Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 247

Because all of these matters, it’s been a long time since Song Ting Yu had a good sleep. Today early in the morning he went to the Jing Shan mountain and returned home late at night. If he kept on doing like this, his health might experience a decline.

Su Ran patted his shoulder: “Go take a shower first. Then sleep, let’s talk in the morning.”

With a good rest, he will be able to pass this.

Song Ting Yu nodded and went inside the bathroom.

Very quickly, the news of the death of Song Zhen Hai’s assistant spread out.

On the third day after the death of Song Zhen Hai’s assistant, there was a problem in front of Song company.

In the morning when employees were coming to work, they noticed a group of people with all black clothing knelt down in front of the office. They were burning paper offering, incense. Among them there was a woman then burnt incense and wailed: “My husband’s death is wronged and injustice. Song Ting Yu had harmed my husband, yet he said that my husband is dead because of an accident. Song company has a great business, power and influence, how could they bully us the ordinary people? He is purposely harmed my husband and eliminated the evidence. My husband’s death is too inhuman. Polices don’t give us any fairness, it is clear that purposely kill my husband, it is Song Ting Yu’s doing….”

The woman’s voice was really loud. She was crying out lloud.

It was a working hours so most of employees could see them.

Although at first they didn’t know what had happened, but when they listened to the woman, they finally could understand.

“I beg you guys give me fairness. Song Ting Yu and Song company…” The woman’s voice was getting even louder, moreover, several others were also wailing loudly.

An old woman said: “Give my son back, my son ….”

Finally there was someone asked them: “What happened? Say it clearly.”

It was a young woman, the time she asked, she was also holding her camera to record it.

“Song Ting Yu is not Song family’s granddaughter, he is illegitimate. That year his shameless mother deceived Song Ming Xuan and said that he was part of Song family. Song Ming Xuan brought him home and let him enjoy the glory, splendor, wealth and rank of Song family. But recently they conducted the DNA examination and found that Song Ting Yu is not part of song family. Then he said that he wants a time to investigate this matter. My husband helped to check it. He was one of the assistant in Song company. Two days ago they found a clue that could prove that his mother carelessly gave birth of an illegitimate son with another man. My husband knows it and Song Ting Yu is afraid that it would be known by everyone so he killed my son. He said that my husband was in accident, actually it’s clear that he planned it…..”

She didn’t finish her words and she was being pulled away by the security guards. The security guards brought them out. Then the old woman cried greatly and irritated the passer by…….

Several other people who stood outside and recorded video, were approached by the security guards. They took their phones and threw it down ruthlessly.

The actions created anger among the the people. A lot of them called the reporters.

How could these security guards just threw people’s phone?

Quickly this moment was posted online and caused uproar.

It completely harmed the Song company.

Madame Song arrived at Song company office and learnt at what happened. She paled and slapped the table: “How can this be? Who asked the security guards to go outside? Who told the security guards to do that? It’s not only doing some violences but also why should they bring them. It’s too arrogant and despotic. At last the security guards also slammed down the phones ruthlessly! Who asked to do this?”

Madame Song asked them, of course no one dared to admit.

Song Zhen Hai stood up: “Madame Song, this morning none of us were here. Supposedly those security guards acted by their own initiative….”

“Own initiative?” Madame Song laughed coldly: “If it’s their own initiative, then they will rush out from the start, how could they need to wait until she said something like that. Why should they let people surrounded that group to hear out first then take the group away? Moreover they were rude and unreasonable! Was it like the own initiative, what do you think, Zhen Hai?”

Song Zhen Hai was startled for a while and smiled: “Madame, I don’t understand what are you saying. Honestly it was their duty and responsibility so Madame should ask them but I also think that there is something fishy about my assistant’s death. The police keeps on saying that he is involved in drunk driving accident, but it is too coincidental. He just got the news related to Song Ting Yu, how could something happened with him at night….”

“Absolutely disgraceful!” Madame Song yelled. Her face was red because it was too loud and powerful.

Butler Wang hurriedly passed a water.

The time she drank it, Butler Wang patted her back.

Because of Madame Song’s yelling, no one dared to say anything more even Song Zhen Hai.

Even Madame Song is old, but her experiences and skills business couldn’t be ignored.

She looked at Song Zhen Hai with her sharp eyes: “Song Zhen Hai, what do you mean by your words? You think it is really Song Ting Yu’s doing?”

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 247”

  1. Madame Song didn’t let the words of Zhen Hai go by unnoticed.She says “clarify”what you mean.So you think ting Yu is responsible for this death. Clarify!!!!
    Thank you for this uodate


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