Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 163


Su Ran nodded, then thought about it for a while. Chen Jing seemed to say that she raised up Song Ting Yu to be this big. That time Madame Song was completely mad, and let her to shut up. Moreover, she immediately looked at Song Ting Yu.

It was clear that Madame Song was afraid of something, also had something to hide from Song Ting Yu.

“Before Grandma and Pa also chatted about this, about a dead woman…” Song Ting Yu’s voice was low.

Su Ran also recalled that part. Chen Jing and Song Ming Xuan had ever fought in the dinner table, and she also mentioned a dead woman, she said that in Song Ming Xuan’s heart, it is only occupied for a dead woman.

Could it be that woman…. is Song Ting Yu’s biological mother, and Chen Jing is not his mother?

She looked at Song Ting Yu. He was closing his eyes, and thinking about this.

“For this matter, I would ask someone to check it.”

For a while, he already feels that Chen Jing’s attitude to Bai Zhi Rui was not really normal. But even it isn’t normal which son would doubt that his mother is not his actual one?

He basically didn’t think of this.

It was until he accidentally heard the chat between Madame Song and Song Ming Xuan.

All of these were analyzed by him.

“Okay.” Su Ran said lightly.

Regarding Song Ting Yu’s identity, indeed it should be checked what’s going on.


“Perhaps you could just ask your Pa and grandma, whether she is the one who gave birth to you or not. You are an adult, you have right to know it….”

“They wouldn’t tell me. They already hid it from me for these years, they should plan to hide it forever, how could they tell me. I would check this thing.”

Song Ting Yu opened his eyes, and held Su Ran’s hand.

This moment Su Ran remembered her chat with grandma, so when she had time, she called Tian Mi to ask her about her relationship with Gu Dong Cheng.

Regardless of Tian Mi’s attitude that not bother about trifles, and her frank and straightforward attitude, but this is her first relationship. When Su Ran asked her about it, she was still a bit embarrassed. 

“Grandma’s intention is if you really are confident with this, she wants to meet with uncle and aunty.” Su Ran looked at the blushing Tian Mi.

“It’s too fast!” Tian Mi used her hands to cover her blushing face.

Su Ran restrained her laugh: “Yesterday when I came to see you and wanted to go back because you were not home. I saw Gu Dong Cheng’s car, he sent you home. You guys even stayed inside the car for a long time before you got off, what were you doing?”

“Ran Ran, don’t you make irresponsible remarks. We just chatted inside the car.” Tian Mi even didn’t dare to look at Su Ran on the eyes. Moreover her face was even redder than before. 

“I don’t think it is like what you said. Song Ting Yu also saw it that you guys….”

Tian Mi extended her hand to cover Su Ran’s mouth hurriedly, then she looked around. Although this is their private dancing studio, but sometimes there are also people passed by, she didn’t want to be embarrassed!

This kind of thing if people heard it, it would be really embarrassing!


When Su Ran still wanted to say more, Song Ting Yu called so she went to the side to answer it. Song Ting Yu invited her to eat together so later on he would pick her up.

After the call ended, she looked at the blushing Tian Mi, she patted her shoulder: “This weekend, come with Brother Dong Cheng and have dinner at Song house. Madame Song wants to meet you formally. Although you had met her before, but this time is not the same, it is like granting you identity as granddaughter-in-law.”

Song Ting Yu arrived at the dancing studio to pick Su Ran up. He took Su Ran to dinner. Then after dinner, Song Ting Yu took her to stroll around. 

Su Ran also didn’t know how could he take her to the underwear store.

“I will wait here for you, go inside.”

Su Ran glared at him: “I don’t need it.”

“You need!” Song Ting Yu’s eyes fell on her brest, “Now the size is not suitable anymore, those underwear that you wear before doesn’t fit anymore.”


Su Ran was speechless, so it turned out what he meant by strolling was taking her to the underwear store let her to pick new underwear.

“No need, there is no change.” Discussing this matter with him, Su Ran felt a bit embarrassed.

“You really wouldn’t go to choose?” Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows.

“No need.” Su Ran shook her head once again.

“Then good.” This time for the first time Song Ting Yu didn’t force her, he just drove the car.

But after two days, Su Ran just understood why didn’t he force her. It was because today she received a very big package. She moved it to the room to open it and found the inside to be full of underwear, moreover it is all a size bigger than hers!

Su Ran examined few of it, then put it back.

At night when she finished her shower, she looked that Song Ting Yu was home and sitting down on the bed. On his side was a package that she received today. 

“Come over.” He waved his hands to her. Su Ran felt his face was full of evil intention so she just stayed.

Noticing that she didn’t move, he patted the mattress powerfully: “Come over, if not I will catch you.”


Finally Su Ran moved forward and stood in front of him. Yet she didn’t want to be too close to him. She felt she needs to maintain the distance from him.

Of course Song Ting Yu could know her consideration, he extended his hand to pull her to the bed and sat down.

He pushed the box of the underwear to her. “Have you tried it? Is it fit?”

Su Ran looked at the box of underwear, then looked at him: “You go to the underwear store to choose it personally?”

“No, I let someone to choose it.”

“Who did you ask?”

“Just…” Song Ting Yu was about to answer, but stopped and looked at Su Ran, he raised his eyebrows: “You are jealous?”


Song Ting Yu didn’t want to discuss this, this moment he shifted the conversation topic to the box . He hugged her shoulder: “I let Tang Zi Chu looked for someone to choose it.”

He said it, the took a black underwear and swayed it in front of her for a while: “Come, try this for me to see it. Let me hlep you to see whether it is fit or not….”

He didn’t finish his words, the underwear on his hand just being seized away and threw it to his face: “If you want to try, then try it by yourself.”

The bra fell on his head and it made his handsome face to turn comical.

Su Ran used her hand to cover her belly, and laughed loudly.


Song Ting Yu’s face turned dark, then pointed at Su Ran: “Su Ran, if you still dare to laugh, I would tie you to the bed. Then take this underwear one by one and try it on your body.”

Su Ran immediately covered her little lips, shook her head to express herself didn’t dare to say anything more. 

She didn’t doubt that he could those thing if she was dare to keep on laughing.

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