Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 199

Perhaps because she didn’t hear Song Ting Yu’s steps.

If he was at home, he definitely would come to see them first.

But after waiting for a quite some time, he didn’t come over.

Su Ran couldn’t bear it anymore, she lifted open her blanket and cautiously got off from the bed. She wore her slipper and went to their room. She opened the door, indeed there was no Song Ting Yu inside. Originally she thought he would be in the bathroom to take shower. She went to the bathroom, but there was no him inside.

He hadn’t be at home yet…..

Su Ran closed the door. At first she wanted to go down to see, but at this time, Song Ming Xuan came out from his room, he was in hurry.

“Pa, what happened?”

Song Ming Xuan’s face was pale: “Ran Ran, something bad happened to Ting Yu.”

Su Ran’s heart stopped: “What is it?”

“He is in car accident, now he is already in the hospital. But it is still unknown what is his condition. Before the doctor called me. Go change your clothes, then let’s go together to the hospital to see her.”

“Okay.” Su Ran heard “car accident….” she couldn’t breathe.

But now she couldn’t waste any time, she should immediately go to the hospital to see Song Ting Yu.

Su Ran returned to the room and changed her clothes. Song Wei Xi was still sleeping so she asked Auntie Fang to take care of him, then she went downstairs.

Downstairs, Madame Song already got up and waited for her.

Supposedly Song Ming Xuan this big problem should tell Madame Song.

“Let’s go.” Madame Song stood up from the sofa. 

Her body was slightly swaying, Song Ming Xuan hurriedly held her.

The driver drove the car. Su Ran sat down on the seat beside the driver, and Song Ming Xuan and Madame Song sat on the back. 

Su Ran could feel that situation inside the car was stuffy.

Her both hands were placed on her thigh, she clenched both of her hands. It was both sweaty.

It was still raining outside, but it wasn’t really big. But this rain could easily cut off people’s vision. Maybe Song Ting Yu drank a lot of alcohol and didn’t let Tang Zi Chu sent him home. He insisted to drive his own car back home. So this happened.

“What is happening?” Madame Song’s voice was really hoarse.

Unimaginable, if Song Ting Yu was in trouble, it would be biggest attack for her.

The driver used speediest speed to arrive at hospital quickly. He stopped the car on the entrance. Su Ran opened the door and went to the operation room.

Gu Dong Cheng and Tian Mi were already arrived and stood in front of the operation door. They lived quite near the hospital.

Su Ran didn’t care about the rain, she just ran over to the operation room. So when she arrived in front of the operation room, her hair was wet.

“Ran Ran….” Tian Mi called her.

The time Su Ran arrived in front of the door, her thought was completely fixed on that door. She even didn’t hear of Tian Mi’s voice.

“Grandma, Uncle.” Gu Dong Cheng held Madame Song and let her sit down.

“How is it, Dong Cheng? What did the doctor say?”

“The operating surgeon is Lu Zhan. He is inside, but hasn’t come out. So now we don’t really know what is happening…” Gu Dong Cheng shook his head.

After he said it, the door opened. Lu Zhan, with his white robe, came out.

Su Ran felt his expression was similar to what encountered before.

This moment, Lu Zhan’s expression was also gloomy.

“A Zhan, how could this be? How is Ting Yu?” Madame Song said. Her voice was shivering.

“Madame Song….” Lu Zhan used his hand to support his forehead: “Ting Yu, he….”

He said and looked at everyone: “His condition is too serious…. The surgery already passed by 30 minutes, he already, he is gone….”

Lu Zhan said it, then Madame Song’s body limped. Song Ming Xuan hurriedly held her. 

“Ma, Ma, how are you?”

This moment Su Ran repeated Lu Zhan’s words inside her mind.

Song Ting Yu is gone….

He said Song Ting Yu is gone….

She went to the operating room, Lu Zhan pulled her: “Su Ran, where are you going?”

“I want to get in to see him, I want to get in to see him…” Su Ran’s eyes were red, she was in deep grieve.

Lu Zhan loosen his grip: “Go and see him. I think he definitely really wants to see you. It’s a pity, he wouldn’t have any chance.”

Su Ran opened the door. Inside there were doctors and nurses. Looking at her, they started to leave and closed the door.

Su Ran looked at the laying Song Ting Yu. She walked slowly toward him. She looked at him. His eyes were closed and paled.

She held his hand, and her tears started to pour down: “Song Ting Yu, get up. Don’t sleep anymore. Get up. I am here. Get up, don’t play around….”

“Do you blame me, blame for not picking you up? So you are not willing to get up? I’m sorry, get up. Don’t you joke around? Get up….” She held his hand tightly: “Ting Yu, if only you get up, I would agree to do anything. Don’t you do this to me. Don’t you throw me and Wei Xi. Don’t you say before that in the future, you would by our side. How could you don’t keep your words? Song Ting Yu, you are a liar, liar!”

Su Ran threw her body on his, she hugged him close. She was afraid that he would be like her daughter; he would slowly lost color and warmth.

Su Ran continuously clasped his face: “Ting Yu, I am Su Ran. Open your eyes and see me. Don’t you sleep, open your eyes and see me. I beg you, beg you…”

This moment she felt her body was engulfed by a deep sorrow. 

The operation door was opened. Lu Zhan got inside and stood beside her: “Today we went together to have a beer. He drank a lot, after that he pretended to be drunk, he just wanted you to come and pick him up…” He continued, “I think, he misses you….

2 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 199”

  1. Oh My God, this isn’t true I guess. Maybe they only plan this so Suran would fear and wont let Ting Yu go…I just hope!!! Huhuh

    Tang Thank you so much, though this is a sad Chap huhuh.


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