Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 196

Now unexpectedly he was afraid?

“In this world indeed Su Ran is your weak spot.” Lu Zhan smiled and said it.

“I am just afraid, Bro….” Song Ting Yu said it and took out his cigarette. He was disappointed, he sat on the sofa and smoked.

“I am afraid that she would really leave…”

“But you also couldn’t blame her. Your kid was just die, she isn’t a good mood. Moreover, it was also Chen Jing and Bai Zhi Rui’s doing, it’s still related to you somehow. It is understandable for her to act that way. Now she feels that she just has Wei Xi, of course she would want take him away to protect him….” Gu Dong Cheng said.

“I know, then what should I do?” Song Ting Yu was completely unable to solve this problem.

Gu Dong Cheng also didn’t really able to help him as except being Tian Mi, these ten years he was alone. He wasn’t that experienced in relationships. Lu Zhan also the same one. He only has one woman in all of his life. He fell for his wife since his little age. He is someone who is warm and handsome but in front of his wife, he is completely different.

Song Ting Yu frequently called him as : “Shameless.”

After years, Lu Zhan called him that!

He was that kind of man in front of Su Ran.

Lu Zhan considered about it for a long time, then at last he concluded, and looked at Song Ting Yu: “I feel you should be shameless. This time don’t think about your integrity and face, you should just wrap around her tightly and close.”

Song Ting Yu thought about it for a long time, then he nodded to show his approval: “I also think it that way!”

“Both of you…” Gu Dong Cheng smiled helplessly: “Is it practicable?”

“How could not it be?” Song Ting Yu looked at Gu Dong Cheng: “Last time the time you fought with Tian Mi, if it’s not my teaching and guidance, you think you could just be drenched for several hours and got inside? Maybe now you would still be in cold war with her, how could you be a father?”

For this, Gu Dong Cheng also thinks that he should be thankful to Song Ting Yu’s idea so this moment for this matter, he also had nothing to say.

Lu Zhan took the bottle, and bumped it to Song Ting Yu’s bottle for a while: “To mention it, our experiences are not as rich as you. We still need your guidance. I thought that today you are in good condition that you invite ask out. It’s turns out that you ask us out to scheme something.”

Lu Zhan said it, then Song Ting Yu smashed the cushion to his face.

He didn’t care about him anymore and just drank his beer. Then he laid down on the sofa, he pointed to himself: “Being like this, do I look like a dead drunk?”

Lu Zhan examined him seriously then nodded: “Like! Although I know you are not drunk, but you could pretend!”

Song Ting Yu kicked him, then fished out his phone: “Hurry up, call Su Ran, say that I am drunk and lose my consciousness. Let her come and pick me up.”

Lu Zhan didn’t come over to take his phone: “You already use this trick once, you really plan to use it again? I dare to guarantee that Su Ran wouldn’t come!”

“Nonsense, hurry up!” Song Ting Yu glared at him, then looked at him. He went out to call Su Ran.  Song Ting Yu then looked at Gu Dong Cheng: “Bro, don’t you expose me. Later when you are home, don’t you tell Tian Mi.”

“Don’t worry.” Gu Dong Cheng patted his shoulder, then wore his coat: “I would go home now. Tian Mi said that she wants to eat night snack. I would go home and bring her some, if you have some problems, then call me.”

Song Ting Yu looked at his leaving, then grumbled: “I also want to have midnight snack with Su Ran.”

After Gu Dong Cheng left, Lu Zhan returned. Impatiently Song Ting Yu asked him: “How is it? What’s Su Ran’s response? What did she say?”

“She didn’t say anything. She said she knows it.” Lu Zhan folded her hands, then threw the phone to the sofa.

Hearing Lu Zhan’s response made him once again to want to trample his feet, but luckily Lu Zhan ran faster: “Let me tell you Song Ting Yu. How could you be like this. I am not your employees. I just help you, you dare to kick me? If you kick me again, I would call Su Ran, and said that you are not drunk and you are acting. You purposely lie to her…”

Lu Zhan said it then, slowly took out his phone. Looking at this, Song Ting Yu ran over and snatched his phone. He put it inside his pocket: “Try if you dare to say nonsense.”

Lu Zhan smiled: “You want to see whether I dare or nt?”

Song Ting Yu glared at him: “What did you say to her?”

“I just said that you are drunk and let her to come here to pick you up. I have urgent matters, my wife looks for me…” Lu Zhan said: “Are you satisfied?”

“Did you say that I am drunk and lose my conscious? Did you say that I am laying down on the sofa and unmoving?”


“Then would she come, she would right? She cares about me?” Song Ting Yu said.

Hearing this Lu Zhan responded: “If she doesn’t?”

Song Ting Yu immediately said: “She would come. She wouldn’t let me to lay down here, would she willing to see me like that?”

“But you already used this trick. The first time she might not know about your alcohol tolerance level, but doesn’t she know it now? You wouldn’t be drunk even if you have hundred glasses! Would she believe that you drunk and lose conscious?”

“It’s depend on you. If she didn’t believe it, then it’s your problem. Fancy that you are still a doctor, you couldn’t even lie.”

“Song Ting Yu, what’s the problem of being the doctor? Does doctor need to lie?” Lu Zhan still couldn’t accept it!

Song Ting Yu placed his feet on the coffee table, and looked at Lu Zhan: “Don’t you guys always talk those words to the patients?” He said: “‘Now you are in serious conditions, I advise you to be immediately proceed the surgery’, moreover ‘now I would tell you the conditions, it’s really serious. As for the choice, you need to do a quick decision. Also if you are taking too long, the patient would be in serious condition’………”

“Don’t doctors are expert in swaying people?”

“……..” Lu Zhan unexpectedly couldn’t say anything else.

There was a knock outside the door, Song Ting Yu and Lu Zhan looked: “It’s Su Ran….”

He hurriedly laid down on the bed, then waved to Lu Zhan to hide inside the restroom. Then it would be a pitiful scene where he was laying on the sofa alone.

Lu Zhan felt that this moment he was looking at stupid man. The time he went to the restroom, he couldn’t stop thinking whether in front of his wife, he also this stupid.

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