Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 193

Hearing Song Ting Yu said it, Chen Jing couldn’t help to shiver.

His words were really scary.

Leaving Chen Jing’s room, he closed the door. He noticed Song Wei Xi was sitting on the floor of the stair, he was looking down.

Beside him was Auntie Fang, she wanted to carry him to leave but he insisted to stay there.

“Wei Xi.”

Hearing Song Ting Yu’s voice, he immediately turned his head, stood up, and went toward him.


Song Ting Yu carried him up: “Why are you sitting here?”

“I’m looking at the door so when Mama goes home, I could see her.”

“Wei Xi is really missing Mama, right?”

“Em.” Song Wei Xi raised his head: “Where is Mama? Why doesn’t she back yet?”

Song Ting Yu smiled and said: “Let me take you to see her.”

Hearing this, his little face immediately brighten up: “Okay.”

Song Ting Yu carried him down the stairs, just in time they met Madame Song.

Madame Song looked at both of them: “Ting Yu, where would you bring him?”

“To the hospital to see Su Ran.”

“But Wei Xi, he….” Madame Song was anxious, always until now. They hadn’t told Wei Xi that his sister is already gone.

They even didn’t say where was Su Ran, they just said that she wouldn’t home for some time.

Perhaps because it’s been long days since he saw her, he already missed her so much. Song Wei Xi is always a considerate kid, he knew that something happened that everyone was not in good mood so he didn’t ask too much. Yet every day he would just sit there and look at the door, she waited for Su Ran to return home.

“It’s okay.” Song Ting Yu said to Madame Song, “Su Ran definitely misses him too.”

Madame Song thought about it, it’s good too. Su Ran was in a heartbreak, she might be better after seeing Song Wei Xi. At least it could encourage her to pull herself together.

Song Wei Xi is also the thing she cherishes the most.

Maybe because of this, Song Ting Yu decided to bring him.

“Okay, then just bring him there. But tell him considerately, Wei Xi, he…” Madame Song said it then looked at Song Wei Xi.

Song Ting Yu knew what she meant, she worried that Song Wei Xi would also be irritated. It wouldn’t good for his health to receive a shock.

“Grandma, I will take care of him.” Song Ting said. He looked at Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, say goodbye to great grandma, we would look for Mama now.”

Song Wei Xi kept one of his hand on Song Ting Yu’s neck, then his other hand waved to his great grandma: “Goodbye, great grandma.”

“Go.” Madame Song stroked Song Wei Xi’s little head.

Song Ting Yu drove his car the hospital. On the way, he said something to Song Wei Xi, who was sitting on the backseat: “Wei Xi, Papa has something to say to you.”

“Papa, what do you want to say to me.”

“Papa wants to tell you. Your little sister, she already goes to other side of the world.”

“Where is she going?” She isn’t inside Mama’s belly anymore?” Song Wei Xi couldn’t understand. In the past when he saw Su Ran, his little sister was still inside.

“Is she out yet?”

“She is out.”

“Then where is she? She is that little, where could she go?”

He knew that newborn baby is a little little one, she would only sleep for the whole day, drink milk. She is little, where could she go.”

“Your little sister goes to a far far away place.”

“Why is she going there? Would she be back? Papa, when would we pick her up?”

Song Ting Yu’s eyes were a bit teary. He used his hand to massage his forehead, with his hoarse voice: “She wouldn’t return, but she lives well there. So Wei Xi, you don’t need to be worry. But this temporary time, your mama still couldn’t accept this. She is hurt so Wei Xi later on when you see Mama, you need to comfort her okay?”

“Okay…” Song Wei Xi said loudly, then he said with low voice: “But I haven’t met her, how could she just go away. I also want to see her….”

“Wei Xi, listen to Papa. Your little sister would have a good life so don’t you be sad. You said that you now is a man, right?”

“Yes.” Song Wei Xi used his little hand to rub his eyes.

“Then you need to take a good care of your Mama.” Song Ting Yu said, “Mama is not happy now, shouldn’t you make her a little bit happy, and comfort her?”


“Wei Xi is really good. Don’t cry anymore.”

“Okay…” Song Wei Xi didn’t know where his little sister went but he just felt really hurt that he couldn’t meet her.

He really wants to see her.

The time she was born, he already longed to meet her. He expected to see her soon. But now she was born, but she left to somewhere. In short, she wouldn’t return.

“Papa, later on let Mama gives birth to another little sister okay.”


Song Ting Yu said then, the car was stopped in the carpark. He undid his seatbelt and opened the door. Then he opened the back door, and carried Song Wei Xi up.

“Papa, let me walk by myself.”

Song Ting Yu smiled and put him down. He just held his hand and went to the hospital.

Finally they arrived at Su Ran’s sickroom. He opened the door. Qiao Qing and Tian Mi were still there.

“Grandma, Autie Tian.” Song Wei Xi greeted them.

Then he went to Su Ran’s bed. Song Ting Yu helped to move a stool, and let him to climb up. He just sat down there and didn’t dare to make a noise. He just sat there silently.

Didn’t know what Su Ran was dreaming, but very quickly she was awake.

The time Song Wei Xi saw she opened her eyes, he immediately felt surprised and said: “Mama!”

“Wei Xi….” Su Ran sat up, she used her hand to stroke his head: “Why are you here?”

Song Wei Xi pointed at Song Ting Yu: “Papa took me here.”

“Mama, are you okay?” Song Wei Xi moved to sit on the bed. He used his little hand to hug Su Ran: “Papa told me that little sister goes somewhere else. He said that mama is very sad. Mama, don’t you be sad. Little sister would be okay….”

“Mama, you still have me. I will always be by your side.”

Su Ran felt her eyes were teary. She took a deep breath and nodded: “Em…..”

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