The Most Pleasant Thing to Hear 最动听的事 by 师小札 Shi Xiao Zha- Chapter 13 Part 1


69BDEE39-756F-4C7B-92BD-C897663C58D5Bei Er Duo put her phone away, and asked Ye Shu Wei: “Do you feel trouble because of it? We are being exposed publicly, it may affect your personal life.”

“I think there would be no one able to affect my personal life.” Ye Shu Wei said.

“Then you don’t mind to have anyone to have misunderstand that I am your girlfriend? Just like before, sometime there would be people come over and ask about us, wouldn’t you feel it too troublesome?” Bei Er Duo was very confused because Ye Shu Wei responded differently from her expectation. He seemed to be so calm.

“Is it too troublesome before?” Ye Shu Wei asked, “It’s only giving an autograph and said few sentences.”

Bei Er Duo confirmed once again: “You feel okay with it?” 

“What is done cannot be undone. Even if I mind about it, it is also useless.” Ye Shu Wei was very adaptable with this current situation.

This completely out of Bei Er Duo’s expectation. She watched Ye Shu Wei for a long time. She thought, what is happening with him today?

“Do you mind for this current situation?” Ye Shu Wei turned the topic and asked her.


“Me?” Bei Er Duo rubbed her nose, “For me, although it is quite troublesome, but if you are not too care and take it to the heart about this thing, it would be just a work. At last Chief Yu would give us a quite lot of money.”

“Don’t take it to the heart?” Ye Shu Wei’s eyes turned cold, and said lowly: “You completely regard this as work, for earn the money.”

“It’s also for Tang Li, who asked her to be my most best friend? The time she asked me, I couldn’t refuse her.” Bei Er Duo leaned on the chair. She chose the most comfortable position for her. Then turned her head to look at him. She asked him again: “For you? What is your reason to not refuse Chief Yu’s request?”

He seemed to be a man that would be hard to be manipulated.

“O, that day he came over and looked for me to play a chase. He seized the opportunity when I was making a dessert to steal a two chess pieces. At last I was lost and just able to agree to his boring request.”

“Just like that?” Bei Er Duo was startled.

“Every time we play chess. The losing one should agree to the winner’s request. No matter what is, we couldn’t break our promise.”

“Except that one moment, have you ever agree to his unreasonable request?”

“No.” Ye Shu Wei tried to remember, “That is the first time I lost from him.”

Bei Er Duo was lost in thought, then she smiled and laughed at him: “You really the unlucky one.”

Ye Shu Wei was silent, and placed his hands on the steering wheel. He chose to hide a fact. That in the most beginning he agreed to Yu Sheng not because of he was losing. He originally went the recording site to find a reason to leave and to “repay” back what Yu Sheng did for winning. But that time he noticed Bei Er Duo, he gave up his original intention, and he just accompanied her to act.


That time he just searched a reason for doing this by including Yu Sheng’s act.

Now to think about it, this reason for him was a bit far-fetched.

When they arrived at the lobby of Bei Er Duo’s apartment, Bei Er Duo got off and said goodbye to him. She waited for him to drive away.

The time she turned her body, she was surprised. There was an elegant woman, Xu Zhen Fen, waited for her by leaning lazily on a tree. She was watching intensely at her only daughter.

Bei Er Duo summoned up her courage to come over, she went in front of Xu Zhen Fen: “Ma, what are you doing here?”

“I come to have a chat with you.” Xu Chen Fen’s tone was like a plain boiled water: “Let’s go up.”

They went up. Bei Er Duo opened the door and let Xu Chen Fen in. Xu Chen Fen stat on the sofa, and asked about her recent situation.

“I’m good. I eat and drink well. I also accept some works.”

“You really are not willing to work at Wang He Chuan’s company?”

“I am not suitable for it.”

“Then you plan to look for job by yourself?” Xu Chen Fen took the cup of tea, and just realized it was empty.

Bei Er Duo took a coca cola from the fridge: “Do you want to drink?”


“I don’t drink that carbonate one.”

“Then yogurt?”

“Okay, give me one.”

Bei Er Duo passed it to her, and answered her: “Em, I want to look it by myself.”

“What would you do?” Xu Chen Fen opened the cover of the yogurt.

“I am still interested in photography, I want to do one that is related to this. If not I would go to apply for an advertised position.”

“Do you think you will have a good prospect by choosing that profession?”

“If you want to develop in long term, basically you should do something that you like.” Bei Er Duo said, “If you love your job, then you could invest your energy, enthusiasm, and be concentrated in it. These would make you able to develop.”

Xu Chen Fen smiled, and didn’t continue this topic. She asked about another thing: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Bei Er Duo’s heart indeed she heard about it, she was hesitant on how should she answer it.

“Don’t you deny it, Wang He Chuan told me.”

“Wang He Chuan? How could that man be so nosy?” Bei Er Duo clearly told him to not tell Xu Chen Fen. 

“You still want to hide it from me? Don’t you think you are a bit childish? Since you have one, then you should declare it out loud and openly. Why should you hide it?” Xu Chen Fen’s tone was bad. She looked at her daughter: “Is he the one that sent you home before? His car is quite good, how about his personality.”


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