Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 188

So she tightly clutched the doctor’s hand. With her red eyes, she looked at the doctor, and said: “What did you say before? It’s should be that I heard it wrongly. Say it one more time. Please, say it one more time…..”

“Ran Ran…” Qiao Qing choked with sobs. They all heard what did the doctor said.

He apologized.

But Su Ran didn’t believe him. She didn’t believe this would be the end result, she couldn’t accep this result.

She had been pregnant with this baby girl for a long time, how could the result be the apology from the doctor…. how could she just be gone….


The doctor looked at Ran Ran: “The kid is passed away, she is not breathing. We had done our best. I am really sorry that at last we couldn’t save her. I hope you could restrain your grief…”

“Impossible, impossible, I don’t believe it…” Su Ran shook her head, and screamed. She staggered along and got inside the surgery room.

“Ran Ran…..!”

Inside the surgery room, there were still doctors and nurses. They were recording the time of death. A nurse with red eyes was covering the little body on the bed.

Su Ran came over, and snatched the white sheet from the nurse. She threw it to the ground: “Don’t touch her, she is not dead….”

“Mrs Song…” The nurse was surprised by her action.

Su Ran looked at her kid on the bed. She was really really small. This moment both of her eyes were closed, and all of the skin of her body was purple.

Su Ran felt her eyes to be fuzzy, she used her hands to wipe her tears. With cautious, she carried the baby into her embrace.

It was the first time for her to hug her.

But she could feel the temperature of the body started to fade away, her body was cold.

Su Ran used her effort to cover the body of the baby to give it some warm temperature, as if that could let the body restore its temperature.

All of the Song family member also followed her to get inside.

Looking at how was she, they couldn’t bear to see it.

Song Ting Yu came over, and wanted to take the kid from her embrace. But her response was quick, moreover also a bit sensitive. Very quickly, she retreated: “Don’t you touch her, don’t all of you touch her. She is sleeping, don’t disturb her…”

“Ran Ran, what happened to you? Don’t you be like this, the kid is gone…” Qiao Qing cried loudly.

Su Ran’s eyes were also teary, but she still hugged her kid tightly: “No, she is sleeping, she is just sleeping. Go away all of you. Don’t you disturb her. Go away all of you!”

She pointed to the big door.

“Everyone, let’s go and wait outside. Ting Yu, take a good care of her…” Madame Song said with her hoarse voice.

After everyone is gone, Su Ran carried the kid and sat on the surgery’s bed. She used her hand to stroke the baby girl’s face, eyebrows, eyes, nose, and little lips. She said: “Ting Yu, she had been born for several days. It is the first time that I could look at her in detail. I feel that she looks like you, is it right?”

Song Ting Yu sat beside her, and hugged her shoulder. He took her to his embrace. With a hoarse voice: “I feel she looks like you.”

Su Ran looked at him: “Have you choose a name for her? What would be her name? In the past, I thought about a lot of names, but now I don’t think it’s a good name. What about you? Have you find a name for her?”

She looked at Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu’s eyes were red too. He used his hands to clasp her face and looked at her eyes: “Su Ran, she is gone. You should accept this fact.”

This moment Su Ran’s eyes changed. She struggled free from her intensely, and chose to deny this fact.

Her daughter, her kid, how could she die?

These people were talking nonsense, even Song Ting Yu was also talking nonsense.

But Song Ting Yu knew, if she continued to be like this, she wouldn’t be able to accept this fact. She would continue to life in her own thinking and imagination. At last, she would be crazy.

It’s better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony.

“You are bluffing. Song Ting Yu, nonsense. She is sleeping, just sleeping. Go away, hurry up go away!”

She continuously used her hand to push Song Ting Yu.

But Song Ting Yu just stood still, he took her and the baby on her embrace to his embrace. She kept on hit his back: “Let me go, you are lying, you are talking nonsense…”

“Su Ran…” Song Ting Yu tried to stop her: “She is dead. She wouldn’t wake up again. She would turn cold. Her hands and feet would be stiff, you need to accept this…”

“I don’t want, you are lying. You definitely are a liar!” Su Ran cried loudly, it was really a sorrowful cry.

“Then rub her, stroke her, doesn’t her body start to be cold? Doesn’t her heart stop beating? Is there any sign of her breathing?” Song Ting Yu pulled her hand, and let her feel it.

This moment he knew it was hard for her to accept this reality, but sooner or later she should accept this to make her be able to continue her life.

Su Ran of course knew that her kid is gone, gone. But she kept on unwilling to accept this, she was unwilling to accept this fact.

This moment her hands was placed on the kid’s body. She could feel it, how could it be like this?

How could she just be gone like this?

Her hands looked at the lifeless kid, suddenly she screamed. Her body couldn’t accept and bar this sorrowful fact, then she fainted. Song Ting Yu caught her quickly, and carried her.

He carried her outside. Everyone was waiting outside. Looking at this, they came forward toward him: “What happend to Ran Ran?”

Son Ting Yu said: “She is fainted.”

“Grandma, this condition help me to handle it. I will take Su Ran back first.” Song Ting Yu said.

“Quick, take her back. Call doctor to see her.” Madame Song said.

This time Su Ran woke up, her eyes were looking at the ceiling. The hospital was really cold and it was full of the disinfectant smell.

She remembered what happened before she fainted.

She knew her daughter is gone, gone…

It was the first time for her to hug her, yet the last time too….

She just passed away like that…

One of her hand covered her face. Song Ting Yu helped her to wipe the tear: “Do you want to eat something?”

This moment Su Ran clearly didn’t want to do anything or eat anything because her kid is gone

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  1. I hope it doesn’t take her away from Wei Xi. I also hope that she does not obsess over Wei Xi. I hope she will be able to handle her hatred for Chen Jing, Bai Zhi Rui, and Mrs. Pei. I hope she won’t turn against Ting Yu.


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