Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 161

She also didn’t expect her voice to be this hoarse at this time.

Song Ting Yu wrapped her body with the blanket and carried her to the bathroom. He filled the bathtub with the water, and placed her down.

When she was in touch with the warm water, Su Ran felt so comfortable and sighed.

Song Ting Yu took the shower gel, and rubbed it to the bubble between his hands. Then he brushed it on her body. With evil intentions he smiled: “Your voice could let me think that you actually are not satisfied, and you want me to continue.”

Su Ran rolled her eyes, and her face was still piping hot: “Nonsense.”

Perhaps she was too tired, or perhaps it was too comfortable so very quickly Su Ran fell asleep. Song Ting Yu also didn’t let her to stay on the water for a long time, he was afraid that she would get a cold. So very quickly he wrapped her again with the towel and carried her to the bed. He wiped her wet body, placed her on the bed, and covered her with the blanket. 

Song Ting Yu also immediately laid down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. He didn’t have any sleepiness, how could the fire on his body could be calmed down easily?

But in Su Ran’s current condition, he wouldn’t dare to act carelessly.

He turned his body and looked at Su Ran. She already slept soundly, and he placed his hand on her belly. He stroked it lightly for several minutes then hugged her. He closed his eyes and let his mind to not thinking about anything else, but only one word: Sleep!

Because last night she was tormented by someone for a long time, so the next day she was awake late in the morning.

This was weekend, Song Ting Yu didn’t need to work, but he was not in the room.

She lifted open her blanket, and sighed. The energy between men and women indeed couldn’t be compared. It was obvious that both of them slept late at night, but Song Ting Yu could wake up this early and she couldn’t.

She sorted herself then went downstair. She noticed there was no one downstairs. Song Wei Xi was already in the neighbor house and played with his little friends. But there was no Madame Song or Song Ting Yu.

When she was still confused, a butler came over: “Mrs, Madame Song asked me to let you have breakfast first then go to the study room.”

Su Ran was startled, it seemed that they were all at the study room.

She finished her breakfast and went to the study room. She knocked the door, and the one who opened was Song Ting Yu. He held her hand to go inside: “You are awake.”

Su Ran nodded and went inside. She noticed that everyone is inside the room. 

Song Ting Yu let Su Ran stood beside him, “Sit down here.”

“Grandma, Pa, Ma.” Su Ran greeted them all.

Madam Song’s face was completely mad, but after she saw Su Ran, her face gradually turned calmed. She nodded.

Chen Jing was lowering her head, she didn’t respond. It also let everyone to be unable to see her face.

Su Ran remembered what happened last night, she could guess why did Madame Song call all of them to gather.

It supposedly Song Ting Yu already told Madame Song about what happened last night.

Madame Song naturally would be burned with anger.

How could she tolerate this kind of thing!

This moment Madame Song pointed at Chen Jing, her face was full of anger: “I didn’t expect that you would do that shameless thing! What does that opera singer give you to drug your son? How could you put so much effort to help her?”

“Ma, I….”

“You shut up!” Madame Song said with her stern voice: “We don’t have a people like you in our Song family.  Are you happy to see disturb our whole family? Why do you keep on helping that outsider! This time is too excessive, how could you have face to think of doing those things?! You even cooperate with outsider to trick your own son, Chen Jing. I have no choice but to doubt your intention to stay in Song family. Starting from today, you are not our Song family’s member, later on go back to your room and tidy up your things!”

This moment Chen Jing’s face paled up, immediately she went over Madame Song. Originally she wanted to touch her, but Madame Song used her stick to stop her. Chen Jing was pushed down to the ground. Then she knelt down in front of Madame Song: “Ma, I know I’m wrong. I really know that I’m wrong. I wouldn’t do it again. Don’t you kick me out. Ting Yu, help me out. Ming Xuan… Help me out. I wouldn’t dare to do it again. Next time I really wouldn’t dare to do it again, I just being silly temporarily…”

“Don’t dare?” Madame Song pointed at her: “Think by yourself how many times have you say that. I also couldn’t see your repentance. I could tolerate that you don’t do anything, just know how to go shopping and travel around since you know one’s place. I could just regard that to raise an idle person. But you couldn’t content with your position, you could any tricks. If I am not taking account on the moment that your Chen family helped our Song family, I would already kick you out from the start, why should I leave you until today? But you, keep on doing careless thing, why? You want to be in control? You really regard yourself as the hostess of this family? I’m not dead yet, even I died it wouldn’t be you in control. This time you did those thing, I couldn’t tolerate it and leave you here. I also don’t want to see you again….”

“Ma…” Chen Jing cried, she clutched Madame Song’s wrist tightly: “I really know my wrong. It is because Bai Zhi Rui is the daughter of my friend, my best friend. She is dead, and her daughter was stranded outside, and be fostered outside. That kid is Bai Zhi Rui. When I know her identity, I want her to have a good life, I feel that she is too pitiful. I really don’t do it intentionally. Ma, give me one more chance. I know, I really will change…” She said it, then looked at Song Ming Xuan, “Ming Xuan, help me. I have been married with you for twenty years, even I have no other contribution and but it’s also a hard work too, Ting Yu also the one that I raise up…”

She just being cut off by Madame Song, she said coldly: “Shut up!”

She said it then looked at Song Ting Yu for a while.

Chen Jing felt extremely grieved, she cried: “Ming Xuan, Ting Yu, you both would just watch and see me to leave? You really want me to be homeless? I’ve been in this house for twenty years, leaving this house, where would I go?”

“If you think carefully before you act, then how could you be in this position?” Song Ming Xuan finally said, he looked at Chen Jing, and immediately said to the Madame Song: “Ma, let her stay here. If we kick her out, it would be a scandal for Song family. Just give her last chance. If she dares to do it again, we could ask her to leave.”

Madame Song looked at Song Ting Yu: “Ting Yu, what do you think?”

4 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 161”

  1. If you leave a snake in the chicken coop, will the snake not swallow the eggs? Chen Jing is not related to anyone of the Songs. She has shown great animosity towards the child she raised(Ting Yu)repeatedly.I say kick her out

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