Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 221

This moment Su Ran’s attention was not focused on either Su Hao or Su Lai, she lowered her head and thought about something. She was grumbling about something.

Song Ting Yu shook her shoulder for a while: “What happened?”

Su Ran raised her head and didn’t answer his question, she just looked at Su Lai: “Who are you talking about? Who did look for you?”

“Zhang An Nan.” Su Lai’s face was without any fear, she smiled mockingly: “Do you hear it clearly? I said it was Zhang An Nan, Su Ran, you are that good term with LIn Cheng Huan, how could you don’t know that his assistant called Zhang An Nan?” She continued and laughed loudly: “Hahaha….”

“Su Ran, I don’t think about exposing this. But I also know that Lin Cheng Huan also regards you more important than his life. But when I met Zhang An Nan, I don’t know whether I should pity you or should I laugh at you. Didn’t know whether Lin Cheng Huan is too valuing you that he wants to take you, that he could use that kind of trick? His way of loving you is too special that he kills your kid, hahaha….”

“Impossible, it’s not him. It’s not him….” Su Ran shook her head. Since little, she always sees him as her brother, he wouldn’t treat her that way?

But Su Lai said it was Zhang An Nan….

Zhang An Nan indeed is LIn Cheng Huan’s assistant, he followed him for so many years….

“It’s him. He said it was your beloved Lin Cehng Huan. If not, how could you explain Zhang An Nan’s appearance? Think abou the land in Cheng An, how could Zhang An Nan have that kind of power? Don’t you forget, he is just a little lowly assistant, how could he be that great?” Su Lai laughed; “Su Ran, don’t you feel sasd today? You are lied by the one that you must trusted person? I tell you, it’s not only me and father’s doing, but also your Brother Cheng Huan. Hahaha….”

“Enough!” Su Ran screamed, her face was paled.

This matter was done by too many people. Those people should be her most intimate people.

This matter already challenged her bottom line, she felt this moment she couldn’t breath anymore.

“Why should you let me to shut up? What are you afraid of? It’s a fact why shouldn’t you believe it? You want to deceive yourself?” Su Lai seemed to have no intention to shut up. She kept on talking.

But Su Hao covered her lip: “Shut up!”

Now their condition was so bleak. It was her stupid act. She even leaked about Zhang An Nan’s involvement.

Su Lai glared at Su Hao: “What is your qualification to ask me to shut up? Are you fit to be my father? Are you? You always loves yourself. For benefit, for money, you will kneel down in front of Song Ting Yu, you even maybe will call him “dad”?”

She said it then she was slapped by Su Hao, it was so powerful that Su Lai’s lip turned swollen. Moreover it bled.

“Why you hit me? Why should you hit me?!” Su Lai was like a crazy people, she kept on screaming. Until Su Hao called people to pull her and threw her to the sofa.

Su Hao rolled his hands and went to Song Ting Yu’s front: “Ting Yu, for this matter I was also silly for a while. I didn’t do it in purpose… That time I really need that land, so I couldn’t bear the temptation, I….”

“It’s you who planned to drug Su Ran?” Song Ting Yu looked at him.

Su Hao startled: “This, I …. I didn’t do it in purpose…”

“I just need you answer!”

Su Hao was silent for a long time. Because Su Lai already leaked everything out, he didn’t have the way to retreat anymore, he could only just nod.

When he was about to nod, Su Ran threw the cup of tea toward her. With sob: “Su Hao, you are so ruthless, you are so greedy! I will not let you go!”

Because it was too sudden, so Su Hao didn’t have chance to dodge it. The cup hit his face. It bruised and bled his forehead.

When Su Ran did it, she heard the scream from the living room. Qiao Qing came over and ran to Su Hao. She wiped his forehead: “What happened? Are you hurt?”

Then she looked at Su Ran: “Ran Ran, what are you doing? He is your father. Look at you, is it what a daughter should do to her father? Couldn’t we chat nicely?”

Su Ran used her hand to rub her teary eyes and pointed at Su Hao: “You ask Su Hao, ask what did he do. Since I was born, have ever seen me as his daughter? Ask him, what did he do? How could he be so ruthless? How could he harm his own grandchildren?”

Su Ran’s tone was aggressive, even Qiao Qing was surprised to hear it. She said: “Are you saying that your kid’s death is related to your Pa?” She quickly denied: “It’s impossible, how could your father does something like that? It must be a misunderstanding, it is definitely a misunderstanding. Ran Ran, Ting Yu, you need to investigate it clearly, please don’t accuse your father wrongly a, he wouldn’t do something like that…”

Su Ran felt it was so ridiculous and grieved, no matter what happened. The first time Qiao Qing definitely would think of her most beloved man. No matter how, she would stand on his side. Even she was dumped by her beloved man, she wouldn’t do it. Even no one believes him, she will.

It’s the most pathetic Qiao Qing.

This woman was her mother.

Su Ran laughed coldly: “He has admitted it all, how do you want me to investigate it?”

Qiao Qing looked at Su Hao then looked at Su Ran. She said: “Ran Ran, I believe your father should have his on sorrow and difficulties…. definitely there’s should be a reason behind his actions so he did it…”

She said it then she wanted to take Su Ran’s hand: “Ran Ran, no matter how, he is your father, right? Just see this then let him go once okay? Just take it as my request? He must not did it in purpose…”

Su Ran lowered her head and looked at her biological mother: “No matter how you always look for reasons for help him. I know that for him you even will give up your life, but why should I let him go?”

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