Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 241

Su Ran also didn’t avoid his gaze: “I’m not a thing.”

Song Ting Yu smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“Before the doctor came over and said that grandma is okay, she is sleeping now.”

Song Ting Yu nodded and still stayed quiet.

“Regarding today, Grandma had said that way, we definitely need to check it…” Su Ran leaned on his shoulder.

“You are definitely part of Song family.

Song Ting Yu’s voice was deep and hoarse: “Even myself couldn’t be sure my identity, how could you be certain?”

Su Ran looked at him: “I believe Ma also loves Pa…”

Song Ting Yu also looked at her: “But even my Pa, he doesn’t believe…”

Su Ran remember what happened inside the room: “He is just too shock about this, just like grandma said when it’s about someone that you love so much, you’ll be easily deceived….”

Song Ting Yu was silent for a long time and said: “Remember what did I say to you that day? If one day I become utterly lacking, will you stay on my side? That time I didn’t expect this to happen…”

Su Ran frowned: “Don’t you talk nonsense. It’s still indecisive. Grandma also said it, this needs to be investigated throughly. There should be someone that mess around with it….”

“What if I am really not a part of Song family?”

“No.” Su Ran hugged him: “If you are not one them, then I will also be together with you. No matter what, I and Song Wei Xi will be by your side.”

All the shareholders and broad directors didn’t give any space and time for Madame Song. The time that they knew that Madame Song was okay and had left the hospital. They all came to Sng house. They wanted Madame Song to solve this problem.

Because today Song Ting Yu and Su Ran came to the hospital to pick up Song Wei Xi, and Song Ming Xuan disappeared after he left the hospital yesterday, and couldn’t be reached.

Madame Song thought that Song Ming Xuan had felt the pressure and became emotional so he unconsciously wanted to escape this and hide.

This moment except the maids, there’s only Madame Song. She looked at all of them. She pursed up her lips and stayed silent.

Yet these people wouldn’t let her be quiet, they kept on pressuring her.

Butler Wang couldn’t help to see it anymore: “Everyone, everyone, our Madame just recovers from her illness, please don’t you disturb, let’s give her a rest okay? When she is okay, she will definitely give you explanation.”

Director Zhang glared at him: “What do you think you are that you intervene when we are talking?”

“Madame, you’ve been dragged it for two days. Your health should be in a good condition now, shouldn’t you give explanation now?”

“Butler Wang, you can go out first.” Madame Song said.

“Yes, Madame.”

Madame Song drank her tea and looked at everyone: “I believe there’s problem in this test, so I hope that you can give me time and let me to investigate this throughly as soon as possible what had happened…”

“Madame Song, don’t you be unreasonable. How could it be a mistake, it’s a solid proof. Moreover, the time we took the hair sample, everyone was there. You were also present. Madame Song, according to what you said, shouldn’t you trust your grandson? He was the one who took it?” Song Zhen Hai’s face was shinning, but his tone was aggressive.

Madame Song said: “I don’t mean that way. I just hope that you can give me time. After all, there is a lot of doubtful points. If we just decide then it wouldn’t be fair for Ting YU…”

“Madame Song, you are just too protective of Ting Yu. Don’t you forget you are also part of Song family. But Song Ting Yu is not, since he is not part of us. What is his qualification to live at Song family. I hope you can understand that Song company couldn’t be handled by someone, who is not Song. This is the rule of Song family! Madame Song, now you are the one that holds the power in our family, how could you don’t understand this point? Or actually you already now about Song Ting Yu’s identity but you still want to hide it? Madame Song, if that’s the case then how could you be like this to our shareholder?” Song Zhen Hai was prepared so this time, he wouldn’t compromise.

Madame Song was mad, she pointed at Song Zhen Hai: “What is your point?!”

“I know that you understand it very well.” Director Zhang said.

Song Zhen Hai smiled: “Madame Song, let me make it straight. We are doing this for Song company, we don’t want anyone to ruin Song company…”

Madame Song considered for a long time and said: “What do you want?”

“It’s very simple.” Song Zhen Hai said: “Remove Song Ting Yu from his current position. Since you need time to investigate, we also will give you time, if there’s a problem in the investigate? But under this proof that he is not Song family, we also need you to give us your explanation! First remove him first, and wait until you can give us proof, then you can just bring him back to the company, right?”


Remove Song Ting Yu….

“What happened, Madame Song? You are still hesitating?!”

When everyone was still being aggressive, there was a sound from outside; “Okay.”

They looked at the door, it was Song Ting Yu. He was walking toward the living room and stood beside Madame Song. He looked at everyone: “I will temporarily leave Song company.”

Madame Song frowned and said: “Ting Yu…”

Song Ting Yu looked at Madame Song and Madame Song understood his intention. They had no other choice right now. If they didn’t agree they will have no time to check the truth….

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