Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛-Chapter 156



Hearing what she said, Song Ting Yu felt this condition was far from good, he waved his hand: “Don’t, it’s better for you to not say it. My heart is weak, I couldn’t be attacked like this.”

He felt, if she ranked him, he wouldn’t be placed after Wei Xi, or after the baby. He even maybe  placed after Grandma, her mother. He probably would be placed after Tian Mi and Lin Cheng Huan.

He is really the whole world most pathetic husband!

The time he was grieving, Su Ran took his hand and placed it under her head as a pillow. She took initiative to lay down his embrace and kissed his side face. Then she said something lightly on her ear. It was a pity that Song Ting Yu was still busy with his thought that he couldn’t hear it clearly.

He just could hear that she said that he isn’t the same as anyone else, then…. then nothing.

Song Ting Yu felt so happy, he busily held her hand and looked at her: “Su Ran, what did you say before? I couldn’t hear it clearly, say it one more time.”

He said it then his eyes were looking at her with full of hope.

Su Ran smiled: “It’s no good to say a good thing for the second time. It’s okay if you didn’t hear it.”


“Say it one more time, just one more time.” Song Ting Yu begged her.

“Turn off the light, I want to sleep. Wait until I feel happy again then I will tell you.”

Song Ting Yu was mad, he fisted his hand, but he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t do anything to Su Ran. Moreover she couldn’t be moved by force or persuasion. The more forceful he is, she would be even more forceful than him. If he pretended to be a pitiful part, she also wouldn’t mind him.

Song Ting Yu felt that his current self to be so stupid and coward.

He watched her back for a moment, then at last switched off the light. But after a while of laying down, his phone rang.

He took her phone, and looked at it. He looked at Su Ran, then went to answer the phone.

It was a call from Chen Jing, she had been traveling abroad for several time and never contacted the family.

“Ting Yu, you are not yet sleep, right?”

“No.” Song Ting Yu looked at the phone, it was eleven o’clock: “Where are you now.”

“I just arrived at the airport from Canada. I have a lot of luggages, come and pick me up.”

It would be troublesome to bring a lot of luggages and take a taxi, moreover, it was late.


“Okay, wait for me. Just wait for me inside. I will call you when I am there.”

He hung up and opened the window of the room. He noticed Su Ran seemed to be not sleep soundly yet. He went to the bedside, and kissed her temple: “Ma is back. She is now at the airport, I will come over to pick her up for a while.”

Su Ran closed her eyes, and nodded: “Okay…. Be careful…”

Song Ting Yu changed his clothes and wore his coat. It was March in An City, but it was still a bit cool, especially during the night.

Song Ting Yu drove the car to the airport, and he looked a carpark to park, then he went to the lobby.

When he was at the lobby, he got a call from Chen Jing: “Ting Yu, I’m behind. Come over.”

Song Ting Yu turned his body and looked at Chen Jing’s luggages. Supposedly she had a lot of shopping time that she brought a lot. It is her characteristic that she loves to shop, same like Bai Zhi Rui. They would shop during the bad and good mood.

Song Ting Yu helped her to bring her luggage and placed on his car trunk.

“You are tired right, let me send you home to rest.”

Song Ting Yu drove the car and exited the airport carpark.

“No, now I am a bit hungry. I didn’t eat anything before. Ting Yu, take me to eat before we go home.”

Song Ting Yu turned his steering wheels and changed directions. He turned his head to Chen Jing then said: “Okay, I’ll take you. What do you want to eat?”

“I’m okay with anything. It’s quite late now, I don’t now what place would be opened at this time…” Chen Jing said it while she was looking at the window. She seemed to look for a place to eat, then suddenly she thought of something: “If not let’s just go to Li Jing hotel to eat something.”

Li Jing hotel’s restaurant would be open until 12:30.


Song Ting Yu nodded, and drove the car to that hotel.

Actually even though it was eleven o’clock, yet outside there was a lot of midnight snack stands or some little restaurant to have a midnight snack but Chen Jing is a woman with obsession with cleanliness. If he took her to those places, it would be let her to suffer. She rather be hungry for the whole night then eat there.

Song Ting Yu knew her nature so he didn’t mention those places to her.

When they arrived, both of them got off the car. They took the elevator and went to the restaurant.

Song Ting Yu didn’t really like to eat anything at night, so when the waiter passed the menu to him, he just directly passed to Chen Jing’s front: “Ma, you can order it. Let’s order not too oily thing, just order the lighter one.”

Chen Jing nodded.  She just ordered a porridge, then the time she passed the menu back to the waiter. She helped him to order a wine.

Chen Jing comes from a very good family, she has a good table manner. This moment she ate while tried to chat with him: “Recently, how is your relationship with Zhi Rui?”

The time Song Ting Yu heard that question, his face turned dark: “We broke up already. Don’t you know it?”

Chen Jing paused: “I just thought that….”

Song Ting Yu continued: “You thought that I just say it for play or it just my temporary intention, and now it would change?”

Chen Jing simply placed down her hands, seemed that she lost her appetite: “This period of time I always travelled around, I never pay attention to what is happen here. Just until yesterday when I prepared to go home, I logged in to Wei Bo and noticed the news. Zhi Rui is a woman, how could she bear all of this? Couldn’t you help him?”

Song Ting Yu placed his glass down, and looked at her: “Ma, I always really curious, why do you seem to very fond of Bai Zhi Rui? Why do you always pick her side in everything? No matter what anyone says, you always be the most supportive one to her. Even you like her, but you mustn’t do it right? Could you tell me why?”

Chen Jing was startled when she heard this: “There’s no such thing. I just think that she is good. These four years you liked her, and she had been with you for these years….” She paused, seemed to sigh, “Actually, she is a kid of my friend, my old friend….”

2 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛-Chapter 156”

  1. I bet Chen Hing isn’t his biological mother but BZR’s. STY mother probably died after he was born and the his father married her ? Wo left her child. Or it was like these 2 were married and then STY ‘s father fell in love with someone else and had him while CJ did the same ?


  2. I always thought that there was some connection between his Mom and Bai Zhi Rui. I think that fatjona17 is on point her. I think that BZR is ChenJing’s daughter


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