Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 151

You are so Impatient


After the press conference ended and Bai Zhi Rui wanted to leave, among the crowd there was a person threw several eggs on her.

Despite having her bodyguards to protect, that person still could threw several eggs precisely on her body because she mingled around the crowd.

The woman not only threw eggs on her, she even yelled: “You are the third party, you are shameless! You are really shameless!”

Because the woman appeared to sudden so it let the people on the surrounding felt startled. It was silent, even the bodyguards didn’t do anything.

She could throw the eggs on target. The broken eggs fell to her face from her hair, it turned her beautiful face to the battered and exhausted face.

After she shouted out loud, everyone just gained their awareness back. Because of her action, some of the people among the group also started to blame Bai Zhi Rui.

The situation was being out of control.

Looking at this condition, Ms Chen rushed over to ask the bodyguards to escort Bai Zhi Rui to the car.

Before the one who threw the eggs on her was a middle-aged woman. She obviously came prepared. If not how could she bring eggs?

Although she was being caught by the bodyguard, but she seemed to be calmed. She just looked at Bai Zhi Rui and said: “Bai Zhi Rui, you are the third party. You are specialized in wrecking family of others….”

The scene started to be more and more chaotic, those bodyguards almost unable to control the situation on site. Bai Zhi Rui left as soon as possible. She sped up and several of her assistants and Ms Chen followed her to avoid those people act.

She just aimed to leave first, she didn’t even care about what was on her face or hair.

It was until they were in the car.

Her assistant passed her a tissue, she just realized her body was full of eggs.

“Are you okay, Zhi Rui? Are you hurt?” Ms Chen looked at her.

Bai Zhi Rui didn’t say anything, she was already trembling with rage. She wiped herself, then she threw the tissue to the other side.

The assistant, who sat down beside her, took another tissue and help to wipe her face cautiously.

This moment her face turned to be so cold, her little assistant didn’t dare to look at her.

The driver turned his head: “Ms Chen, where would we go? Are we sending Ms Bai home now?”

“What home should I go back to? Send me to the hospital!” Bai Zhi Rui immediately said it with her cold voice.

“What happened? Are you hurt anywhere?” Ms Chen looked at her.

“I sprained my leg.” Bai Zhi Rui pointed at her ankle. Before for avoiding those people, she walked so fast however some people still managed to push and push her so she sprained it.

This was a quite big problem. This period of time, Bai Zhi Rui was busy with film shooting so it was important for her to be in good health. It would be too troublesome if she couldn’t shot the movie because of her legs. In condition where Bai Zhi Rui was in bad scandal, she definitely couldn’t ask for a sick leave. If she asked one, it would make a difficult situation for other movie casts and crews and she would have a bad reputation.

“Hurry up go to the hospital.” Ms Chen immediately commanded.

Finally the driver could break away from the paparazzi surrounded their car, he drove the car and stopped the car in some place. Bai Zhi Rui got off the car with Ms Chen and one of the assistants to take the taxi to the hospital. They did it to avoid of being followed by the paparazzi.

In the hospital, the doctor treated her injury. She sat inside the sickroom, she listened to the doctor’s advise that she couldn’t move around carelessly for several days and it’s best for her to stay in the hospital. She immediately said: “I don’t have time to stay in the hospital. The doctor looked at her and smiled: “Ms Bai, it is my advise as a doctor. If you insist to leave then I also wouldn’t force you. But I should remind you that this is not a simple sprain. Before you also had a surgery after the car accident? Your current injury is in the same place as the previous one. You need to be more careful, if not later on the one who would regret it is you.”

The doctor finished his advise and left.

Bai Zhi Rui naturally wouldn’t stay at the hospital. How could she stay and take a sick leave in this bad situation?

“How is it?” Ms Chen’s whole faces showed her worry for Bai Zhi Rui: “Some of the scenes in your ancient movie would need to be finalized this week. Moreover, the film directed by director Zhang would start to shot in two days. How could this happen in this critical moment?”

“Tonight I would stay in the hospital, tomorrow I will leave….”

“No, before the doctor said that it is quite serious. You couldn’t force it, otherwise it wouldn’t be a good one for you too. With your condition now, you wouldn’t able to do anything, especially the most recent two movies that you would take, you need to perform well.” Not only the ancient movie, even the modern movie she wouldn’t be able to perform well. In the modern movie, she would act as the police, so of course she needed to do some actions.

After a long consideration, Ms Chen said: “It’s better for you to stay in the hospital, I would ask a sick leave for you.”

She said it, then Ms Chen personally called the crews to ask for a sick leave for Bai Zhi Rui and of course she got a cold reply. Director Zhang was not happy about it, but he couldn’t do nothing in the current condition of Bai Zhi Rui. Even he forced it, there would be no good result.

They really wanted to replace Bai Zhi Rui, but they thought about the person that supported her, Song Ting Yu.

“How is it?” Bai Zhi Rui asked after Ms Chen hung up.

Ms Chen sighed: “I already expect that they wouldn’t happy about it…”

Bai Zhi Rui fisted her hands, her eyes were overflowing with hatred. What this situation had anything to do with her? It was Jiang Guo who pushed Su Ran, why should they put the blame on her? She is innocent, how could she be implicated because of this?!

“You get a rest first. Don’t you think too much. You just need to get well soon.

Ms Chen said it then left Bai Zhi Rui. Bai Zhi Rui opened the WeiBo app on her phone. Without doubt, she was still ranked the first on the trending topic. But this time one thing that made her the first place was her incident during press conference.

The topic was “Bai Zhi Rui was being thrown eggs by unknown woman….”

Bai Zhi Rui was tensed because of the news, she almost smashed her phone down.

She opened the photos and videos of the incident. Although there was no one recorded it fully, but there was a record of her covering her face like a rat on the street. A lot of people commented “You deserve it.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, ummm why would would you stay in the hospital for a few days for a sprain, that just is too excessive, for a stupid sprain but then it is a fictitious world.


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