Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 162

It was his mother. Although Song Ting Yu really disgusted for what she did to him yesterday, but now seeing how she was kneeling here, his heart was also in pain: “Just do it as Pa said before.”

Madame Song looked at the kneeling Chen Jing: “I give you one more chance. It is the last chance, if you still don’t understand what is called to know one’s place, then you can immediately tidy up your things and leave Song family. Here wouldn’t welcome you again!”

“I understand, Ma.”

Because Chen Jing knelt for a long time, so when she stood up her body started to sway. She almost once again fell to the ground.

“You all leave first. Ran Ran, you stay here. Grandma has something to say to you.” Madame Song waved her hands.

Waiting until everyone left, Su Ran stayed and looked at the pale Madame Song. She came over her side and said: “Grandma, are you feel really tired? Are you dizzy? I help to massage it for a while.”

She said it and placed her hand on Grandma’s temple and massage it slightly.

After a moment, grandma felt a bit better so she extended her hand to hold Su Ran’s hand. She let her to sit down beside her: “Ran Ran, Grandma has something to say to you.”

“Grandma, you can say it now.”

Su Ran looked at her and said.

“Grandma wants to know your relationship now with Ting Yu, recently you both are in good relationship right?”

“We are quite good.” Su Ran smiled.

“Then it’s great. Grandma is old now, also doesn’t have any more wishes. Now I just worry about Wei Xi’s illness, it’s good to hear that you are good with Ting Yu. As for Dong Cheng, I also wish him to marry soon. It seems like that recently he is in close relationship with Tian Mi, isn’t it right?”

“Yes, they both are quite close.” Su Ran noticed that Grandma was somewhat sad: “Grandma, Brother Dong Cheng would be happy too, Wei Xi will also get better.”

Grandma laughed: “Ting Yu’s grandpa passed away when I was young. His Papa is also not could not be in charge. He doesn’t have any interest in business. I’ve been in charge of this household for a long time. But afterwards there is Ting Yu who helps me in business. In the future if I pass away, I will give Song family to him, Dong Cheng would also helps him. That time Song family would be better. Grandma recently really wants Dong Cheng to get marry. He is now almost thirty five years, if he and Tian Mi are in good term, then just set it…”

“Grandma, wouldn’t it be too quick….” They seemed to be in relationship for a moment, they would be set this quick?

“It’s not sudden. I could see that Tian Mi is a good girl. She always be a good friend for you. Our Dong Cheng is also a good man. Maybe very quickly they would give me another great-grandson. That way I would be happy and satisfied. So like this, first you look for Tian Mi and reveal to her about my intention. I would also chat with Dong Cheng, if they agree, then I would invite Tian Mi’s parents, let everyone to meet each other…”

“Okay.” Su Ran nodded.

“That year when I stopped Dong Cheng and that girl be together. Then girl just jumped to the river to kill herself. These years he keeps on being single. Although he doesn’t say anything, but I always feel that he blames me…”

“Now when I see him with Tian Mi, I am relieved….” Madame Song looked at her for a while.

Su Ran was puzzled: “Grandma, what happened?”

Madame Song retreated her gaze, and shook her head: “It’s nothing.”

In the afternoon, Su Ran went to the neighbor’s house to pick Song Ting Yu up. She noticed Song Ting Yu was standing in the corner of window side in the hall, he was looking at the garden.

She came over slowly, and stood beside him. She didn’t know what he was thinking, but he seemed to be thinking about something, he didn’t even notice her.

“What are you looking at?”

Song Ting Yu regained his mind, and hugged her shoulder. 

Su Ran looked outside.

In the garden, there were Madame Song and Song Ming Xuan who were chatting.

This moment she could hear, Madame Song: “That year Chen Jing’s kid is it a girl or boy? Are you certain that the kid she gave brith is dead?”

Song Ming Xuan said: “That period of time she lived abroad with her paternal aunt, she said that she was recovering from illness. Later on I just realized that she gave birth to a kid. I don’t know whether it is a boy or girl because the time I went to Canada, she said that the kid is dead, so I don’t care too much….”

Madame Song looked at her son: “Since that woman dead, you always be like that. You don’t care about anything. Chen Jing, honestly is your wife, you also couldn’t control her…”

Song Ming Xuan didn’t say anythign.

“That year if not Chen Jing’s mother came over and begged, how could I let her to stay in Song family! She simply an embarrassment!” Madame Song shook her head and sighed: “In short now I am suspicious that her kid is not dead. You check it in detail what was happening before…”

“Ma, you mean, you think that Bai Zhi Rui is her….”

Madame Song nodded: “Chen Jing is too kind to her. She always helps her. She said that she is her friend’s daughter. But I don’t think that is that simple…”

“I know Ma. I will check it as soon as possible what is going on….”

“It’s really sinful!” Madame Song slapped the table: “No wonder! The first time I saw Bai ZZhi Rui I felt all of my body is uncomfortable, couldn’t it because of this reason…”

Su Ran heard this, and felt surprised.!

She looked at Song Ting Yu, and noticed the frown in his face.

Although she didn’t really can hear their conversation that clear, but she could hear the last time.

She could get the clue, that Bai Zhi Rui unexpectedly possibly is the kid of Chen Jing and another man!

Then she and Song Ting Yu?

No… It shouldn’t be true.

If Chen Jing already knows about Bai Zhi Rui’s identity, how could she with every possible means want Bai Zhi Rui to enter Song family? If Song Ting Yu really a brother of Bai Zhi Rui, then wouldn’t it be incest!

“Let’s go.”

Song Ting Yu held her hands to leave, didn’t listen to their chat again.

Until they were upstairs, Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything. This time Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu was in confusion.

When they arrived in the bedroom, Su Ran guided him to sit on the sofa: “What is going on? Is Bai Zhi Rui really Ma’s daughter? Then what about you?”

Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa, and closed his eyes: “I possibly am not hers. I possibly have a son of another.”

Su Ran was surprised that her eyes turned big: “How could you say it?”

“This morning when grandma kicked her out, she knelt down and said something. Do you remember it?”

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 162”

  1. Oh these rich families and their attempts at holding down scandals can lead to messes like this. …. a mother who tries to wed her birth daughter to her step son??? And she uses one of the most despicable ways to wreck a marriage and possibly cause the death of her 5 year old grandson( step- grandson) and unborn 2nd grand child. I say do the “test” and kick her out.


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