all me. Do you know how long I’ve been planning for this to happen? Do you know how long have it been for me that I want to control of of this? It’s all for the whole twenty years!”

Madame Song glared at him: “Why?”

“Why? Haha…” Gu Dong Cheng laughed loudly: “It’s good that you ask. Why do I need to do all of these? Don’t tell me you know nothing about why I do all of this? I just want to ask you. Those years, did you live happily and peacefully? The time you slept, had you ever dreamt of my parents, dreamt of Jiang Rou? But I think you are a cold-blooded person, probably you have no feeling. My Ma is your daughter, but you personally harm her. These years you lived happily. Do you know, how ruthless you are!”

Madame Song couldn’t believe it: “You always think that I’m the one that harmed your parents?”

Gu Dong Cheng thought it that way.

“Till now till this time, you still want to act in front of me? When will you stop? If it’s not because of you and dead old ma, how can our Gu family be that miserable, how can we suffer bankruptcy? If Gu family didn’t fail, how can my parents be dead? When we were bankrupt, you with your hypocrisy took me back to the family and raise me up, do you think I will thank you for that? I tell you these years, every night I keep on dreaming about my parents, every day I think of ways to give them fairness, to win back everything that belongs to me….” He kept on saying and looking at Madame Song: “Also about Jiang Rou, you still remember her right? She is my first love, but you guys kept on stopping us for being together, you made her to suicide, do you still remember?”

“Shameful, your parent’s death is unrelated to us, the bankruptcy of Gu family is unrelated with Song family…”

“How can it be unrelated?” Gu Dong Cheng cut Madame Song off, he smiled coldly: “You guys just stayed quiet. At first Gu family could depend on that last project to rise from the bankruptcy but that old man kept on persistent to snatch it so do you still think it’s unrelated? Are you kidding?”

Madame Song was angry. She couldn’t endure this.

She covered her heart and said: “That year I and your grandfather did that to help your family. You think that it’s the fact that project could help Gu family! That is your parent’s illusion, it’s a trap…”

“Enough!” Gu Dong Cheng cut her off: “What’s the point of quibbling right now? Do you think I will believe you?”

“Gu Dong Cheng, you are really a disappointment. I keep on asking myself these years, how could you have no remorse feeling. I did my best to raise you but you did a lot of things that make my heart ache. You really think that Jiang Rou loves you that she didn’t want her life? I admit that Jiang Rou’s death is related to me, but if not her action, how couldn’t she endure it? She looked very good in front of you, but in reality…”

“Enough, I said it’s enough!” Gu Dong Cheng waved his hand and hit the things on the shelf: “She’s already dead for several years, but you still keep on holding grudge on her, now you want to talk bad things about her!”

“Do you know how much I hate you? I hate Song family? I hate that I couldn’t kill everyone of you, I will not let you live a good life….”

Madame Song’s face turned bad: “So, Ran Ran’s child is killed by you? You wanted to kill Wei Xi? You even did the trick of the DNA investigation?”

Gu Dong Cheng smiled: “It’s all on me. I act together with Lin Tian You. He does it for Lin Cheng Huan, and I did to let Song family down.

“Gu Dong Cheng, I am really blind…” Madame Song stood up and grabbed his collar: “I am really a blind person. These years I keep on raising a wolf.”

Gu Dong Cheng smiled: “You just know it? It’s too late.”

She kept on holding his collar. She clutched things and hit his forehead.

In a flash, a seep of blood came out from his forehead.

“Gu Dong Cheng, you are an ingrate. I will stop you and personally take you to the hell….”

“Then let’s see if you have that kind of ability.”

“Let go.” He warned her.

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