Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 257

Tian Mi raised up her hand to ruthlessly slapped his face, but it didn’t reach his face. He gripped her wrist: “You still want to slap me?”

Tian Mi tried to struggle but she didn’t have any energy: “Gu Dong Cheng, except threatening me by using my parents, what else can you do?”

Gu Dong Cheng laughed coldly: “I just prefer the efficient one, I don’t care about the way.”

“Because you are despicable and shameless so of course you don’t care!”

“Whatever!” Gu Dong Cheng said, he started the car gain.

Tang Zi Chu opened the car that parked near the tree. He got inside the car: “Chief Song, before I knocked the door, there is no Director Song.”

What Tang Zi Chu meant was Song Ming Xuan.

This period of time they kept on checking on his credit card and bank card record, but there was no clue. They also checked on the hotels around the An city, but it was useless.

Until this morning, they just knew that since returning from Jing Shan mountain, he stayed in An City and he didn’t stay in other houses they had in the An City, he stayed in the suburb by renting a house.

Before Song Ting Yu let Tang Zi Chu to look for him.

Song Ting Yu nodded: “Anyway now we know about his location. I will look for him later on, now let’s just go first.”

Now they still had more important thing to do.

Yesterday was the funeral for Song Zhen Hai’s assistant. Song Ting Yu noticed that everyone related to the assistant were present except his wife.

Although they said it was because her last attempt to suicide that she needed to stay in the hospital.

But Song Ting Yu let people checked and found out that woman actually didn’t have any intention to have a suicide because her scar was not really big, moreover she avoided to cut her main artery. The doctor said that she lost a lot of blood but there was no any other harm. Moreover the next day after the suicide, she already woke up.

She stayed in the hospital for many days, her body was weak, but there was no other obstruction. Besides she was making fuss about her husband’s death and attempted to have a suicide in front of Gu Dong Cheng. With that kind of respond, it showed that she should love her husband so much, how could she skip on his funeral?

Even though she was heart-broken, but for the last goodbye, how could she miss it.

With her missing out the funeral, Song Ting Yu immediately asked Tang Zi Chu to check it out about her condition. Tang Zi Chu found out that the woman was not joining the funeral and she wasn’t at the hospital too.

Though she was not being discharged, yet she secretly changed her clothes to leave the hospital.

Tang ZI Chu followed her and noticed that she went to a house and stopped there. She took the key to open the door. When she got inside, Tang Zi Chu waited for her outside the houyse.

This woman unexpectedly had the energy to leave the hospital and not joined her husband’s funeral.

Moreover, she didn’t look so heart-broken.

Tang Zi Chu didn’t wait for a long time, very quickly he watched that woman opened the door and came out with disheveled hair. She was crying and coming out. She was cursing loudly about something.

There was a man followed her. She was chased by that man. That man chased her and hugged her. At the beginning that woman struggled in his embrace, but suddenly she started to be calm. Though she still cried and cursed but she calmed down.

That day was the funeral of her husband, yet she was there and hugged that man intimately, it was really strange.

Tang Zi Chu took his phone and took a photo.

Very quickly that woman was pulled back to the house with that man.

Tang Zi Chu informed Song Ting Yu about the fact that he found out. Song Ting Yu asked him to check about that man and noticed that he was a reporter of a magazine. In the past, he was the one that reported and published the story about the woman’s disturbance act in front of the company and her attempted suicide.

So this time, they concluded their relationship was unordinary. That woman wasn’t not really care about her husband death, how can in the same day of her husband’s funeral, she carelessly be with this man?

Song Ting Yu suspected that this reporter and this woman already ganged up from the start. Afterwards all the woman’s action after the husband’s death is directed by the reporter.

What this reporter have to do with the Song company?

It’s surely there was someone behind them.

So Song Ting Yu asked Tang Zhi Chu to send a person to follow that male reporter. Maybe they could get some key information from the reporter.

Song Ting Yu this moment was sitting down inside his car, he was looking outside. Looking at the coffee shop in front.

“Have you checked his bank account? Is there anything?”

Tang Zi Chu immediately shook his head: “I’ve asked someone to check it, but it’s nothing.”

Song Ting Yu nodded and kept silent.

Today they got news that today the reporter came out and went to the coffee shop.

They were watching outside but it was not really clear. But to get inside will undoubtedly could make anyone feel alarmed.

They waited outside for long time, but still didn’t see him come out. But they noticed a familiar figure.

Tang Zi Chu was startled and pointed at the window: “Chief Song, isn’t it Mr Gu’s assistant?”

Even though it was quite far distance, but Song Ting Yu could recognize him. It was a man that had followed Gu Dong Cheng for a long time. Formerly when Gu Dong Cheng was abroad, he also stayed abroad and followed him.

After the assistant came out and left with his car.

The male reporter was still inside.

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