Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 185

“No need worry. Mr Song already told us before, we will do it.”

In the past, Song Wei Xi stayed in this hospital for a long time, of course they know about this matter.

Before they also had ever done the examination to know whether the kid inside Su Ran’s womb would be able to help Song Wei Xi, and turned it out the result to be suitable. So after the birth, they need to keep the umbilical cord and prepared the surgery for Song Wei Xi.

Song Ting Yu signed the consent, and the doctor returned to the operation room. Everyone was waiting outside.

Inside the operation room.

Although Su Ran’s stomach was in constant pain, but it wasn’t the time to give birth.

She laid down on the bed, and gasped for breath. Her tears fell down.

She knew the door was opened and closed again. The doctor and nurses, who were coming out before, were back now. This moment she didn’t have heart to pay attention to them.

All her thinking and concern was occupied for the kid inside her womb.

She was almost fainted, but she still tried so hard to persist.

She also didn’t know how long had it been. During Song Wei Xi’s delivery, the anaesthetist gave her anesthetic drug and she could give birth easily and successful. In her current condition, she needed to undergo of Cesarean section.

The time her stomach was opened through Cesarean section, she was conscious even though she didn’t feel the pain and powerless.

After a period, she could faintly heard the doctor said: “It’s out, it’s a girl….”

Su Ran tried to listen, but there was no the cry of the baby.

Didn’t know what the doctor and nurse did, she noticed a weak sound.

After hearing it, Su Ran couldn’t bear anymore, she lost her consciousness.

Outside of the operation door.

The time the operation room’s door was opened, everyone came forward directly.

“Doctor, how is it? How is the patient and the kid?” Qiao Qing also came over.

The doctor moved his mask: “The kid has born, it is a girl. But her life breath is very weak because she is born two months early. She is now inside the incubator. We need to wait for several days. The patient is okay, but her body is also in weak state so she faints…”

“Just a moment you meant, the kid is not out of danger?” Madame Song asked.

“Ma, the kid is premature. We need to wait for several days, she would get better soon. No need to worry.” Chen Jing said.

Madame Song casted a glance to her,  with her dark face: “How could with no cause and no reason she had a premature labor?”

Chen Jing was panic and lowered her head: “Ma, do you suspect that I did something?”

Madame Song said coldly: “Whether you did something or not, in your heart you know it. But Chen Jing, I tell you now. For this matter I would ask people to check it throughly, if it’s you, I would kick you out from Song family, and wouldn’t let you be able to stay here at An City anymore!”

“Okay, Ma. Don’t you mind anything about her. Let’s see Ran Ran and kid…” Song Ming Xuan said.

Song Ting Yu already went to the patient’s room, Su Ran was in unconsciousness, he went to see their kid.

The kid was placed inside the incubator. Inside the incubator was their round little baby. Seeing her made him feel in heart pain.

Madame Song stood outside of the babyroom, and sighed: “I hope the kid will be able to hold…”

She knows clearly what did the doctor mean before. The kid’s life is too weak, it is a big question whether she could survive or not.

Su Ran didn’t sleep for a long time. She just awake in the middle of the nigh. That time Song Ting Yu was asleep on the chair, he leaned on her bed.

So the time Su Ran was awake, Song Ting Yu immediately noticed it.

“You are awake. How do you feel?” Song Ting Yu poured a water and gave it to her.

Su Ran didn’t take it, she moved her blanket. She looked at her flat stomach, and got off the bed. She placed her naked feet on the ground and went toward the door.

Song Ting Yu stopped her: “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see the kid, how is she now?”

“She is inside the babyroom. Because she is premature baby, so she needs to stay inside the incubator.

“I want to see her.” Su Ran still insisted on it.

Song Ting Yu knew if she didn’t see her now, she wouldn’t be at ease. So he didn’t stop her, he helped her to wear her shoes and draped a coat on her shoulder and took her to the babyroom.

They stood outside of the babyroom. Song Ting Yu said: “That is our little princess.”

Su Ran used her hand to touch the glass: “She is too small….”

Song Ting Yu held Su Ran’s hand, with his hoarse voice: “Because she went out earlier…” He was worried of Su Ran’s health. She just been in surgery, her health was not good, but she stubbornly insisted on standing up and went out.

“Let’s go back, okay? Wait until you are better then we will see her again. Don’t you worry, she would be okay…”

Su Ran shook her head: “I want to stay here to see her…”

“Su Ran!” Song Ting Yu raised his voice a bit: “Let’s go back first. What is the use of you standing here? You are not allowed to get inside, what could you do here? Your body would collapse. Let’s go, let’s go back…”

Su Ran’s gaze still fixed on the baby inside the incubator. She didn’t hear Song Ting Yu’s word so she didn’t respond to him. Song Ting Yu was helpless, he could only carried her by force to go back. Then called the doctor to check her.

After the doctor left, Su Ran was held by Song Ting Yu on the bed: “Don’t you move around, you still have wound on your body.”

Su Ran raised her head to see the ceiling. Didn’t know what she was thinking. She didn’t say anything but she didn’t close her eyes to rest.

Song Ting Yu helped her to cover her with blanket. He held her hands: “Is it hurt?” She should be in pain because the anesthetic should be worn out by now.

Su Ran shook her head, she didn’t feel anything.

“Ting Yu, I am very afraid…”

She had said this word before the child was born because she was afraid something bad would happen to the kid. She was afraid that their kid wouldn’t survive.

“She would be okay…” Actually he was also afraid because he still could hear what did the doctor said before.

But this moment except saying comfort words toward Su Ran, he didn’t know what should he do.

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