Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 223

She really didn’t dare to believe that the one who always kind toward her, would harm her kids…..

She remembered a lot of things, she felt her temple to hurt. She closed her eyes and massaged her temple.

Then she opened the door to go out.

Song Ting Yu didn’t realized it, when he looked for her, she was gone. He patted Tang Zi Chu’s shoulder then took his car key to chase after her.

She went to the elevator, Song Ting Yu paced faster then held her wrist: “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to look for Lin Cheng Huan. I want to ask him, I want to hear it from him personally for this matter?”

Song Ting Yu held her shoulder and looked at her: “You still not believe about this? You even saw Zhang An Nan…”

“I want to hear it personally from him….” She didn’t want to believe this before she heard it from him.

Actually Zhang An Nan’s appearance couldn’t really show that it was all Lin Cheng Huan’s doing. It actually could be only Zhang An Nan’s own doing and put the blame on Lin Cheng Huan.

Lin Cheng Huan was in great fight with Lin’s family illegitimate child, it could be done to harm Lin Cheng Huan. Perhaps Zhang An Nan was helping that illegitimate kid.

But the probability was too little, after all Zhang An Nan had been Lin Cheng Huan’s assistant for a long time.

Moreover, Lin Tian You and Song family didn’t have any kind of resentment or grudges. Why should he attack Song family.

Except he wanted to put the blame from Song family to Lin Cheng Huan so Lin Cheng Huan would be attacked by Song family that he will not focus in the big fight of Lin family.

This matter couldn’t be ruled out.

Song Ting Yu admits that in relationship, he is a narrow-minded and inconsiderate man, especially he knows that Lin Cheng Huan loves Su Ran deeply. This time when they saw Lin Cheng Huan, Su Ran still chose to believe LIn Cheng Huan, it let him to be unhappy.

Even he knows that in Su Ran’s heart, Lin Cheng Huan is just her brother but he was still unhappy about this.

“Zhang An Nan is here, why don’t you feel suspicious abou tit?”

Su Ran raised her lower slowly and looked at him: “This couldn’t show that it is his doing.”

“Yes.” Song Ting Yu said coldly: “But it also couldn’t show that he is not involved. Now, he could be the suspect, how can you don’t doubt him?”

“Song Ting Yu, I don’t know….” Su Ran covered her face and after a while, she let it go. Her eyes were swollen. She used her hand to pull Song Ting Yu, she hugged her and placed her face on his chest.

“Ting Yu, I’m very sad. Why should my Pa and sister be that ruthless. How can they work together to kill our kid. My mother’s first response also in anger, she asked me to forgive them. How could those who are close to me be like this. Could be even Lin Cheng Huan also did something like this?” Su Ran sobbed. This moment she just realized that she is really a woman with bad luck.

Hearing her sobbing, Song Ting Yu’s whole heart was felt like he was being stabbed for a few times. He wiped her tears: “No matter who is it, as long that make you feel sad, I will not let them go….”

He kissed her tears: “Lin Cheng Huan’s matter, let’s investigate it first okay? What you said is right, this couldn’t prove directly that he is involved. I will let Tang Zi Chu to check it from Zhang An Nan. So don’t be so sad okay?”

He didn’t wait for Su Ran’s reply, her phone rang. She looked at it. It was Qiao Qing. This moment, Su Ran didn’t want to hear her voice.

She would just call for Su Hao!

She wanted to let it ring, but Song Ting Yu took it and cut it off.

“She is really a shameless one.”

Song Ting Yu turned it off and put it on her bag. He pressed her eyes: “Don’t cry anymore. I a while Wei Xi will see you, he will be sad…”

Su Ran nodded.

Song Ting Yu held her hands: “Let’s go, let’s stroll around. We will go back when it’s dinner time.”

“Where are we going?” Su Ran’s voice was hoarse.

“Let’s go to the beach.” Song Ting Yu smiled: “In the past Wei Xi said that you really like shell…”

“It’s when I was a little kid…” Su Ran said lightly: “When I was little and I was unhappy, I will go to the beach to pick shells. I will make a lot of things with that….”

“Then let’s look for seashells.”

Su Ran looked at him: “Song Ting Yu….”

She knew that he wanted to make her happy, but she knew that he was busy right know. She didn’t want him to waste his time to make her happy. He was so busy in checking her daughter’s matter that he put his works aside.

“Let’s go.” Song Ting Yu knew about her thought but for making her happy, it’s more important for him.

Song Ting Yu really drove to the beach. It was really a nice place. In An City, there is only one beach, it was the same beach as where Su Ran would go during her childhood. These years, An City is in great progression, so the beach was somewhat polluted, it was not really as beautiful as before. Though it was still a lot of little shell.

They didn’t pick seashells, they just strolled around the sand.

Until the sky turned dark, they drove back home.

The time the car stopped, the maid came over: “Mrs, your mother, Madame Su, is here and looking for her. She has been waiting for you for a long time. But your and Mister’s phone are off…..”

Su Ran sneered: “The call is not connected, she even dare to come here.”

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