Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 259

Song Ming Xuan wiped his body carelessly then took the towel and got out of the bathroom.

Song Ting Yu followed him: “Song Ming Xuan, don’t you let me look down at you.

Song Ming Xuan sat down on the sofa and laughed coldly for a while: “So what if you look down at you? Moreover, you are also unrelated to me so why should you mind me?”

He continued: “I know that recently you check about He Jin’s matter, how is it? Have you known which man’s illegitimate son you are?”

Song Ting Yu came over and dragged Song Ming Xuan’s collar: “Say it one more time!”

Song Ming Xuan started to use his hand to move it away: “Let me go, hurry up go away!”

Song Ting Yu was tensed. Finally he punched Song Ming Xuan.

Song Ming Xuan was still a bit drunk, he couldn’t dodge away from his punch so he fell down on the bed.

“Song Ming Xuan, you really incompatible to love my mom! You also have no qualification to say that you love her.”

Song Ming Xuan’s lips bleed, yet he still laughed coldly: “That kind of woman is unworthy of my love!”

Song Ting Yu also didn’t want to waste anymore time, he dragged Song Ming Xuan’s collar. He dragged him out of the room till they arrived at the door. He opened the car and threw him inside then he locked the door.

Song Ming Xuan seemed to be not sober, it was until Song Ting Yu drove the car that he looked at the window: “Where are you going to take me to?”

“Since the DNA test come out, you even don’t even doubt anything and just directly doubt that my mom betrayed you, deceived you so you are angry. You even ruined all of memory about her. Song Ming Xuan, you’ve been lost for so many days, have you ever cared about Song family? Do you know the current condition of Song family? I’m afraid that you just go somewhere and be drunk? Why don’t you let your selves drunk and die?”

Song Ting Yu’s voice was cold.

Song Ming Xuan’s body was wet, the AC of the car was on too, so he felt really cold.

He leaned on the carseat and just closed his eyes.

“Do you know that Grandma suffers a paralyzing stroke?”

Even when Song Ting Yu said this words, Song Ming Xuan was quiet. Song Ting Yu looked at from the mirror, and Song Ming Xuan was laying down on the carseat and didn’t move.

Song Ting Yu clutched the steering wheel tightly. If he can, he really wanted to hit him for a round.

Finally he arrived at the hospital. He parked the door. Song Ming Xuan was unmoving, Song Ting Yu opened the car door then drugged him. He kicked the door close and locked.

Song Ming Xuan opened his door and looked that Song Ting Yu was dragging him and taking him to the elevator.

He finally responded: “Why do you bring me to the hospital?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t mind him and just kept on dragging him. He took her to the Madame Song’s sick room.

Su Ran was going home so there was only Madame Song and one of the maid.

Madame Song was sleeping, suddenly she heard a sound. She woke up and opened her eyes. She looked at how Song Ting Yu threw Song Ming Xuan ruthlessly to the ground.

“Ming Xuan!” She called him in surprise.

“What happened?”

Of course she could smell the alcohol, she couldn’t even recognize the man in front of her because he looked very miserable.

How could this be Song Ming Xuan.

Song Ming Xuan stood up: “Ma.”

Madame Song examined him and frowned: “What happened to you? How could you make yourselves to be like this?”

The Song Ming Xuan in front of her was like twenty years ago, the time He Jin left him.

Song Ming Xuan was weak and drunk. He just went to the sofa and laid down. He closed his eyes and slept.

Madame Song looked at Song Ting Yu: “Ting Yu, what happened to him? Where did you find him? How could he turn to be like this? How could all of his body is wet?”

“He was burying himself in alcohol.” Song Ting Yu snorted.

Madame Song instructed her maid to go back and take some clothes for Song Ming Xuan. In this kind of weather and his current condition, he could get flu easily.

After the maid left, there’s only Madame Song, Song Ming Xuan, and Song Ting Yu inside the room.

Madame Song sighed helplessly when she looked at Song Ming Xuan: “Ting Yu, pour him a glass of water.”

Song Ting Yu at first didn’t want to care about Song Ming Xuan but because of Madame Song, so he went to pour him a glass of water. Song Ming Xuan raised his head and knocked the glass on his hold.

The glass fell to the ground. Song Ting Yu was really angry, he wanted to punch him in the face. Yet Madame Song immediately said: “Ting Yu, let him go. Let’s talk, don’t be like this to your Pa.”

“I’m not his Pa.” Song Ming Xuan said, “He just a kid from He Jin with some wild man, I’m not his Pa….”

Song Ting Yu threw him to the sofa and pointed to him: “Right, you are not my pa! You are not worthy of He Jin’s love! You are not! Song Ming Xuan, my mom should be blind that she could like you, what is your worthiness?”

“Haha…” Song Ming Xuan laughed loudly and said: “You really think that you are part of Song family, my son? Now you want to demand for fairness for He Jin? Then why don’t you ask her, why should she do something….”

He even looked at Madame Song: “Ma, now I understand why that time you and Pa didn’t let me to be together with that woman. She is a shameless and unscrupulously woman. Indeed I shouldn’t be together with her. I’m really blind that I could be puzzled by her. Ma, that time how much money you give for her to leave me?”

“Enough, don’t say anything more!” Madame Song looked that Song Ting Yu’s face was abnormal. Song Ting Yu couldn’t bare that someone close to him get mistreatment, especially it is her mom.

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