Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 147

Let us Divorce, Song Ting Yu (1)

He placed her hands on the bed, and once again covered her with the blanket. Then he took out his phone and went outside. He dialed a number.

“ Zi Chu, help me to check something.”

Tang Zi Chu knew that today Song Ting Yu left the office hurriedly because something bad happened to Su Ran, so he asked quickly: “Chief Song, how is Mrs Song?”

“She is okay now. Help me to check what happened today. And I want to know who pushed Su Ran….” Soon after he told him what happened today briefly.

The next morning, Su Ran still hadn’t awake. Song Ting Yu thought that something bad happened, he hurriedly called the doctor to check.

The doctor was called by him for so many times and finally he guaranteed that she passed the critical period already, so there was no harm.

“Why doesn’t she wake up?”

“Mr Song don’t you be so worry, Mrs Song is just tired. Wait until she gets enough rest, I guarantee she would wake up. Later you guys just need to be careful.”

“You just worry now, what did you do before?” A person said. It was Madame Song with her strict tone.

Madame Song and her maids brought something, supposedly it was Su Ran’s necessities.


Madame Song casted a glance at him, but didn’t mind him. She went over to Su Ran, then took a good look at her. She instructed the maid to put the tonic on the table so Su Ran could drink it when she awake.

“I saw Tang Zi Chu outside, if there is something or urgent thing, you could leave first. I will take care of Ran Ran. When you are done, you can come here again….” Madame Song said.

Of course Song Ting Yu knew that Tang Zi Chu was outside, he was very efficient worker. In a night, he could search all the thing relating to the yesterday accident. He came here to tell him.

But looking at how Su Ran still not yet awake, his heart was worried so he didn’t want to leave. He thought to stay until Su Ran was awake.

“But Su Ran…”

“No need any but again. In any case Su Ran was not awake now. Before the doctor already said that she is okay, it just because she is tired. Let her to get a rest. You can be back after you are done with your business.”

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran, nodded, then took his coat: “Then grandma, please take a good care of Su Ran.”

He left the room. Tang Zi Chu who was standing outside, immediately went in front of him: “Chief Song, regarding yesterday….” He frowned, and fished out his phone. He opened WeiBo app, and passed it to him.

Song Ting Yu looked at it, it was trending topics.

Regarding the accident, which Su Ran was pushed down by Bai Zhi Rui’s fan, was being recorded by passer-by and posted to the internet.

“This video is very trending in the internet. Supposedly Ms Bai would also being influenced greatly by this.” Tang Zi Chu followed Song Ting Yu’s steps.

Song Ting Yu didn’t show any response, he just kept on walking outside.

It was until they were in the car: “Who are those fans?”

“They were appeared at Mrs Song’s dancing studio, they were four people. Two boys and two girls. They are the loyal fans of Ms Bai. No matter what programs Ms Bai in, they would support her. They are around eighteen to twenty years old, they are still college students….”

Song Ting Yu’s eyes turned dark: “Then who did push Su Ran?”

“It is a girl name Jiang Guo, she is twenty years old. She is in her second year in An City Art School.” Tang Zi Chu passed a folder to him, then started the car and drove it to leave the hospital.

Song Ting Yu opened the folder relating to the girl, Tang Zi Chu also gave a narration to him: “This Jiang Guo, seems to be really supportive of Ms Bai, she also has a good relationship with Ms Bai. It started for years ago. Her support to Ms Bai is already reached a completely madness. She would imitate all about Ms Bai. An eyewitness said that yesterday when she pushed Mrs Song down, she didn’t feel any fear or regret. She even said to Mrs Song that she deserved it. She also said that she took revenge for Ms Bai….” he continued: “Moreover, I hear that her mental states is not really healthy. She could laugh very frightening. She kept on standing there and watching Mrs Song, it was until the other three pulled her away then she started to leave. So Chief Song, I felt this girl is a crazy one….”

Song Ting Yu raised his head, narrowed his eyes: “Is it because of her passionate admiration for a pop star that it could lead her to have a mental problem?”

“Maybe before she had received any traumatic experience? After all, I think her action is too strange.” Tang Zi Chu looked at him: “If not for this matter, we let the police to handle it?”

“Wait until the police checks her and finds that she has mental problem, so this matter couldn’t be  handle?” Song Ting Yu asked.

Tang Zi Chu didn’t say anything more.

“Is there any participation of Bai Zhi Rui?”

“Ms Bai still didn’t know at that time, she just knew after several time. Her fans worried about her conditions so they visited her on shooting site. But it looks like she didn’t really contact them. Oh right, they said that they wanted to give justice for Bai Zhi Rui so they hid and waited for Mrs Song nearby her dancing studio…”

“Chief Song, where should we go now?”

“Go back to Song company. You go and look for that Jiang Guo. Bring her to the company. I want to know, who she is….”

“Okay, Chief Song.”

After arriving at the outside of the parking lot, he noticed a tall figure from afar. She wore a sunglasses and stood in secret corner. When she looked at their car, she came out and waved her hands to them.

Tang Zi Chu startled for a while, and looked at Song Ting Yu. He didn’t know whether Song Ting Yu saw it or not. Yet this moment, he was busy with his documents. He ignored what was outside.

“Chief Song, Ms Bai is there. It seems she is waiting for you. Do you want to stop?”

“No need.”

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  1. well Bai Zhi Rui instigated the fans to act in her behalf.So she is as quilty as the fans. When will Su Ran wake up? She will not want to be with TingYu anymore. Her only concern will be Wei Xi and the new baby.

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