Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 169

After all, now Song Ting Yu is already an adult, he also knows the truth behind this matter, it doesn’t need to be concealed anymore.

“Em…” Song Ting Yu massaged his forehead, in his voice there was a hint of tiredness.

Su Ran looked at him: “Go take a shower first, then sleep.” These several days he definitely constantly on the move, he didn’t have a good rest.

The next day.

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran took the opportunity when Song Ming Xuan was having a tea inside the room to go in: “Pa.”

At first, Song Ming Xuan didn’t notice their entrance, he was looking at something before he heard them: “It’s you guys, come and sit.”

Song Ting Yu paid attention on the bracelet on his hand, this moment Song Ming Xuan put it slowly to his pocket.

When they sat down, Song Ming Xuan looked at them: “Do you have anything to say.”

“We just want to accompany Pa to drink tea, chat…” Su Ran smiled.

“Okay.” Song Ming Xuan nodded and smiled.

Song Ting Yu was silent for a moment, and the time he said he did it straightforwardly, he didn’t beat around the bush: “Pa, that day I heard to your conversation with Grandma.”

Song Ming Xuan was startled: “What conversation?”

Song Ting Yu looked at him: “Regarding the birth identity of Bai Zhi Rui.”

Song Ming Xuan’s face changed and pursed his lips without saying anything.

Song Ting Yu continued: “I already let someone to check on her birth identity, and I got the result. Indeed she is Chen Jing’s biological daughter. She had a daughter with other man, grandma also asked you to check it. I believe you already know this ting. Since Chen Jing already knows Bai Zhi Rui is her daughter. If I am hers, she wouldn’t be so dedicated to match us together and let Bai Zhi Rui enter Song family. So with this thinking, I went on and checked.” This moment Song Ming Xuan looked at Song Ting Yu: “My biological mother is He Jin, is it right?”

Song Ming Xuan’s face turned pale, but he still in silent mode. He poured another tea to his cup, but noticed the teapot was empty, he wanted to go and refill it again.

Su Ran extended her hand and helped him, then poured another one for him: “Pa, Song Ting Yu is already an adult. Since he knows about this, you shouldn’t hide it again from him. He has right know and understand completely about his birth identity. Moreover, regarding the woman who gave up her life for her, he also wants to understand her, see her…”

Song Ming Xuan drank the tea, and considered it for a long time. Finally he looked at Su Ran and Song Ting Yu, and slowly said: “Since you already check it up to this point. You should know that He Jin is dead.”

Song Ting Yu nodded.

Song Ming Xuan started to talk: “That year, our Song family had a good relationship to Chen family, and I have similar age as Chen Jing so both of the families already decide on a marriage arrangement. But when I grew up and met He Jin, then I love her. Of course I want to be with her so I want to break off the arrangement. But I suffered from Ting Yu’s grandpa’s strong opposition.  Because He Jin’s family background….”

This point, Song Ting Yu also had checked it out. He Jin’s father is an alcoholic and gambler. That time he dissipated all the family’s wealth, and likes to hit other members in the family. He asked her wife to sell herself in the red-light district. The time He Jin grew up, he started to want her to work. But He Jin’s mother protested so it’s not successful. He Jin grew up in that kind of situation. Every day was a scary day for her, until she met Song Ming Xuan.

“Then He Jin just left, before she left. We were in intense fight, so I didn’t look for her also didn’t know how would it be if I look for her. I didn’t have her news for. along time, then when I heard about her, it was already few months after…” Song Ming Xuan said it, and his face showed a sad expression. He looked at Song Ting Yu: “The time she gave birth to you, I rushed to the hospital but she passed away, and left you…”

This moment it seemed everything stopped. No one talked.

Su Ran could notice the sadness in Song Ming Xuan’s eyes, his eyes turned red.

Also didn’t know how long had it been, he just continued, his voice was really hoarse: “When He Jin passed away, I was in very difficult situation to accept this….”

“Chen Jing married to the family several years later. Toward her I always very cold and indifferent. Basically I don’t care about her, then she seemed to be together with another man…” Song Ming Xuan said this, his tone didn’t show any madness like it was unrelated to him: “After that she gave birth to Bai Zhi Rui. Ma also knows this thing. That time in rage she wanted to kick her out of the family, but Chen Jing’s mother came over and begged. That year during the crisis, Chen family had ever helped us. So because of this any also because of my cold attitude toward Chen Jing, Ma also felt guilty and let her stay. That time Chen Jing said that her kid is dead, but unexpectedly not. She just gave her kid to someone else…”

Because he didn’t have Chen Jing inside his heart, so he didn’t really care anything about her.

“So where is she now?” Song Ting Yu was silent for a long time, and asked with his hoarse voice.

Su Ran and Song Ming Xuan knew who was he indicating.

Song Ming Xuan raised his head slowly, with sadness and pain he smiled: “She definitely would be happy if you guys come and see her.”

He paused and took a bracelet out from his pocket: “This is He Jin’s.”

He Jing didn’t buried in An City, that year she left and gave birth to Song Ting Yu, she didn’t even meet him for the last moment.

Song Ming Xuan brought her to the Jing Shan, it was the place where they pledge their love.

Song TIng Yu’s birthday was on June, now Su Ran just understands the reason behind Song Ming Xuan disappearance during that day, he went away to accompany He Jin.

The next day Su Ran went to the Jing Shan with Song Ting Yu, they took one hour flight to go there.

Song Ming Xuan has a house there, so every year he visits He Jin, he would stay there.

The time they wanted to go , Song Ming Xuan gave the key to them.

When they arrived there, Song Ting Yu hailed the taxi and went to that house.

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 169”

  1. At least Ting Yu knows the truth about his family now.How can they continue to live like this. I don’t think that Chen Jing is through with her trouble making.

    Thank you for this update


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