Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 245

Even he believed that He Jin really lies to him. The kid that He Jin left him is unrelated to him.

He thought that He Jin really left him because she wanted to be together with another man. Afterwards, she purposely let him know about her difficulty in birth for him to believe that it was his.

Song Ming Xuan thought that He Jin just wanted to pave a good path for her son. To her son to get inside Song family and get everything.

Now for Song Ming Xuan, He Jin was a liar. She was not only someone that vanity but also unscrupulously.

For this house, Song Ming Xuan employed people to come by every week to clean it up. The mess he was created hadn’t tidied yet.

Song Ting Yu remembered the first time he came by here, he saw this house to be very soft and fragrant. Song Ming Xuan always let people to place He Jin’s most beloved flower and decorated it according to her liking.

He also frequently handled it personally, but today he personally ruined it.

Song Ting Yu couldn’t help but felt angry too.

Although he never met He Jin directly and also interacted with him, but he is more willing to lose his life, rather than believes that someone that gives birth for him would be unscrupulously as what Song Ming Xuan thought?

He is unwilling to believe this fact.

Song Ting Yu took off his coat and folded his sleeve. He took initiative to clean this place up. But Song Ming Xuan ruined it everything greatly so no matter hard he tried to tidy it up, it couldn’t look same as before.

After he was done, he closed the door. It was already dark outside. Jing Shan was not really cold as An City.

Song Ting Yu booked an evening flight. The time he rushed to the airport, he received a call from Tang Zi Chu.

“Chief Song, we already found some progress….”

“Tell me.”

“I found the neighbor that lived with your mother that year.” Tang Zi Chu said.

“Is it her neighbor when she left An City?”

“No, but it was her original An city neighbor. That time she hadn’t moved out, she still lived with her parents….:

“How is it then? Any clue?”

“Their neighbor moved around for several time. Yet luckily she is still in An city. Chief Song, tomorrow if you come back to An City. Perhaps we can go together. Oh right, Song Zhen Hai called me before, he asked me about our investigation….” Tang Zi Chu laughed coldly for a while: “Recently during my investigation, his assistant keeps on being together with me. Everyday for every new findings, he will contact him. Today unexpectedly he called and asked me….”

“What did you tell him?”

“I just asked him about what does he want to know, he should ask his assistant as he probably could explain it clearer….” Tang Zi Chu continued, “Actually his call for feel out our intention…. oh right, he said that tomorrow his assistant also will come with us to look for Madame He’s previous neighbor…”

“Just let him be.”

“Chief Song……”

Tang Zi Chu’s tone was full of hesitation.

“If you have something to say, just say it.” Song Ting Yu looked at the window and he almost arrived at the airport.

“Today I already chatted with that mistress, the situation is not favorable for you…”


Tang Zi Chu just continued: “That woman said that before after your mother left the neighborhood, she returned home once because of her mother’s death. She came home, she also said…. after Madame He joined the funeral, she tidied all her things to leave. That time a man picked her up…”

Tang Zi Chu stopped for awhile: “Of course, Chief Song, these may not be able to say something explicitly, perhaps he was one of her friends that just in time he picked her up……”

Song Ting Yu knew Tang Zi Chu was comforting him. He also thought it was quite funny. This moment his eyes were tired. He used his hands to massage his temple: “Em.”

He was silent for awhile: “For all of this let’s discuss when I’m back. Tomorrow you look for her. No matter how, you need to check this throughly. Just like that, I will hang up first.”

Song Ting Yu said that and hung up. The car stopped at the airport lobby. He opened the door and entered the lounge.

Very quickly, he turned off his phone. He got on the flight. The time he arrived in An City, it was in the midnight. He switched on his phone and immediately found a message from Tang Zi Chu: “Chief Song, there’s a problem.”

Perhaps there were problems happened so the time he read the message, his mental was a bit tensed. He got on his car and called him: “What happened? Is it the neighbor who was in trouble?”

“No, Chief Song.” Tang Zi Chu immediately replied: “It is Song Zhen Hai’s assistant, he is dead…”

“How can it be?”

His voice was hoarse.

“In the night we still met each other. But just before there is a news about his death. He went outside to eat with his friends. He was drunk and drove his car. There’s an accident. His car bumped into a big truck. He dead on site…”

After Tang Zi Chu heard the news, he immediately rushed in to the scene. But it was blockade by the police, so he couldn’t get inside.

Even though it was said that it was a drunk driving accident, but Tang Zi Chu didn’t think it was that simple.

How could it be so coincidental?

It’s too coincidental.

He felt these matters were made to attack Song family.

“What did the police said?”

“They said that it was drunk driving. He is the one that violate the law, and the big truck was traveling along route so he is the one that should take responsibility…..”

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  1. The assistant must have asked the wrong?right questions regarding the investigation and proved himself a liability.Tang Zhi Chu and Song Ting Yu ,please be carefull


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