Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 192

“I tell you now. Even there’s no Su Ran, I also wouldn’t love her. Though I don’t marry Su Ran, I wouldn’t marry her. She knows it clearly, we didn’t belong to certain relationship. She just wanted my money and good life. I gave her that. Each of us just take what we need. She overthought it, and you are thinking it was much bigger….”

“You are lying!” Of course Chen Jing wouldn’t believe him: “You originally definitely thought to marry her, if not why should you be together with her for five years?”

“In those five years, she could just leave whenever she wanted. I didn’t force her to be by my side, I never gave her any promise. Yet she always decided to stay….”

“That’s because she loves you.”

“Honestly, she loves my money more, she longed to be the mistress of Song family.” Song Ting Yu cut her off.

Chen Jing was speechless.

She knows that toward Song Ting Yu, Bai Zhi Rui had certain feeling, but she also knows Bai ZHi Rui wants the power and the money.

She grew up in the orphanage, so since little she accepted a lot of supercilious look from others. She was taken care by foster parents, but still she wasn’t respected.

Because of this, she put her best effort to get higher position, she grasped tightly for Song Ting Yu’s hand, she wanted to marry into Song family.

For Chen Jing, it was normal for her to have that kind of motivation, even herself also hoped that she could marry into Song family and got a better a life.

“You have nothing to say now?”

Song Ting Yu said again: “I dare to guarantee if I have nothing now, Bai Zhi Rui wouldn’t love me, she wouldn’t sacrifice anything for me. She wouldn’t want to be together with me. Am I right? Chen Jing, your own daughter, you should know her clearly. Would she do it?”

“She loves herself more than anything.” Song Ting Yu said: “Before I looked for her, she said that these all are unrelated to her. It is all you own doing, your own initiatives. She is innocent?”

Song Ting Yu looked at Chen Jing, “Whether she is innocent or not, I think you are the one who know it clearly.”

Chen Jing’s eyes turned red, she knows Bai Zhi Rui also hates her, she just regarded her as a pion. In the past when she was hospitalized because of Chief Hua, she wasn’t willing to see her, but afterwards she asked Ms Chen to find her.

That time she was full of hope when she met her, then she just said that she couldn’t let Su Ran be happy, she also unable to let Song Ting Yu has a good life.

How could Chen Jing think about messing around with Su Ran?

These all were informed by Bai Zhi Rui.

Actually she knew, she just used her, but what could she do?

She was unable to refuse her.

Now in the trouble, she would just throw all the responsibilities to her. She already expected it.

How could Bai Zhi Rui care about her?

But even she already expected it, but hearing Song Ting Yu said it bluntly, her heart was really in pain.

In this world, the person she most cared about, completely doesn’t care about her life.

“Why are you saying all of these to me?” Chen Jing wiped her tears, “What Zhi Rui said is true. Right, this matter is my own doing because I hate Song family. I hate you, hate that old lady. Hate Su Ran, so I did it. Song Wei Xi is your guys lifeblood. I just want him dead! Actually my plan is completely perfect if that kid died inside the womb, how could you verify its connection to me? It just that Pei Qi acted too late, she let the kid lived and born. If not the kid would die soon inside the womb. That time you wouldn’t doubt Pei Qin, of course wouldn’t suspect me.”

“I prepare to send you to the police station.” Song Ting Yu wasn’t angry because her words: “You always lives without any trouble. Carefree and without worries. I want to see how would you be in the prison. What life would you have? You wouldn’t be free, you need to work. Oh right, those who don’t like you may hit you. For a noble misses how could you live in that situation. I understand your temper, you wouldn’t give in. You always want to be in top, you would regard those people to be lower in status, I want to see how would they torture you? I’m very curious, moreover, Chen Jing, I would also let those people inside to greet you well, especially well warm greeting….”

“Song Ting Yu, you are really a cruel one!” Chen Jing said. She thought about it.

She knows inside the prison, she wouldn’t have an easy life. She wouldn’t be able to eat, drink, be full as she wishes. It would be a torture.

This moment Song Ting Yu used this to scare her, it let her to be afraid.

“Are you afraid? For the remaining lifetime you need to spend inside the prison?” Song Ting Yu said, he smiled coldly.

“If you really put me inside the prison, what would you think its effect for the reputation of Song family. Now I’m still wife of Song Ming Xuan….”

“Comparing with to the life of my daughter, what is the worth of the reputation?”

“What do you want?”

“Who ask you to do it?”

“It’s my own doing. I want to Bai Zhi Rui, it’s just a simple matter.” Chen Jing bit her lips.

“I checked the medicine that Pei Qin used, it is a kind of medicine from abroad. It’s a hard one to get, how could you get it?”

Actually it was from Bai Zhi Rui, but how could she day it? She was afraid to implicate her.

“I asked Pei Qin to get it.”

“Pei Qin wouldn’t have that great capability, moreover, she said it that it was you who gave it to her.”

This time Chen Jing pursed her lips, she was unwilling to say anything. Although she was afraid to leave in the prison, but she is more afraid that Bai Zhi Rui would suffer. She felt she owed her a lot, she didn’t want her to get into trouble.

“You really unwilling to say it. It seems that you really like life in the prison. Then just be prepared. Tomorrow, Tang Zi Chu would send you there. I want to see you Bai Zhi Rui, who you protect, would she come to visit you. Oh right, that time my Pa would also immediately send you the divorce paper. Chen Jing, please live your remaining life slowly and enjoy it. Don’t worry, when you feel life is hard and you end it, I would let someone to take care of you, let you unable to die.”

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  1. It’s not over yet. the poison came from overseas. ……America…..If they keep searching they may find out that Bai Zhi Rui had one of her friends bring it in . I hope they catch bai Zhi Rui and send her straight to H***.

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