Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 186

Song Ting Yu let her hand go, and went to the bathroom to take the wet warm towel. He wiped her face and her hand.

“Sleep. Alright? Wait until you are better tomorrow, we would visit her again.”

Madame Song returned home late at night. Today everyone was waiting at the hospital all day so all of them were extremely tired. Song Ming Xuan originally wanted to let her rest, but Madame Song called Butler Wang over: “Old Wang, call Ms Pei over…”

This Ms Pei, original name is Pei Qin. She is the famous nutritionist. She was especially invited to take care of Su Ran. Because of the premature labor of Su Ran, her heart always felt in knot, she felt this was not a simple matter.

“Okay, Madame Song.” Butler Wang said it that left to look for Pei Qin.

Song Ming Xuan looked at old people: “Ma, you suspect that she was doing something?”

“In the whole family except our Song family member, it would be only her that could be completely in touch with Ran Ran. If Chen Jing, I already let someone to look at her. If she really did something bad then it would be through Pei Qin.” Madame Song’s face was in dark.

“So Ma, you are suspicious Chen Jing arranged this….”

“If not? Pei Qin should not have hatred or complain to us, why should she do something like this? But now I couldn’t determine it is her. In anyway these two days, letting someone to watch Chen Jin, didn’t mean for alarming her, I just let her to tightly following her…” Madame Song said it, “If it’s like my thought then it is my fault to leave the wolf in the house!” Originally her intention to get someone to take care of Su Ran to avoid any trouble, but at last it was being exploited….

“Ma, don’t you blame yourself….” Song Ming Xuan patted Madame Song’s hand: “If it turns out like that, this matter is related to Chen Jing, then it should be my fault. Ma, that time in the beginning you wanted to kick her out, but I said to you to give her last chance to let her stay in Song family. It’s really a huge mistake!”

Madame Song shook her head: “Even you don’t let her to stay, she would look for Pei Qin, and would find her. The time before leaving the hospital, Ting Yu said something to me…”

“What is it?”

“After Ran Ran gave birth, he said that her premature labor time is unusual because in the past pregnancy check up, her condition is always good, but suddenly this trouble happened…” Madame Song said, “Ting Yu feels that this matter is related to Chen Jing, but she doesn’t have any ability, how could Pei Qin would willing to help her?”

“So, there is someone backing up Chen Jing?”


Madame Song just answered, and Butler Wang got inside: “Madame Song, Old mister, Ms Pei is gone.”

Madame Song’s face immediately turned sour: “When did she go away?”

“Today is Mr Dong Cheng’s engagement party, everyone was so busy so no one paid any attention to her. Supposedly she seized the opportunity during the busy time to go away, but this morning I still saw her…”

“Hurry up let someone search for her. She has been leaving for the whole day…” Madame Song tapped her walking stick, she was somewhat annoyed. “Ma, hand over this matter to me, I would find her.”

“No, you just need to ask someone to watch over Chen Jing. Regarding searching for Pei Qin, I would let Ting Yu instruct Tang Zi Chu to handle it.”

Pei Qin already left the An City, the time Tang Zi Chu let someone to find her, she and her husband and also her eight years old kid was in their way to the airport, but the taxi was stopped.

Pei Qin’s husband and the kid was left, but she was being taken back to An City.

The time she encountered the Song family’s appointed person to find her, she felt she was hopeless, she knows it is the end for her!

After several hours on the road, the time Pei Qi once again arrived in An City, it was already the second day after the day Su Ran gave birth.

Pei Qin knew that her action wouldn’t be tolerated by Song family, the first family in An City. She had no choice. After her early escape, she felt lucky that she could leave An City safely.

But she didn’t expect that they could catch and take her back. 

Pei Qin was brought to the study room. Song Ting Yu was sitting down there with Madame Song and Song Ming Xuan. Tang Zi Chu entered and brought Pei Qin inside.

Pei Qin was in fear that she was trembling. She kept on knocking her head to the ground. “Sorry, Madame, Mr Song. I didn’t do it in purpose to Mrs Tai…”

She knelt down with her teary eyes. She was really in fear.

Song Ting Yu stepped forward and kicked her one side of the shoulder.

Song Ting Yu clutched her collar, and with sinister and frightening face: “What did you do to Su Ran? Why could she be in premature labour? Also who ask you to do it?”

Pei Qin didn’t dare to say it, she just shook her head and said: “No one, it’s me. It’s my own action…”

“Could you tell me the reason?” Song Ting Yu’s voice was really cold.

“I, I….” Pei Qin couldn’t think of a reason, so she just stammered for  along time.

“Before you put the blame on yourself, you need to consider of the consequence? Do you know what would you bear? Do you know you could implicate this to your family?”

Song Ting Yu just said it, then Pei Qin immediately cried loudly: “No, no, please don’t hurt them. I will say it, I will say it all. I didn’t do it in purpose. That time Madame Song asked me to take care of Mrs Song. I already did my best. But that time Mrs Song looked for me. She wanted me to help her to abort the baby. I didn’t agree for that. The time I went home from the Song family, I noticed my kid is gone..” She knelt down again: “I also have no choice, I really have no choice. I am really afraid that my kid will be in trouble… So I …”

Pei Qin didn’t finish it, Madame Song was in anger. She slapped the table ruthlessly, and said to Song Ming Xuan: “Call Chen Jing over.”

Song Ming Xuan nodded, and left the study room. These days he asked several people to watch Chen Jing. Chen Jing was in calm mode, didn’t know whether she was putting an act or not. In short, she was staying calmly inside the house and rarely went out.

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  1. Chen Jing should have been put out when she got caught the first time. She did this even after Ting Yu had his man fix things for BaiZhi Rui. Both of them are demon seeds.

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