Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 219

Song Ting Yu’s eyes were cold: “I don’t care who you are. But I wouldn’t let go anyone who hurts my woman.”

Very quickly the car stopped at Su house.

Luckily today Su Hao was at home. When he heard the butler of the house said that Su Ran was back, he was startled for a while. His heart was clicked then immediately calmed himself down. For that matter, he tried so hard to conceal everything, how could they notice it?

Perhaps they were back to visit Qiao Qing.

After all, Su Ran hadn’t returned for a long time.

Thinking about this, he pretended to be dignified: “Okay, I know. Go call Madame and tell her that that second miss was home.”

He just said it, then Song Ting Yu and Su Ran got inside. Su Hao’s face was full of smile, he stood up from his sofa: “Ting Yu, Ran Ran, you are here. Hurry up sit down. It’s a rare time that you guys are here. Stay for dinner okay, it’s been a long time since you have dinner here. Right, why didn’t you bring Wei Xi today?”

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran sat on the opposite of Su Hao, they both didn’t say anything, but looking at him. He felt something was wrong.

“Why do you guys keep on looking at me, what happened?” Su Hao coughed lightly, and smiled: “Ran Ra a, how are you recently? Last time in the funeral, Papa felt very sad to see you cried so hard, it’s getting better right?”

Su Ran knows all the time that her father is not a good person, but she didn’t expect that he will be that shameful, then he would try to harm his own grandchildren.

Qiao Qing is really a stupid and blind woman that she wastes all her youth, to the extent she turned to a crazy person just for him.

If that man loves her sincerely, then it would be better. But since the beginning, this man never shows any affection and sincerity to her. The time she was young, he just saw her beauty. When she turned old, he just turned him to one of his pion.

Su Ran looked at Su Hao, her eyes were really cold: “Papa, do you know a words of “crocodile tears”?”

Su Hao was startled for a while: “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean, I think you know it very clearly. Have you forgotten what had you done?” Since you dare to do it, don’t you act in front of me? do you know that your action now makes me feel disgusted?!”

Su Hao’s face turned so bitter when he listened to Su Ran’s words and moreover she said it in front of Song Ting Yu. He also didn’t dare to just explode his rage in front of him.

“Su Ran, what nonsense are you talking about!” Su Hao tried to hold his anger.

Su Ran looked at him without any avoidance: “I will just ask you once, is my daughter’s death related to you?”

Su Hao’s face immediately changed, but he had experience so many problems and events on the business world so very quickly he calmed down: “Ran Ran, your kid is a premature one, how could it be related to me? Moreover, am I really that ruthless? It is my own granddaughter, how could I do that to her, what do you see me as?”

“I also hope that you are not that ruthless. I believe that you are somewhat shameless, but all the time I don’t expect you to be that low. You know clearly what did you do, don’t you afraid to have a nightmare every night? Don’t you feel scare that one day you will be stroke by the lightning?” Su Ran pointed at him and yelled loudly.

“Enough.” Su Hao screamed. He was so in rage, he wanted to stand up and slap her.

But he was stopped by Song Ting Yu. He was pushed, staggered for a while and fell down to the sofa.

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly: “Try if you dare to touch my woman.”

Su Hao was really forgot about Son Ting Yu, he forgot that Su Ran didn’t come alone.

His face showed awkwardness: “Ran Ran was too over, so I….”

“Too over?” Song Ting Yu raised his brows. “To you, it’s not yet enough.”

Su Hao pointed at them: “Today do you come here to make trouble? If it’s like that, then just leave. I don’t want to waste any my energy. Leave now.”

“No need to be too worry.” Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa: “The good play will just start now, Su Hao. Your forehead is full of sweat. It’s an autumn and the air conditioning is on, why are you so hot? Are you nervous? Why are you so nervous?”

Su Hao said: “I don’t know what are you talking about….”

It’s clear that Song Ting Yu and Su Ran came because of that kid. He didn’t know what evidence had they got. But now he just wanted to kick them out and not talk anything with them.

He needed a time to think what should he do, perhaps he also should call and ask what should he do.

“In a while you will understand.” Song Ting Yu smiled

He just said it and there was the sound of the door being opened.

Su Hao immediately looked at the door and saw Tang Zi Chu came inside with three people. There were two men and one woman.

Su Lai looked so miserable. She wore a white bathrobe and wore no make-up. Her hair was in the mess, to the extent she didn’t even wear her shoes. It was completely different from what she used to dress.

In a flash Su Hao knew what had happened, Song Ting Yu already knew all of his doing.

Su Lai looked at Su Hao and immediately started to struggle: “Pa, help me, Pa…..”

But she couldn’t free herself from those two strong men. At last she fell down to the ground

Su Hao didn’t dare to believe that Su Lai could be found by Song Ting Yu.

He just glared at Su Lai: “This….”

3 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 219”

  1. What kind of family is this?The father and daughter collude to kill 2 children ….for money. And the mother will probably ask for forgiveness of their crimes. Death is too good for this group.
    Thanks for the update.


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