Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 218

Su Ran didn’t hear his words because she already slept.

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything more, but he just lowered his head and kissed her eyebrow: “Goodnight, Mrs Song.”

Su Ran woke up quite late the next day, she thought Song Ting Yu was already going to work. Yet it was a wonder that she could see him inside the room.

Su Ran usually set her alarm to wake her up, but now as this morning Song Ting Yu was home, he switched off her alarm and let her to sleep.

She got up and tidied her hair: “Why are you still home? Aren’t you going to Song company? It’s late…”

Song Ting Yu put down the paper and came over from the sofa: “Are you sleeping well?”

Su Ran blushed: “It’s okay.” She continued: “Hurry up, go to work.”

“Today I will not go…”

Su Ran found it to be strange: “Why?”

Song Ting Yu stroked her long hair: “I want to take you to a place. Go brush your teeth and wash your face. Prepare yourself, then we will go.”

“Where will we go?” Su Ran noticed something strange, but she couldn’t point it out.

She nodded and went to the bathroom. After a while, she came out: “Let’s go.”

After she went down to have a breakfast, Song Ting Yu and Su Ran got in the car.

Su Ran was curious where would Song Ting Yu take her to, so when she sat down on the car, she kept on looking at the window.

But Song Ting Yu kept on concentrating in driving his car. He seemed to be lost in his thought so it was so quiet.

After a while, the car stopped at the small area, Song Ting Yu unbuckled his seatbelt: “Let’s go.”

Su Ran also unbuckled her seatbelt.

Song Ting Yu once agai brought her to a mansion inside this little complex. He pressed the bell and he looked at him: “Who do you think live here?”

Su Ran shook her head and felt he was a bit mysterious and weird. How can he just bring her here to another house and ask her to guess who lives here?

After a moment, the door was opened.

Su Ran could recognize that man: “Assistant Tang!”

“Chief Song, Mrs Song.” Tang Zi Chu smiled and greeted them.

Su Ran was even more confused: “Is this Assistant Tang’s house?”

Tang Zi Chu smiled: “Mrs Song, you are joking. I am just a lowly assistant, how could I live in this high-class mansion?”

Song Ting Yu looked at him: “Are you trying to tell me that I give you too little?”

Tang Zi Chu coughed lightly: “Chief Song, you are joking. I am just a lowly assistant, how would I dare to think that way? But if Chief Song thinks that way, that from starting from this month, you could double it up.”

Su Ran knew that Tang Zi Chu was Song Ting Yu’s junior so they both are close friend. After graduation, Tang Zi Chu just entered the Song company and followed Song Ting Yu until now. Actually they are best friend so it’s not strange for them to joke around.

“Okay.” Song Ting Yu replied. Then looked upstairs: “How is it? Nothing wrong right?”

“Nothing. All night, they both stayed inside the room. They didn’t run away or contact anyone.”

Oh there were two people outside.

Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu: “What is it?”

Song Ting Yu held her hand: “Let’s go upstairs. Don’t you feel curious who lives in this house? Let’s go up.”

Su Ran followed him, then stopped outside the bedroom. Outside the room, there were two bodyguard guarding the door. 

“Open the door.”

“Okay, Mr Song.” One of them took a key and opened the door.

Su Ran was really curious and went inside. She saw two people inside, a man and a woman.

Of course she could recognize the woman: “Su Lai?!”

They both were sleeping but when they heard Su Ran’s voice, immediately they woke up: “Su Ran….”

She tried to dash forward to Su Ran: “Help me, let Song Ting Yu let me leave, what does he want? It’s unrelated to me, it’s really unrelated to me….”

Su Ran frowned, when she wanted to say something, her hand was pulled away by Song Ting Yu, and he pushed Su Lai. He looked at Su Lai: “Tidy yourself up, I bring you to Su Hao.”

Su Lai immediately shook her head: “I will not go.”

“It’s not up to you. Perhaps you like to go out this way.” Song Ting Yu looked at the two bodyguards outside. They immediately went inside and made her stand up. They didn’t care about her reaction and pulled her outside.

Su Lai said to Song Ting Yu: “Song Ting Yu, tell your people to let me go. Immediately let me go. It’s nothing to do with me. It’s my father’s doing, it’s unrelated to me!”

Song Ting Yu held Su Ran’s hand: “Let’s go.”

They all got inside the car. Su Ran and Song Ting Yu took another car. 

Su Ran was silent that time, Song Ting Yu looked at her and kept on holding her hand.

She finally looked at him: “Su Lai and my father, is it related to our daughter’s death?”

Song Ting Yu said: “Last night Su Lai called Bai Zhi Rui. It turned out that she kept in contact with Bai Zhi Rui. From that call I could locate her, at last I could find her…”

“So…..” Su Ran’s face turned pale: “That drug was given by my father to Bai Zhi Rui? He killed our daughter ?”

This time her eyes turned red.

Even though they are not really close, but they are related with each other.

She couldn’t dare to believe that Su Hao could be that ruthless. How could he do that to Song Wei Xi, that innocent kid, and her daughter.

Didn’t he ever think about other people?

Su Ran thought about her daughter’s funeral that time Su Hao and Su Lai were also there. Before they left, they both patted her shoulder and let her to restrain her grief and not be sad anymore.

Now she felt disgusting about it….

How could she have that ruthless father?!

“Su Hao and Su Lai should be exploited by another person.”

Su Ran laughed coldly and felt really sad: “They shouldn’t be said to be exploited, they just did a business transaction that could benefit them

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