Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 137

We Should Demand a fairness


“Originally I invited them to be here for preparing dishes. Previously, I prepared to spend the whole night in yacht with you. We would eat dinner, look at the night scenery, then…” His lips crooked up, he didn’t finish his words. But Su Ran knew what did he mean by “Then….”.

“But because I saw that you like to watch movie, so I changed the plan. We went to Tsim Sha Tsui to eat a bit, watched movie. We also couldn’t eat western dishes for dinner because you don’t really like it. I noticed that you quite interested in Cantonese dishes, so I just let them do it.

Oh it’s like that, Su Ran smiled.

This midnight snack was also not a full course one, so it was just some kind of light snack: pineapple pie, chicken wings, fresh prawn dumpling.

Song Ting Yu didn’t look interested to it, but Su Ran was. She was a bit hungry after they finished the movie. So she had a quite big appetite.

The time she ate it, there was a music played on the background. It was Su Ran’s favorite Cantonese song.

Basically Song Ting Yu didn’t eat anything, he just ate the prawn dumpling that Su Ran fed him. Then he just drank his wine, and watched her.

Su Ran also didn’t look slightly mind about his action of continuously watching her. She just ate it eagerly.


“Su Ran, why do you like to listen to Cantonese song, but you couldn’t even speak one sentence of Cantonese? You even couldn’t hear and understand it?”

Song Ting Yu placed his hand on the table, and waited for her answer.

“Because I just merely listen, I don’t learn about it.” Su Ran just replied as it should be, she spread her hands.

Song Ting Yu shook his head and sighed, his thin lips said a word: “Pig.”

Su Ran glared at him, and continued to eat her food.

After the snack, it was almost eleven o’clock. Su Ran usually already sleeps during this time, even if it was different atmosphere today, yet she also couldn’t endure her sleepiness.

After she took the shower and Song Ting Yu wanted to take the bath, he again and again warned her to wait for him before she slept.

It was a pity,  although Su Ran repeatedly nodded her head, yet actually she didn’t hear it clearly what did he say.

So the time Song Ting Yu returned to the room, he noticed that Su Ran already slept so soundly on the bed.


Song Ting Yu sat on the bed side, and looked at her beautiful face. Then he looked at the window, in his heart, he was somewhat grieved. Wasn’t it a Valentine’s Day? How could he be this unlucky?

Actually even they spent a night in Hong Kong, the next morning they traveled to the airport to leave, back to to An City.

Originally it was their private matter how should they spent their Valentine’ day, but the next day the headline on the newspaper was about their sweet and romantic night in Hong Kong. It was not only published on one newspaper, but also other newspapers and magazines.

Because the paparazzis in Hong Kong shot their appearance on the cinema, they also followed close to them. They noticed they spent their night on the yacht.

The time the news went out, undoubtedly it attacked Bai Zhi Rui.

As a result on WeiBo, there was a lot of people commented about it.

In the past those who said that Song Ting Yu would spend the Valentine’s Day together with Bai Zhi Rui, were not dare enough to say anything because there were the news from magazines that shut their mouth. But the other side was self-satisfied, and commented: “I’ve told you, Song Ting Yu wouldn’t spend it together with Bai Zhi Rui. Now he was caught to be with his legal wife together. It’s embarrassing right? Even during the Valentine’s Day, he wouldn’t accompany you? Are you dare enough now to say that he loves you? Bai Zhi Rui’s fans, remember you guys owed me a packet of hot chili!”

There was also someone who commented: “It supposedly he accompanied his wife as an act.”

Immediately there was someone who protested: “An act? I think that his eyes couldn’t be regard as act? Even a professional couldn’t express his or herself to be that in love? Moreover, if it’s an act, then they could just appear in place, why should they go that far, go to Hong Kong? They were holding hands, watching movie, strolling around the night market? Do you need to put more effort for just an act?”

Bai Zhi Rui used her hand to support her head, her other hand held the newspaper. Regarding the togetherness of Song Ting Yu and Su Ran in Hong Kong, she had read it and knew it.

Now she felt everything on the newspaper were too offended for her eyes. She didn’t even finish it, then she just tore it apart and turned to the ball. She threw it faraway.

Just in time the door of her room was opened, her manager, Ms Chen, got inside. She noticed the newspaper ball on the ground. She understood what had happened, she bent her body and picked it up. She threw it to the trash bin and went over her side. She sat down on the opposite of her.

“Zhi Rui, you should understand. Now your situation is not really optimistic.”

“I know.” Bai Zhi Rui covered her face with her both hands, and said it hoarsely.

Ms Chen looked at her: “In online there is a lot of news and rumors about you, and it tend to be bad comments. Some of them said you are the “unwanted woman”, other said that you are using Song Ting Yu to be popular, even they said you are title as popular actress just because you are sleeping with someone…..”


“These people are too much!” Bai Zhi Rui’s eyes turned red: “How could they deny all of my hardworking. I tried hard to stand in this position. It’s okay if they couldn’t see my effort, they unexpectedly could say something to tarnish my image, they said that my tittle as popular actress is because I accompany to sleep with someone?”

Being in entertainment circle for these years, she had experienced a lot of things, but she never experienced this thing that let her really hard to bear.

Entertainment circle actually more suitable to those who are rich and powerful. She didn’t have anything, she just depended on her own efforts. She admitted these years, for standing steadily at her position, indeed she played those tricks, but who has never play trick?

But no matter how she also has ability, she just unwilling to neglect her ability, she is unwilling to be trample by everyone forever.

That time she wanted to hang on Song Ting Yu, indeed it was because she felt he could and able to give everything she wanted. Then, Song Ting Yu really gave a lot of helps for her. Yet Song Ting Yu, this person, if she wasn’t able, he definitely wouldn’t help her.

She just leaned on him to path the way for her, but how to walk on it, how to climb, she depended on herself!

But now people judged her carelessly and denied all of her hard works.

She already transformed to the new position from someone who were putting effort to someone who just accompanies other to get on the bed for money.

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  1. I love you Tang…you are really funny…your gifs are more entertaining than the current flow of the story! Hahahahaha😍


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