Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 170

There were a lot of houses in Jing Shan, it is built from the wood material. Song Ming Xuan’s house also, but his house was more secluded than others, supposedly he likes to have his own privacy.

Arriving at the door, Su Ran used the key to open it. They both only brought few languages because after visiting He Jin, they would return tomorrow.

Entering the room, Su Ran felt this house was decorated according to He Jin’s preference. Moreover, she noticed this house to be full of Song Ting Yu’s photo, from little age until now.

Supposedly Song Ming Xuan took it for He Jin to see it, then placed it on the photo frame here.

In every corner of the house, there were fresh flowers. The time they got inside, they could smell the flowery scent, a mild one.

This house should be cleaned every day by Song Ming Xuan’s appointed person so it is so clean.

In this four months weather, it was raining but the sky was clear.

Su Ran took a hot shower, then felt her body to be refreshed. She looked at Song Ting Yu, he was standing in front of the window. She came over and hugged his arm: “Later on, let’s visit Ma.”

Song Ting Yu shook his head: “It’s raining, the road will be slippery.”

Visiting He Jin’s grave, definitely wouldn’t be an easy road. It was on the top of the mountain, there would be muddy. Song Ting Yu was worried for Su Ran.

Su Ran knew what was he thinking: “It’s okay, you could hold me tight.”

Being here, Song Ting Yu definitely really would want to see his mother, but the weather today was raining lightly. It should be stopped soon. 

“Let’s go in a while.” Su Ran pointed at her luggage: “I bring my rubber boots.”

Song Ting Yu was convinced by her. After the afternoon nap, they started to go He Jin’s grave. Because it was their fist time and based on the direction from Song Ming Xuan, they still need to ask for help to find it.

Su Ran wore a rai coat and rubber boots, she followed behind him. He kept on holding her hands tightly like she was afraid something would happen to her.

After a while, they arrived there.

This moment Su Ran’s hair on her forehead was wet, but it’s still okay because she wore a lot so she wasn’t cold.

Standing in front of the grave, Song Ting Yu used his hands to wipe the gravestone.

Song Ming Xuan also always ask people around to help to clean it and see it so it was really clean. 

On the grave stone was written few words: 

  – – My love, He Jin.

Su Ran was emotionally affected by this words.

Song Ting Y looked at the gravestone for while, then said: “Ma, I am Song Ting Yu. I come with my wife to visit you.”

Su Ran stood beside Song Ting Yu, and smiled: “Ma, we come to see you.”

She thought He Jin should be waiting for this day for a long time.

But finally she could see her son.

When they went down, Song Ting Yu kept on silent mode until they arrived back in the house. He stood in front of the window and contemplated.

Su Ran knew she was thinking about He Jin so she didn’t disturb him.

The next day, they returned back to An City.

It just because during in Jing Shan, Su Ran was caught a cold so when they returned, she had a fever.

Madame Song was worried and asked the doctor to come. She knew that Song Ting Yu broght Su Ran out, but didn’t know he took her to Jing Shan.

She scolded Song Ting Yu: “You clearly know what her current condition now, and you still bring her out. You really a troublemaker!”

“Grandma…..” Su Ran said with a weak voice: “It’s not him, it’s me who wanted to follow him. I know he is sad, so I want to accompany him….”

Madame Song was startled and looked at Song Ting Yu: “Where did you go?”

“Jing Shan.”

Song Ting Yu said it, then looked at Su Ran.

Madame Song’s body stayed rigid. Of course she knew it was Song Ming Xuan’s choice of burial place for He Jin. Then she said: “How could you guys go there?”

“I come to visit my Ma.”

Song Ting Yu said it. 

When he said it suddenly there was a crisp sound from the doorway, Chen Jing was standing there blankly.

Beside her, there was a shattered glass, the fruits were scattered on the floor.

She was just about to get in and heard Song TIng Yu said it, so she was surprised.

This moment her face was full of surprise and disbelief.

In her mind appeared some thinking: Song Ting Yu already knows that she is not her biological mother, also knows what happened that year. So he definitely knows that Bai Zhi Rui is her son.

Everyone was watching her for a while, but they all worried about Su Ran, so they ignored her.

After her surprise, she just left without tidy up the fruits. She returned to her own bedroom.

Because that time He Jin is not from the good family so Song family wants to keep on hiding this truth from Song Ting Yu.

That year when she married into Song family, Madame Song didn’t hide it from her about Song Ming Xuan’s past history. She and Song Ming Xuan grew up together, and she always likes him. To be able to marry him, she didn’t care too much. 

So she kept on promising that she didn’t care about it and said that she would take a good care of him.

She also felt that He Jin is dead, a dead person. Why should she argue with a dead person.

She thought by living with him, she would be able to occupy a place in his heart. He would slowly loves her. But she noticed that she was too naive because no matter what she did, Song Ming Xuan’s heart wouldn’t be opened for her. He would keep on lingered on how he lost her. 

2 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 170”

  1. So Chen Jing was aliented from the start.So she found pleasure outside of the marriage. and threw away her daughter. This is sad but does not justify her actions.


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