Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 229

Su Ran left Su Hao then when she was outside, she noticed her face was wet of tears. She used her hand to wipe it.

She took a deep breath and called the doctor of Su family, then left.

She had thought that as long she didn’t let Su Hao go, Qiao Qing will not forgive her, perhaps this lifetime, she will say that she doesn’t have a daughter like her.

But she hoped that for once Qiao Qing could understand and stand by her side. She could understand her condition and took pity of her kid.

But seemed that at last Qiao Qing still didn’t think about her. Even she didn’t want to regard her as her daughter anymore.

Their relationship is really that shallow….

When she was a little, she always watched how hard it was for Qiao Qing to make a living, for making her smile, she would study how to play cello that her hands had injured for several times. But still she couldn’t master it so at last Qiao Qing just said to her: “Useless stuff.”

Until now, Qiao Qing personally said that she never had a child like her. Even she tried hard, there is never be her place in her heart.

Su Ran used her hand to wipe her eyes. Her phone rang, she put it up to look at it. It was a call from Song Ting Yu. She used her earphone and answered it. He said: “You go to the Su house? Now you are in Su House?”

“No, I am on my way home.”

“Is your mother okay?”

Su Ran laughed at herself: “She said that she never has a child like me….”

Song Ting Yu snorted coldly: “She still dares to say something like that, are you crying?”

“I cried for a while.” Su Ran didn’t deny it. In front of Song Ting Yu, she didn’t need to hide herself. If she couldn’t express her true self, that it is too tragic.

Song Ting Yu shook his head and sighed: “You are really not mature enough.”

“Does it mean that I’m really helpless?”

“How can it be? Come here, I will give you a medicine.”

“…. No need, it will pass.”

Song Ting Yu said: “Look at you. You should not refuse to be treated. With medicine, we could recover quickly? Come to Song company now. I will wait for you. Oh right, this afternoon I haven’t eaten. Buy some food for me to eat.”

“How can you haven’t eaten?” Su Ran’s attention was successfully shifted.

“I had a meeting this afternoon. It was really late. I called home before, grandma said that your mother fainted. I supposedly you went home. Next time don’t go there by yourselves. It’s not safe…” He thought about Qiao Qing’s action last year. She used the stick to hit Su Ran crazily. Now his heart still has lingering fear about it.

Qiao Qing always in mental outbreak because of Su Hao, now Su Hao’s condition was not really good, based on temper, she definitely will blame Su Ran.

Going home alone, maybe Qiao Qing will do something crazy.

“Okay.” Su Ran nodded: “Wait for me, I will buy something for you.”

Although Song Ting Yu told her to buy anything, but Su Ran knew that he is a very picky person. If she is too random, he wouldn’t eat it if it doesn’t suit his taste.

If she cooked it, he will eat it all.

No matter he likes or loathes it.

But it was impossible to buy ingredient and cook, it was a waste of time.

So she could only buy food from the restaurant that they frequently visits, she ordered his favorite food. Then drove to Song company.

She took the private elevator to his office.

She didn’t expect that when she just entered the office, she would be hugged directly by him. He placed her on the table.

Luckily, she is used to it so she was very calm and peaceful. She passed the boxes toward him: “Eat up quickly.”

“Put it down.” Song Ting Yu didn’t take it, he lowered her head to kiss her: “I want to eat you first, then eat these all.”

“…….” Su Ran used both of her hands to block him, she shook her head and smiled: “Eat!”

Song Ting Yu put her hands down and reaffirmed once again: “Now I want to eat you.”

Su Ran examined his office: “This is office, we shouldn’t do anything weird.”

Song Ting Yu didn’t care, he said: “I want to eat you.”

“Tonight when we are home then…. then eat…” Su Ran felt that she will be like Song Ting Yu soon.

“No, I want to eat now.”

“Are you crazy, this is office.” Now she was doubted of his true motivation of asking her for lunch.

He should know that if she know that he haven’t eaten his lunch, definitely she will come over.

It’s lucky that she loves him, this man is really ruthless!

This moment she really wanted to bite him.

“What’s about office?” Song Ting Yu seemed to be indifferent: “You never tried my office right? If not let’s try? It will be so interesting…”

Su Ran placed her hand again in his chest: “How could you know that it will be so interesting? With who have you tried it?”

“I never tried it so I want to try it with you.” He lowered his head to bite her lips. It was soft and could give her numbness feeling.

When she was about to say something, he clutched her chin and kissed her lips.

“Door…. it is unlocked….” Su Ran felt insecure so shoved him.

“I lock it.”

“You haven’t close the window….”

Song Ting Yu bit her lips again: “I’m at the top floor. There is no top floor around, they could’t see…”

This moment Su Ran was annoyed by him, she always felt insecure, they shouldn’t do it here?

“Song Ting Yu, let’s not do it, let’s do it tonight okay?” Su Ran was nervous. Even it was locked, but if someone has keys and opened. They could watch them, how could she meet other people in the future?

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