Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 258

Tang Zi Chu was silent for a while: “Chief Song, do you think it’s a coincidence?”

Song Ting Yu also considered this: “How could there is such coincidence?”

“Then what do you think is it about?”

Song Ting Yu used his hands to massage his temple. He closed his eyes. He tried to recall everything that happened recently.

These matters unexpectedly would be related to Gu Dong Cheng, perhaps there should be his plan.

The period after Song Wei Xi underwent the surgery, Song company’s project of “hanging garden”….. that project also involved Gu Dong Cheng. Thought it was not really under his direct supervision but he also has a great effect in it.

Moreover, that DNA report, he also participated in it….

He was forced to leave Song company, all of Song family, also passed all the power and responsibilities to Madame Song and Gu Dong Cheng.

Because recently Madame Song recently was unwell, so basically Song company was handled by Gu Dong Cheng….

Song Ting Yu was willing to pass it because he didn’t have any doubt toward him, he regarded him as his own relatives, he wouldn’t do anything bad toward him and Song family. Suddenly noticed his assistant is related to this matter.

He couldn’t help but to think that those matters are related to Gu Dong Cheng.

This moment his face was darken.

Tang Zi Chu understood his mood, after all, who is willing to believe that the one that he trusted the most would be the one that hurt and scheme him over.

“Chief Song, I remember that in the past Mr Gu had a first girlfriend, but Madame Song and Mr Song opposed their relationship, at last the girl jumped to the river to suicide right?” Tang Zi Chu knew this from Tian Mi.

Because that time Tian Mi and Gu Dong Cheng were together but they fought greatly because there was a photo of his first love in his wallet and Tian Mi noticed it.

That time Tian Mi wanted to break up with Gu Dong Cheng, but Gu Dong Cheng looked for Song Ting Yu for help. Because he worked for Song Ting Yu, of course he heard about this matter too. Afterwards, Song Ting Yu helped him out. At last Tian Mi forgave him.

“Yes.” This moment Song Ting Yu also thought about that memory, so wouldn’t it ……

No matter what, when he tried to link it, it seemed to be connected.

“Go and investigate Gu Dong Cheng.” Song Ting Yu finally spoke out, his voice was hoarse.

“Okay, Chief Song.”

Song Ting Yu finally said: “Let’s leave.”

“But the reporter hasn’t come out yet.”

“There’s no need for it. We already get a very useful information.” Song Ting Yu said.

His face actually was strained.

He didn’t expect to meet Gu Dong Cheng’s assistant. There should have a clue now.

“Oh right, that reporter you also need to follow him for a while, and that woman….” Song Ting Yu instructed him.

“I know, Chief Song.”

“Chief Song, where will we go now?”

“I will look for Song Ming Xuan first.”

Tang Zi Chu drove the car back to the Song Ming Xuan’s current dwelling place. Song Ting Yu opened the door and said: “It’s okay, I will go inside by myself. You could go home first.”


Tang Zi Chu left Song Ting Yu and took a taxi.

Song Ting Yu looked around, this house was almost tore apart. He didn’t expect Song Ming Xuan to choose this kind of place for living.

Song Ting Yu pressed the bell, but there was no one coming out. He waited and knocked the door.

But still no one came out.

Song Ting Yu pursed hi lips.

The neighbor came out because he heard the continuous knocking sound.

Song Ting Yu looked at him and asked: “Hi, do you know is the one living here back yet?”

“He came back already. In the afternoon, I saw him back. You need to knock again and try.”

“Thank you.”

Since he knew that he was inside, then there was no need to knock. He took his phone and asked a person to open it.

Very quickly that person came and brought his tool. Then acted.

Probably for twenty minutes, the door finally could be open.

Song Ting Yu paid him and got inside.

The time he got inside, he could smell a thick alcohol smell.

Song Ming Xuan didn’t notice and hear about his knock. He should be drunk right now.

The room was very dirty and messy, it’s also very small.

Song Ming Xuan never cleaned it out, so it was really smelly too.

Song Ting Yu really didn’t expect that there would be a day for Song Ming Xuan to transform to be this kind of person.

In the small room, there was no Song Ming Xuan’s figure, there was no bed, no chair, there was nothing on the floor.

Song Ting Yu went to the bathroom, then finally he found Song Ming Xuan.

His clothes were wrinkled. His original white shirt had turned to gray color. His hair was in a mess, he was nothing like his previous self.

Song Ting Yu came inside and held him. He could notice it and finally regained his consciousness.

“What are you doing here?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything, he just took him to the bathtub. He turned on the faucet and let the tube to fill in.

It was cold that night, Song Ming Xuan felt cold, he tried to snatch the shower from Song Ting Yu and threw it to the floor.

Song Ting Yu took the towel and threw it on his body: “Are you awake now?”

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  1. Two plus’es they say dong cheng’s assist and the reporter. Now he has found his Dad. Together they will work this out.

    Thank you for this update


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