Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 197

The door was knocked for few times, that door was finally opened. Song Ting Yu lied down on the sofa, he was full of expectation that Su Ran would come over and patted his face, and called his name.

But in a second, his beautiful dream was shattered.

Because he heard: “Chief Song.”

Song Ting Yu immediately sat up and looked up Tang Zi Chu. He stood up and went outside, he looked around.

Tang Zi Chu was confused: “Chief Song, what are you looking for?”

That sentence of “Chief Song….” Lu Zhan of course could hear it. He opened the restroom door, and laughed loudly: “No need to mind him, he is looking for Su Ran.”

“Before she called me, she said that Chief Song is drunk here. She let me pick you up. But how come Chief Song looks like he is not drunk? Moreover, Mr Lu is here too.”

After Tang Zi Chu said it all out, he finally understood what was happening.

Song Ting Yu always be a tricky one.

He wanted to use this method to let Su Ran pick him up. Recently Su Ran was always be in ignorant condition. Supposedly he couldn’t endure it so he wanted to use this trick. But he didn’t expect that Su Ran would call Tang Zi Chu to pick him up.

This moment Tang Zi Chu came with a woman, supposedly he was on a date before when Su Ran called him. He thought Song Ting Yu was really drunk so he even didn’t send his woman home and just hurriedly came over. At last he met with this kind of situation.

He looked at Tang Zi Chu: “Why are you coming here? Who told you to come?”

Tang Zi Chu folded his hands: “Chief Song, before your wife called me, she said that you are very drunk and let me to help her pick you up.”

He also felt wronged, okay? It’s a rare moment that he didn’t need to work overtime. He was on the date and supposed to pick him up during his date, then he noticed it was fake too.

“Have you not understood my alcohol tolerance? Would I be drunk easily?” Song Ting Yu said it coldly, and sat there silently.

Lu Zhan patted Tang Zi Chu’s shoulder: “Don’t bother about him. These days Su Ran has neglected and ignored him. He is like a crazy person, now he is not rational. He would do stupid thing. So for all of these, we could only be able to forgive and ignore it!”

Lu Zhan just finished his words, and he almost being pounded by something.

Looking at how conscious Song Ting Yu was, Tang Zi Chu thought it was useless for him to stay. Moreover he still wanted to go on date so he said: “Chief Song, Mr Lu, then we will go first.”


Song Ting Yu said one more time: “Don’t go first.”

Tang Zi Chu stopped his steps, he was confused and turned his body. Song Ting Yu stood up and walked toward them. The time he was looking at them, he was smiling. Tang Zi Chu felt his smile was full of malicious intentions.

He seemed to be looking at the woman beside him.

What would he do?

With his instinct, Tang Zi Chu placed his woman behind his body.

Lu Zhan also didn’t know what would Song Ting Yu do.

He just saw that Song Ting Yu pushed Tang Zi Chu away: “Zi Chu, let me borrow your girlfriend for a while.”

His words let the girl’s face immediately blushed, and lowered her head.

Tang Zi Chu coughed. Song Ting Yu is a bad person, indeed no girl could resist his charm.

In grief and indignation he was thinking. Is all the women now really care about appearance?

He is also not an ugly one, but in front of Chief Song, he would immediately turn into an ugly one!

Song Ting Yu always has that kind of ability. 

Tang Zi Chu brought the girl and retreated few steps, he smiled: “Chief Song, this… this woman how could I just lend it to you carelessly?” He paused: “Moreover, she is my woman, is it good to lend it to you? There are a lot of women outside, if not let me call few of them inside?”

Lu Zhan said: “Zi Chu, go help Chief Song choose some. It’s best to choose someone that looks like Su Ran or perhaps with her eyes or ear.”

“I will go now!” Tang Zi Chu immediately nodded, and pulled his girl outside. But it’s clear that the woman was not too willing to go away.

Tang Zi Chu felt too grieving!

“Come back!”

Tang Zi Chu just held the woman back: “Chief Song, don’t you be like this. Don’t you think because of your power you could act just as you wish. You even want to snatch other people’s girlfriend….”

“Who said that I want to snatch her away?” Song Ting Yu swept his cold gaze to Tang Zi Chu.

“Then you want…..”

Song Ting Yu didn’t answer his question, he just took out his phone and pressed Su Ran’s number. Then he passed the phone to the girl: “Later on you dial this number then let that personl pick me up. You just tell her. If she doesn’t pick me up then you would bring me to the hotel or go to your place….”

Tang Zi Chu and Lu Zhan were surprised that Song Ting Yu had that intention. Before his trick was ineffective, now he wanted to use other women to provoke Su Ran. Maybe Su Ran would be provoked and would come soon.

This may after all be a good method, Su Ran might be angry and come.

Although Tang Zi Chu and Lu Zhan understood his reason, but that woman was still confused: “Why should I do it? Who is this person?”

Tang Zi Chu looked at how sour Song Ting Yu’s face: “This is the number of Chief Song’s wife, just follow his order and call her. Don’t you ask too much.”

“O……” The girl was still a bit disappointed so what he meant by “borrow..” it’s this meaning. She just wanted her to call his wife and provoke her.

She thought….

So it’s turned out she thought about it too much….

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