Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 205

After the photos were exposed as someone who had a close and intimate contact with him, so she couldn’t avoid to being brought to have a check. She is okay, and doesn’t get infected. She also contacted Ms Chen to publish her check-up result.

Everyone believed it was fabricated by her to deceive the public.

Bai Zhi Rui was really grieving and indignation, but she couldn’t do anything. The number that she always be able to contact, now was off. How could she not know what is it mean?

After being exposed, she was like an useless pion.

She already hid outside for several days, she didn’t dare to go out. Every day she dependent on Ms Chen to bring her food. Then she would cautiously go back to her house, and noticed there was still a lot of medias in front of her house.

Under this condition, how could she return home.

At this small hotel she lived for quite some time, she already couldn’t bear it anymore as she knew she didn’t have any chance to regain her fame. She didn’t want to stay at An city anymore as now she was a laughingstock of everyone.

She asked Ms Chen to help her to manage everything. Then she gave her a key to let her help to take her passport.

In the time like this, she thought she should go abroad and hide. Wait until everything calmed down, then she would return.

At first it all was smooth, Ms Chen could take her passport and helped her to buy ticket. It was afternoon flight to USA.

The time Ms Chen took the passport and ticket, Bai Zhi Rui also went to the airport. She wore a glasses and hat. 

She arrived at the airport and went toward Ms Chen’s location.

The time when she wanted to enter the lounge, there was suddenly a lot of people came toward her. They took her photo: “Ms Bai, where would you go? Is it because you couldn’t bear it anymore so you want to go abroad to hide?”

“Will you go alone? Or there would be someone waiting for you?”

“In the past you said that you didn’t have any relation with Chief Hua? But those photos showed that you guys are intimate with each other, how could you explain it?”

“Did you hide it from Mr Song and be together Mr Hua, that Mr Song wouldn’t accept it then broke up with you?”

“These years, you always relies on a man to get your high position? May I ask what did you do? Could you leak some information for us?”

She was bombarded with a lot of questions. Moreover, it was all certain questions. The questions were sharp and the medias started to gather around.

She was afraid. Her face started to be pale. There was no one helped her. She was helpless. She wanted to break away from them, but she noticed herself to be unable to move a single step, because they encircled her. 

She even being pushed by those paparazzi until she fell down.

The time she fell down, no one helped her. 

“Move away, go away all of you!” Bai Zhi Rui waved her hands continuously. She wanted to them to go away. She felt it was too scary. She didn’t prepare for this. 

She felt all the reporters were like fierce beasts, and her didn’t have any strength to fight them. She was trapped.

“Ms Bai, please answer my question! Please don’t avoid it?”

“I tell you to go away!” Bai Zhi Rui tried to stand up,  but very quickly she was pushed down again. 

She couldn’t breath.

She just felt to hear a lot of voices. Her head was hurt. She used her hands to cover her ear, and started to collapse: “Go away, all of you go away. Go, don’t come near me….”

She suddenly cried so loud. 

Looking at this, Ms Chen came over and took her away. She didn’t expect this to happen. 

She looked at how pitiable Bai Zhi Rui was. She said: “ Couldn’t you guys see how is she now? Couldn’t you just let her go? Please, give her a break! Don’t you guys force her this way. She doesn’t know anything, let her go…..”

Ms Chen said it but no one cared about her. 

Even in situation like this, the reporters didn’t plan to let her go. They still wanted to her explanation.

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