Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 217

Since the last time he said about it, now everyday she would wear the necklace from him.

He is very satisfied with it.

Su Ran couldn’t continue her sleep after being disturbed by him. So she sat up and looked at him: “What do you want to do? Why do you disturb me this late at night, aren’t you tired?”

Song Ting Yu laughed for a while: “What I want to do, isn’t it clear?”

Indeed it was a crystal clear, but before Su Ran was still full of sleepiness. She just felt he was disturbing him, she didn’t think much about it.

When he saw that she blushed, he laughed: “Understand?”

“Em.” Su Ran nodded lightly.

“You already passed your traditional one-month confinement period following childbirth right?” Song Ting Yu tried to calculate the time.

“It’s already since a long time ago.”

“Look, you even passed it. It means that it has been a long time since the last time I touched you. I endured it for a long time…” Song Ting Yu said that then he extended his hand to pull up her nightgown’s ribbon.”

It’s a nightgown from a pure silk.

It was layered with thin jacket, usually she always takes off the jacket before she goes to sleep. But supposedly she was so tired today so she just slept without it.

He took off the outer jacket, and used his teeth to bit her shoulder strap. The moment it was taken off, her snow white skin of breast part appeared in front of him.

She patted his hand and used her hand to clutch his face. She raised his head: “But now it’s really very late. I really want to sleep, let’s do it next time okay?”

“No, it’s today.” Song Ting Yu’s body was really hot, how could he endure it anymore?

This moment he hugged her shoulder: “Couldn’t you just wake up late tomorrow?”

Su Ran glared at him, doesn’t he mean that she need to declare to public that she woke up late and couldn’t get up?

Song Ting Yu played with her slender long finger: “Su Ran, let’s have another kid okay? Give birth to another for Song Wei Xi’s friend?”

Su Ran was startled, if that kid didn’t pass away, she should be two months by now.

Song Ting Yu knew she thought about the kid again so he lowered his head and kissed her lips. With hoarse voice he said: “Don’t think about it anymore…..”


Su Ran’s voice was somewhat unclear, she took initiative to respond to Song Ting Yu’s kiss. To the extent that she slowly took the lead. She sat down on his body and pressed him to the bed.

Sogn Ting Yu’s head was on the pillow, he raised his head to look at Su Ran. He smiled: “So actually from every ways, you look this one the most…”

Su Ran blushed, she used her hand to pull his collar and lowered her body. She said on his ear: “Just one round.” It’s late, she could wake up late, but he still needs to go to work.

They shouldn’t mess around until late at night.

Song Ting Yu smiled and replied happily: “Okay.” Now for being able to have his way, he would just agree to him. She wouldn’t deny him after the first time.

“You will help me to take off my clothes or I will do it myself?” He actually enjoys so much whenever Su Ran takes off his clothes.

“Let me.” Su Ran said lightly.

Sogn Ting Yu smiled really big. 

The time Su Ran helped him, he felt it was too slow. So he looked for a topic: “Su Ran, what do you think of giving birth of twin? A boy and a girl? Or perhaps two girls?”

“Let’s talk about it when I’m pregnant.” Su Ran lowered his head and undid his button.

Song Ting Yu raised his brows: “You are doubting my ability?”

Su Ran was silent. Didn’t know whether she was really in doubt of his ability. Anyway, Song Ting Yu was provoked. He turned his body and pressed her down. 

Su Ran was caught off guard, she couldn’t breath when she pressed down by him. She used her hands to hit his chest: “Get up, I couldn’t breath.”

Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutch her chin: “You are doubting my ability?”

He asked the same question again.

Su Ran knew that this man really care about this, she tried to struggle. Then she hooked her hands on his neck, and kissed him: “I don’t have a doubt. But Song Ting Yu, for the matter of conceiving a twin, we need to have family gene. We don’t have relatives with twins right?”

“Then I will be the first….”

Su Ran smiled with somewhat helplessness: “Okay as long as you are happy.”

Song Ting Yu hooked her legs on his waist: “Then let’s not waste anymore time, let’s ☆、第51章.”

Su Ran: “…….”

Despite Su Ran’s word of only doing it once, how could Song Ting Yu only did it once?

Except when she was pregnant, he never just satisfied with once?

After finished, Su Ran even didn’t have the energy to glare at him. She just poked him: “Song Ting Yu, next time…. I will not trust you again….”

Song Ting Yu smiled happily. He just gathered her into his embrace.

She slowly closed her eyes.

Song Ting Yu didn’t have any sleepiness, his eyes fixed on the ceiling.

“Su Ran, don’t use the “Su” name anymore. Just change it to “Song”…..”

How can Su Hao deserve to be her father? 

Those father and daughter could think of that plan. Moreover, they were still that rigorous act. If not Su Lai’s call that night to Bai Zhi Rui, supposedly he couldn’t find them out easily.

Though they were successful but it was only for a short time.

Su Hao was also being used by someone, in anyway that he could earn money. He was a person that could be handled by money. As long he got some benefits, he wouldn’t care about anything or anyone.

Even thought he was used by someone, he would also do it willingly. The time he did it, how would he care about about Su Ran, who is also his daughter? How would he love his grandson?

In his eyes, there is only money. Except that, no one or nothing is important for him.

Didn’t know why Su Ran could have a father like him.

Though her mother loves her, but the saddest part was in her heart, Su Hao is the first. As long as Su Ran provokes and harms Su Hao, Qiao Qing definitely would choose Su Hao’s side.

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 217”

  1. I don’t think that Ran Ran’s mother really loves her. She will side with her husband and her oldest daughter as well. This trio of family has been vicious to Ran Ran far too long. How did she become a pawn in this family? Is she really a biological part of this family?.

    Now Ting Yu must find the man with the money behind Su Hao.

    Thanks for the update


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