Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 246

“Em.” Song Ting Yu leaned on his chair: “Do you still have something to say?”

“I felt this is not a coincidence, but Chief Song, if now those people killed that unrelated assistant, why would be the reason?”

“You need to be careful.”

Song Ting Yu also needed a time to sort out for a while.

He hung up and left Song family house.

He came home late at night but Su Ran still waited for him. At first she wanted to come with the driver who picked him up, but Madame Song said that it was too late and unsafe so she didn’t let her come together.

Song Ting Yu came inside, she immediately came over. She took his coat and placed it on the sofa: “I will help you to fill in the bathtub. Let you have a good bath.”

All day long being in Jing Shan mountain, he should be tired.

When she was about to enter the bathroom, she was pulled back by Song Ting Yu. She turned her head: “What happened?”

She didn’t ask him news about Song Ming Xuan, but looking at his expression, she knew that definitely it wasn’t a good news. So she would just wait.

“Come over, let me hug you.”

Su Ran smiled then took initiative to hug him: “What is it?”

“Did you find Pa?”

“I thought I will because I looked all over the place. But I couldn’t find him. I thought he will be at Jing Shan mountain….”

“He is not there?”

“I came by but the neighbors said that he came over and went away again. Before I got inside the house, I was in doubt why he went back so fast. I opened the door then I realized.” Song Ting Yu used his hand to hug her: “So it turns out because that thing was his that he ruined everything….”

Su Ran was startled: “Pa ruined the house?”

“All of it was ruined. All the flower pots were smashed out. Even my photo…. so tell me, how much has he turned to hate me…”

“Pa, he really feels that your mother deceived him so he became that emotional. He responded in that way because he loves her too much…..”

“I just tidied up the house and left.”

“Em.” Su Ran nodded, “The time you went over, your Pa already gone? Where did he go? Is there any clue?”

“No.” Song Ting Yu shook his head: “At first I thought he will be there. I don’t know he tell the neighbors, but they just knew that he just left….”

“Just like that….” Su Ran pursed her lips: “It’s okay, let’s look for him again, we will find him soon….”

Song Ting Yu let her go and pulled his tie and threw it to he sofa. He looked at her: “Su Ran, I don’t think there will be enough time….” He didn’t have time to be slow. That person was too great, until now he couldn’t find any clues. Lin Tian You is a complete crafty one. These days he let people to follow him but there was no effect. It was clear the person behind him didn’t want to play anymore.

The aggressive demand for doing the DNA examination should be a trap. That time they thought it will for calming down the rumor so they followed their request.

Indeed, there was a problem.

If they refused to do the DNA examination, all the broad directors and shareholders will definitely make it difficult for them.

So no matter what they do, they will be trapped.

“I feel we need to start from Song Zhen Hai, then Director Zhang. He always be so emotional, moreover, he definitely takes part in DNA examination….”

Because the time was too tight, everything all happened at once. They didn’t have time to breath! They kept on attacking Song family.

The news of Song Ting Yu left the Song company had spread around the An City.

The news about Song Ting Yu to be unrelated to Song family also spread out and created commotion.

“We indeed need to suspect Song Zhen Hai. As part of Song family, he always eyes covetously for Song company…..” Song Ting Yu used his hand to hug Su Ran’s shoulder and looked at her: “Moreover, Su Ran, today before I boarded on the plane, Tang Zi Chu called me to inform me that he found the my mother’s previous neighbor when she was young. She said that before my mother left Song Ming Xuan, she went home and attended the funeral, and one man picked her up….”

Su Ran listened to him silently, and didn’t cut him off.

“At first I plant to go there with Tang Zi Chu to investigate it clearly…”

Su Ran frowned: “Something bad happened? Is it the neighbor?”

“No, it’s Song Zhen Hai’s assistant…..” Song Ting Yu shook his head and retold the story.

Su Ran frowned even deeper: “How could it be so coincident…”

Indeed it wouldn’t be so coincidence, it should be planned….”

Su Ran was surprised and raised her head: “You mean…..” She paused for a while: “But why they need to do that? Because the assistant is related to you, what will they get? Don’t they always want to prove that you are not part of Song family? Why did they do it?”

“I also couldn’t understand it….”

Su Ran now understood, no wonder Song Ting Yu said that they didn’t have much time. It’s for real. Now the problems kept on coming continuously. They had no time to breath. This person is really an expert.

“Who did Song family provoke?”

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips: “In business, there should be a lot. Moreover, people can get jealous easily….”

It’s reasonable…

Su Ran was worried. In their current condition now, a lot of people will love to hit a person who is down, they might seize the opportunity to attack them.

2 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 246”

  1. Where is the flaw in this plan? There has to be one. Every door they try to open gets blown away. It’s an insiders work. Check out your own house Ting Yu.There is someone who is sucking your breath right out of your mouth before you fully exhale. Open your eyes.


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