Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 231

Su Ran hung up and pulled Song Ting Yu’s hand to go outside.

Song Ting Yu knew something was wrong, so he even didn’t wore his suit and followed her out. The time they were inside the elevator, Su Ran had troubles to breath: “Lin Cheng Huan said that Song Wei Xi fell down, it bumped his head…”

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything, he just held her hand tight. He knew that saying anything now wouldn’t be effective.

The elevator took them to the car park. Song Ting Yu drove them quickly to the hospital.

The time they were there, Lin Cheng Huan also just arrived in the hospital. Song Ting Yu opened the car and brought the fainted Song Wei Xi out.

Except Lin Cheng Huan, there was still someone that helped to cover Song Wei Xi’s head with cloth.

“Wei Xi…”

Su Ran looked that he was full of blood, she was dizzy.

When Lin Cheng Huan wanted to come forward to check it, Song Ting Yu pushed him away: “Don’t touch him!”

Song Ting Yu placed him down on the bed and the nurses and doctors sent him to the emergency room. Su Ran and Song Ting Yu followed him.

Su Ran felt terribly sad because of it.

When they arrived in the front of emergency room, Song Wei Xi needed to be sent to the operation room. Song Wei Xi’s doctor also came over hurriedly and checked the injury. He frowned and looked Su Ran and Song Wei Xi: “How could this happened? Why didn’t you guys take a good care of him? Is not really serious injury? But you know Song Wei Xi’s condition, he is a patient, it will be hard for him to recover….”

“Dr Xu, now what should we do?” Su Ran’s voice was hoarse.

Dr Xu said to the other doctors and nurses: “Arrange the operation room, we need to operate him soon.”

Song Wei Xi was sent again to other operation room, now they needed to stop the bleeding first. Because of his health condition, so this matter should be handled by surgeon.

Very quickly, Madame Song and Song Ming Xuan and Gu Dong Cheng and Tian Mi came over.

Dr Xu looked at how all of the Song family member had gathered: “Madame Song, Mr Song, I just had a meeting with other doctors, we suggest that Wei Xi do the surgery now.”

“You say do the surgery now?” Madame Song said.

Dr Xu nodded: “With his condition now, we should do it. We don’t have any other choices. But it still have risk, you guys need to be prepared….”

They were discussing inside the Dr Xu’s room, then a nurse came over and said: “Dr Xu, the doctor in the operation room ask for all of them presence….”

Everyone rushed to the operation room, the surgeon opened the big door and placed his mask down: “Which one of you are AB and unrelated with this kid? We need a lot of blood. We don’t have enough blood for him for now.”

Because Song Ting Yu is A and Su Ran is B, so Song Wei Xi is AB.

Tian Mi and Su Ran have the same blood type, Gu Dong Cheng also has different blood.

Now it was only Lin Cheng Huan and Tang Zi Chu.

Lin Cheng Huan said to all of them: “I am AB.”

“Not you.” Song Ting Yu frowned and looked at Tang Zi Chu: “What about you?”

“Chief Song, mine is A.”

So it’s only Lin Cheng Huan.

Those who understand what happened didn’t know why Song Ting Yu didn’t allow Lin Cheng Huan to do the transfusion….

But it was urgent now.

Tian Mi said: “What happened? Why don’t you let Lin Cheng Huan? He is AB, now it’s urgent, what are you doing!”

The surgeon coughed: “Let me remind you. We have no time, if not you need to wait until we find it. But it will take a long time, it will be risky for the patient.”

Lin Cheng Huan didn’t care about them. He actively came forward: “Let me.”

Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutch Lin Cheng Huan’s shoulder to stop him, but Lin Cheng Huan pushed it away, his face was cold: “I don’t know what are you hesitating about, but did you hear what the doctor said? Do you want to see something bad happened to Wei Xi?”

Su Ran pulled Song Ting Yu’s arm, and looked at Lin Cheng Huan: “Sorry to trouble you.”

Lin Cheng Huan frowned. He could notice something strange from Su Ran but this moment he didn’t want to mind it. He just wanted to save Song Wei Xi.

Tian Mi didn’t know what happened. But she knew that from Su Ran’s call before her response was strange. Now it’s clearly that Lin Cheng Huan could save Song Wei Xi, but why Song Ting Yu still wanted to stop him.

“What happened?” She noticed everyone was looking at Lin Cheng Huan nervously.

Gu Dong Cheng held her shoulder and pulled her back. He shook his head and signaled her to not say anything more. Everyone didn’t have any heart for question.

Tian Mi nodded.

“Let it be. Just see it as a bet. Now there is no other way.” Madame Song sighed.

Su Ran looked at the direction, where Lin Cheng Huan went.

Song Ting Yu hugged her.

After Lin Cheng Huan done, he noticed everyone was still there. He sat down on the side and wanted to leave after Song Wei Xi was safe.

The operation was in process. They helped to stop the bleeding first. Then they would do cell transplant.

Su Ran sat down on Lin Cheng Huan’s side and looked at him: “Thank you.”

Lin Cheng Huan looked at her after throwing the cotton swab to the trash bin: “I don’t like hearing that words from you.”

Su Ran was silent.

“I don’t know what has happened, perhaps you blame me for not taking a good care of Wei Xi?” Lin Cheng Huan said: “I am very sorry. Wei Xi is taken away by me, but now he is injured. Ran Ran, I accept that you blame me, but what had happened? Here it’s only me who can do blood transfusion, but it’s clear that you are so hesitated…….”

2 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 231”

  1. Will they tell Lin Cheng Huan that he is suspect? They should not talk of it in front of Tian Mi and Dong Cheng. Keep it private. Now Lin Cheng Huan will be a permanent part of Wei Xi .Ting Yu will have to hold his emotions in check for awhile.


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