Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 157

“As far as I know, Bai Zhi Rui is an orphan, her foster parents had passed away a long time ago.”

“I and her mother were best friends. Her mother passed away because of an accident, afterwards, she was raised by her foster parents. I just knew it few years ago. I felt her to be so miserable, so I just want to help her…”

Song Ting Yu still watched her intensely, didn’t know whether he believed it or not. His eyes was so sharp. Chen Jing didn’t like how he saw her, she felt uncomfortable because of it.

“Okay, let’s not discuss this again….” Chen Jing coughed, “With her current condition now, I don’t know how would her future be. How would she be able to continue to act. Honestly, you are still owed her, why don’t you help her….”

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything, he just drank his wine. Chen Jing noticed it then didn’t say anything mroe.

After then, Chen Jing kept on eating while watching at him. He leaned on the chair, and closed his eyes.

Chen Jing put down her chopsticks, and tried to call: “Ting Yu, Ting Yu….”

Ting Yu didn’t respond. Chen Jing stood up and came over to the in front of him, and shook his shoulder for few times.

“Ting Yu…”

Ting Yu’s eyes were still close, like he didn’t hear it.

Chen Jing then went back to her chair, then called the waiter to pay the bill.

“Madame, is this mister drunk?” The manager came over and asked.

Chen Jing smiled: “He is my son. He drank a bit alcohol, he is a poor drinker.”

“Do you need any help to call a taxi? Or….”

“No need.” Chen Jing said immediately. Due to her quick response, the waiter and the manager were startled. She continued: “I already booked a room upstair. You guys please help me to take him up. Just let him to rest here for tonight.”

“Okay.” The manager immediately instructed the waiter to help. They followed Chen Jing and took the elevator upstairs, they went to the suite room floor.

Chen Jing used her card to open the door, and pointed to the inside of the room: “Okay, just place him on the bed.”

The waiter placed him on the bed, and immediately went outside. Chen Jing immediately took out her wallet and gave him a tip.

The waiter took it then left. Chen Jing went inside the room, and went to the bed. She looked at Song Ting Yu, and used her hand to pat his shoulder: “Ting Yu.”

Looking at how he was sleeping, she was relieved. She glanced at the bathroom, and there was a voice of the shower.

There were bottles of alcohols on the coffee table on the living room, and on the carpet there was a high heels and handbags.

Chen Jing came over and sat down on the sofa and waited. After a while, the bathroom door was opened. Someone came outside.

It was Bai Zhi Rui, who was wearing a bathrobe. She was so fascinated. She looked at the man on the bed and smiled.

She was so composed, she came over to Chen Jing’s side: “Auntie.”

Chen Jing patted her shoulder: “I already take Ting Yu to you. You need to seize this opportunity. It’s the best if you could conceive. You wouldn’t afraid that he would be in rage. If you don’t according to Song Ting Yu, he would definitely be on rage. He really loath people who trick him.”

Bai Zhi Rui didn’t look worried, she sat down on the sofa. She crossed her long legs, and looked at Song Ting Yu. She pointed at the corner: “Auntie, do you see it?”

Chen Jing followed her finger, and noticed a camera.

“This is?”

Bai Zhi Rui smiled lightly: “Doesn’t Ting Yu care so much about Su Ran? If something happened between us tonight, and it was known by Su Ran. How do you think she would react? She would maybe want to have a divorce? Ting Yu knows her temper so he would hope she wouldn’t find this out. With this video on my hand, I wouldn’t afraid that he would be furious. With my current condition, what should I afraid of?”

“You could say it like that, but….” Chen Jing didn’t feel very ease about it. After all, Song Ting Yu isn’t someone you could threat easily.

“Auntie, for tonight. I’m really thankful for your help. You always help me. I am very grateful for it. I take this path because I am forced to. I don’t have any way out. You are Ting Yu’s mother, I don’t know how would he react toward you. I am not afraid because I will have the video. I just want him to be together with me. But he doesn’t want me, so I take this way…”

“I understand.” Chen Jing sighed, suddenly heard a sound from the bed. She took her bag and stood up: “I will stay next door, if you have any problem, call me…”

Bai Zhi Rui sent Chen Jing out, then closed the door. She was still smiling but it seemed to be a bit cold.

Actually she knows about her and Chen Jing relation. Chen Jing is her mother, her biological mother. Several years ago, she read the letter at her foster parent’s room when she tidied all of their remnant. 

She is Chen Jing and other man’s daughter. How could she dare enough to leave her by her side? So she was sent to the orphanage, and being fostered. Chen Jing also just knew it for several years. Then, she wanted to compensate her by putting effort to do something good for her.

When she knew the truth, originally she wanted to ask it directly to Chen Jing. But she calmed down. She feels she doesn’t need to do that. In anyway with Chen Jing’s guilty feeling, she could use her guiltiness to do a lot of things.

These years when she started to be together with Sogn Ting Yu, she knew this truth. She thought that she and Song Ting Yu would be related, but later on when she tried to check, she found out that Song Ting Yu is a son from Song Ming Xuan and his first love. Song Ting Yu is not Chen Jing’s son.

7 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 157”

  1. But this time STY truly the victim of his so-called mom (step). CJ & BZR r so shameless people n I am glad that they r related *in a nasty way*, exactly the fruit does not fell far from the tree!


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