Systematic Director’s Tender Love 道路总裁轻点爱- Bai Qiu Lian 白秋练「Chapter 11」

Mu Bo Zhao knows that he couldn’t force his son too greatly, he just replied: “Although marriage is decided by parents. But these two kids just meet each other, they still need time to interact with each other. They should date so they could grow feelings for each other.”

“Then what about the engagement party next month that we’ve discussed?”

Zhao Fan keeps on asking.

“Yes, our Xia Nuan will be twenty three years old next month, she should marry.

Mrs Xia also said.

“For this matter, if A Jue doesn’t have any objections…..”

He says it and looks at his son. Mu Yi Chen is folding his hands and be silent. He seems to ignore what his father said.

The atmosphere is a little bit cold. It’s not only Mu Bo Zhao that feels it, even Zhao Fan feels it to be somewhat awkward.

After a long time, the cool man says two words: “No rush.”

“Then let’s delay it for several days. Anyway sooner or later will be a family.”

Mu Bo Zhao laughs to soften the atmosphere for a bit.

“Sis, I will go to the restroom first.”

Zhao Dong Han says to her sister with her low voice. She thinks that she could leave now.

“Em okay.” She knows that her sister doesn’t like this kind of meeting, Zhao Xiao Nuan nodded.

Zhao Dong Han goes out of the room. She plans to send a message to her sister to tell her that she is unwell and will return home first.

When she is about to do it, suddenly she bumps into a solid sturdy thing. She raises her head and rub her forehead. The time she raises her head to see who is in front. It is someone that she really doesn’t want to face.

Indeed it is a narrow world.

“I’m sorry.”

This man is her nightmare, she really doesn’t want to face him alone.

When she wants to pass by Mu Yi Chen and walk forward. A deep voice says: “Let’s chat.”

“I still have things to do…”

“If you want to chat about last night here, then I wouldn’t mind.”

She couldn’t see his expression, but she notice seriousness in his tone.

Zhao Dong Han bites her lips. This man doesn’t let her go easily.

If she really couldn’t stop him, then her sister for real will marry this man.

So for this matter she shouldn’t let anyone knows, especially her sister.

She follows him, then enters a room.

Mu Yi Chen put one of his hand on his pockets, and the other he props it up on a window. He is looking at the window.

This man is really a handsome one, but he shows a cool expression just like an ancient king.

He is angry.

Although she doesn’t know what is the reason, but she knows that he is angry.

She notices the atmosphere is suffocating, Zhao Dong Han opens her mouth.

“E, thank you that you don’t mention about that thing.”

“What is that thing? The thing that you drugged me, or the moment that you looked for a male prostitute to take a photo with me, or the moment you were f*cked by me?”

He turns his body and his clear cold eyes are looking at her. His expression is calm and unchanging.

This man’s words are too……….

She just really wants to thank him to mention of her plan or actions. He doesn’t say anything about what happened between them.

In a flash, she blushes and doesn’t say anything.

Instead of keeps on going on with this topic, he throws out a topic that make her even more embarrassed.

“Look at you being so eager, I thought that the person who is marrying me is you.”

He says it and walks slowly toward her, he looks like a cheetah encircles its prey elegantly and dangerously.

“Of course not, how can it be me? I am only Zhao family’s foster daughter. It is impossible to choose me for this marriage arrangement with a great family.”

Zhao Dong Han shakes her head again and denies his statement.

Sometime she is really glad that she is just a mere foster daughter so she doesn’t need to marry someone that she doesn’t like just for the sake of the company.

Mu Yi Chen feels that he is being deceived, however he remains calm and noble. Both his hands are on the wall behind her, she is surrounded by his control.

Once again she smells the familiar masculinity scent of him. She couldn’t help but to remember his kiss that night.

“Since it’s not you, that why should you trick me? You want to have a relation with me? Em?”

If it isn’t her who struggled powerfully, he would think that she wants to seduce him.

“You should have heard “Cinderella’s story” right! The stepmother’s daughter envies the Cinderella that she could get a beautiful love so she cuts off her own ankle to be able to wear the glasses shoes. Then Cinderella couldn’t be together with the prince. Before you also heard that I am not Zhao family’s biological daughter. I am not lacking that my sister. For what reason she could marry into a great family, and I couldn’t? I couldn’t see what’s so good in here so I just want to think a way to separate you guys!”

Zhao Dong Han also says something that is not really true. She is playing with her own life.

This is not her first time. Every time when Zhao Xia Nuan is in trouble, she would stand in front of her to protect her.

She remembers that time both of sisters were playing hide-and-seek. Zhao Xia Nuan carelessly hit the most beloved flower pot and cried on the spot.

She couldn’t stand the sight of her crying expression, she helps her to be the one that being scolded.

Zhao Dong Han has a sharp chin and a charming eyebrows. From the outside, she is completely like a brand ambassador of green tea advertisement.

Although afterwards, she was beaten ruthlessly by Zhao Fan with his belt and also being punished to kneel down for a whole night without any dinner. But she was quite happy because doing a little thing for her sister, she felt her life was worthy.

There were too much similar things to be mentioned. It is because of her all doing that Zhao Xia Nuan could maintain her image of a perfect goddess in everyone’s heart.

Today is the same, Zhao Dong Han deeply understands the importance of a girl’s reputation. In case of her sister, if her sister will marry to Mu family, she should be regarded pure and innocent. All her sister’s deepest intention and love shouldn’t be known by this man: “Stepmother’s daughter, what do you mean by mentioning this? Do you want to replace her and marry me?”

There is a glimmer in his eyes, then couldn’t be easily identified.

Hearing he says “marry”, she couldn’t help but to be startled for a while.

Marry him? It’s better not! This gloomy and terrifying man, she doesn’t have enough guts.

“No, it’s a difference between me and stepmother’s daughter. Stepmother’s daughter loves prince, but I don’t love you. I just purely wants to separate you guys, but I don’t have intention to marry you.”

She seems to be afraid that he will not believe him, she immediately raised her three fingers to swear.

“Our accident happened cause by the flaw of my plan. Although it’s my fault at first, but I already paid for my mistake. So I hope that you could forget this! Later on if we encounter each other, it’s best for us to be like today. Just regard each other as passerby.”

Regard each other as passerby?

Mu Yi Chen’s heart sinks down as if he is pushed down by someone so sudden. His brain is blanked.

He usually is a calm person. The time he is angry, the more he will like as if he is okay. Since encounter Zhao Dong Han, he has tried so hard to maintain his usual demeanor.

If other people try to harm him, he will revenge them in double. But Zhao Dong Han is an exception for him.

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