Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 183

Tian Mi looked at the clock on the wall: “Hurry up, I want to change my clothes. I would send you home then I and Gu Dong Cheng would pick them up, then we will go to have dinner.”

After Tian Mi’s father retired, he went to the other city to live because even though An City is flourishing, but it is not good for the old people, they loves enchanting scenery.

So they left Tian Mi in An City.

It’s good now that she is to be engaged with Gu Dong Cheng, they would register their marriage by the end of the year.

The time she arrived to send Su Ran home, Tian Mi kept on asking: “Ran Ran, do you think it’s too fast to me, we just know each other for half a year…”

Su Ran didn’t know whether to laugh or sad, maybe Tian Mi is in anxiety period? But they hadn’t married, it was just an engagement. If it’s marriage, maybe she would be more worried?

“Have you talked about this with Gu Dong Cheng?”

“I said it.”

“What did he say?”

“He said that he resent that it was too slow. He is almost thirty five years old, he even mentioned that you guys already on your way to have the second child, but he didn’t even be a father….” Tian Mi’s face became redder and redder….

Su Ran smiled: “It’s true. Brother Dong Cheng should be a father…”

Tian Mi was choked by her own saliva: “I haven’t prepared my heart to be a mother!”

This moment Su Ran extended her hand to stroke her belly: “Sometimes life bring you a nice surprise. Unpreparedness bring you a nice surprise.”

“Ran Ran!” Tian Mi glared at her.

Su Ran went back and felt happy.

Because tomorrow was Gu Dong Cheng’s engagement, so everyone in Song family was really happy.

Especially Madame Song. Her face was full of smile. Finally Gu Dong Cheng would be engaged!

All people in Song family was so busy because of the engagement. Because Su Ran’s belly was too big now so Madame Song wouldn’t let her to help.

Looking at that Su Ran went upstairs to Song Wei Xi’s room. That little guy was also busy to choose his suit for tomorrow. He placed a lot of suits on the bed and asked Auntie Fang, which one should he wear.

When Auntie Fang mentioned one of the suit, he was dissatisfied and shook: “I think it’s not really good.”

Auntie Fang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Looking at Su Ran, she felt like her reinforcements had come. She gave the duty to her, and she went down to help others.

Su Ran pointed at a suit on the bed: “Just this one, is it good?”

“It’s still Mama is the best one.” Song Wei Xi kissed her cheeks, then used his little hand to stroke her belly: “Mama, when would little sister come out?”

“Almost.” The kid was seven months old. She was worried whether this would helpful for Song Wei Xi or not…

“It’s good.” Song Wei Xi’s little face full of smile: “I couldn’t wait to meet little sister.”

Su Ran stroked his hair: “Wait for more time, she would come out soon. That time our Wei Xi would be a very good older brother.”

“Em!” Song Wei Xi nodded.

The next day, Gu Dong Cheng and Tian Mi’s engagement was held.

Gu Dong Cheng always love more low-profile, so he only invited few people. He even didn’t allow the media or reporters to come inside.

Tian Mi was so nervous.

During the exchange ring procession, she was so nervous that she dropped the ring. Everybody was busy to help her to find him. So naturally she was blushing deeply and let everyone to laugh at her.

When the host announced the engagement was finished. Song Ting Yu was pulled aside for a while. He looked at Su Ran’s pale face: “what happened?”

Su Ran said with her low voice: “I am not really well. Send me back.”

Before the engagement started, she already felt unwell but she didn’t want to disturb anyone so she just kept it by herself.

“Let’s go.” Song Ting Yu held her hands and wanted to say goodbye to Madame Song. But Su Ran said: “I just felt unwell, we could just go back and take a rest for awhile. Don’t you disturb grandma. Just let Auntie Fang to take a good care of Wei Xi.”

Although it was finished but there would be another dinner party, Madame Song would be busy.

Song Ting Yu drove his car back home. He stopped the car and opened her door. He carried her to the room: “How do you feel?”

Su Ran’s face was paled, she shook her head: “Ting Yu, pour me some water.”

Song Ting Yu went down to take a water, then gave it to him.

Song Ting Yu sat on the bed side and used his hand to touch her forehead: “Which part of you that you feel unwell?”

“I couldn’t name it. I just felt my stomach to be unwell…” Su Ran frowned.

“Did you eat something wrong?”

Su Ran shook her head: “Maybe…” 

“I would call the doctor to come by.”

Su Ran held his arm: “Just wait, I would take a rest then I would be okay. Let’s just see…”

She said it, then felt that she lost her power. She laid down and waved her hands. She closed her eyes.

Song Ting Yu helped to cover her with blanket and stayed inside the room.

Su Ran slept for a long time. Very quickly, Madame Song noticed they were  missing so she called them.

Song Ting Yu looked at the laying Su Ran, and said: “Su Ran is not well, I send her back.”

Madame Song immediately panicked: “What is it? What happened to Ran Ran?”

“Supposedly she ate something wrong. She is sleeping now.”

“Did you call any doctor?”

“She said that she wanted to sleep first…”

“No!” Madame Song’s voice was so stern: “Now immediately call the doctor to come over. I will go home now…”

“No need, grandma. You just stay there for a while. Su Ran would be taken care by me. I would call the doctor now. If something’s wrong, I would give you a call

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