Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 213

Every time he goes to the zoo, Song Wei Xi would be very excited, he would walk around excitedly. He didn’t want to stop and feel tired. As a result, when they returned home, he fell asleep in Su Ran’s embrace.

They didn’t even go out for dinner and just sent him home.

Song Ting Yu carried Song Wei Xi to the room and placed him on the bed. His phone suddenly rang, it was from Tang Zi Chu. He went outside to answer it, he said to Su Ran: “I will go out for a while.”

Su Ran nodded, she knew what will he do: “Be careful.”

Song Ting Yu smiled and came over to her. He clutched her face, and kissed her lips: “Em.”

Su Ran sighed. She felt this man really knows how to take advantage of her.

Song Ting Yu went downstair and noticed Gu Dong Cheng and Tian Mi were here today. Today was weekend, supposedly they came to have dinner.

Song Ting Yu greeted them, then said to Grandma: “Grandma, I will not be back for dinner.” Madame Song nodded: “Okay.”

The time he about to go out, someone called him: “Ting Yu.”

He turned his head and noticed it was Gu Dong Cheng. 

“Bro, what’s up?”

Gu Dong Cheng smiled warmly: “Ting Yu, if you have some problems, it’s okay to ask me for help. Don’t be so formal. You can say it directly to me.”

He didn’t say a lot of things, this sentence was enough to express his sincerity toward Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu patted his shoulder: “Bro, thank you. I could handle my own problems. You just need to be calm and relax. You need to take a good care of Tian Mi. If I need anything or any help, I will definitely talk to you.”

“I’m just afraid that you will never ask.” Gu Dong Cheng smiled.

“With you, I wouldn’t be that courteous.”

Song Ting Yu said it then left.

Su Ran heard noises from downstairs, she went downstairs and noticed Tian Mi was eating fruits with Madame Song. When they noticed her, they both smiled brightly toward her: “Ran Ran, come here.”

Su Ran came over and used her hand to stroke Tian Mi’s belly: “How are you recently?”

Probably because it was her firstborn, so Tian Mi experienced extreme morning sickness. Now she was in her trimester, she didn’t feel any better. 

“It’s still be that way. I will throw up every time.” Tian Mi was somewhat helpless.

Madame Song said: “I asked you and Dong Cheng to return home. It’s good to have a lot of people to take care of you guys. But you guys insist on staying outside.”

“Does he take a good care of you?” Madame Song looked at Dong Cheng, who was walking inside the living room.

Tian Mi casted a glance toward him: “He could. Dong Cheng frequently cooks for me.” 

Gu Dong Cheng sat beside her, and used his hands to clasp her face: “Grandma, don’t you notice that Tian Mi’s face have turned rounder? Even she throws up a lot, but she also eats a lot.”

Tian Mi blushed, she glared at him: “It’s because I throw up a lot, that’s why I eat a whole lot more. If I’m not I would be in deficit situation? I can live without eating, but how about the kid?”

Madame Song was laughing so loud because of them. Her face was full of smile: “Our Dong Cheng is really good at taking care of people. He has a good cooking skill. He is not like our Ting Yu, every time he goes to the kitchen and says that he will cook dumplings for me. He will cause the kitchen to be in fire. Luckily, Su Ran has a good cooking skills….”

“Grandma, I also couldn’t cook….” Tian Mi’s face blushed. She also someone who will turned the kitchen into a mess.

Madame Song said: “It’s good that’s why you guys are compatible.”

She said that then she looked at Tian Mi’s little belly: “This our Dong Cheng’s first child, in the future, give birth to the whole lot more okay…”

“Dong Cheng, how many do you want?”

Gu Dong Cheng smiled and looked at Tian Mi: “The more the better.”

Tang Zi Chu’s car was already stopped in front of Song house. Song Ting Yu got in the car.

“How is it? What do you find?”

“Then boy called this number.” Tang Zi Chu gave the paper to him.

Song Ting Yu looked at it: “Whose number is it? Have you checked it?”

“I already asked someone to check it. There’s no news for the time being.”

“Was he going anywhere today? Or he was staying at home for a day long today?” Song Ting Yu asked.

“He went out for a while, but he just bought something to eat. Just a quick trip then he went home. He kept on staying at home until he called this number. The call was not answered.”

Song Ting Yu nodded, and looked at the paper. It was not a local phone number. 

After a while, Tang Zi Chu’s phone rang. He answered and then: “Chief Song, this number was also stopped.”

Song Ting Yu smiled: “Interesting.”

“What should we do next?” 

Song Ting Yu massaged his temple: “Just let Bai Zhi Rui showed up. You called her and asked her to make a scene at the restaurant. The best let it so well-known and appeared on the news.”

“Now Ms Bai is trying hard to hide from the media. I’m afraid she wouldn’t want to do it.”

“Just tell her, sooner or later this matter should be done. Let her do it fast so this matter could be done faster, she could leave An City sooner. Moreover let her not to be worry, I would ask people to follow her…”

“Okay, Chief Song.” Tang Zi Chu said.

Now in Bai Zhi Rui’s conditions, in any way her reputation was destroyed, she had nothing lose to make a scene.

Tang Zi Chu understood Song Ting Yu’s intention. 

Once again, Bai Zhi Rui appeared on the news. This time because she made a scene in the restaurant, she fought with a waiter. 

All the people in An City thought she already left. Now she appeared in her miserable and hilarious  state. 

Everyone didn’t expect once a celebrity, now she could be in this situation. 

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