Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 136

You dare to say that I really love you


Su Ran felt the man beside her to be so noisy, she turned her head and glared at him: “Don’t you disturb me, I want to watch the movie.”

Song Ting Yu: “….”

Song Ting Yu doesn’t feel interested to watch this kind of movie. He agreed to watch it because he wanted to accompany her. All along he waited for her to be afraid and screamed, he hoped that she would hide inside his embrace, and he would hug her back. It will so beautiful and romantic!


But until the movie ended, Su Ran didn’t even look at him. She was watching it seriously from the whole process, supposedly she also forgot of his existence beside her.

After an hour and a half, finally the film ended. Song Ting Yu felt his ear about to be on fire, because the couple beside him. The woman kept on screaming and hugging her girlfriend. He was jealous of them.

The time they went out from the cinema, it just nine o’clock. They went to the Yau Tsim Mong’s night market to stroll. There was really crowded place, and full of food stalls, hawkers. Actually it was also quite noisy, but Su Ran likes it so much.

It could be regarded as one of culture of Hong Kong, so it known as night market civilization.

The greatest feature of old city district street in Hong Kong is the existence of billboards in the both sides of the streets, each of the billboards have different color and forms. It would shine until night, it also a quite beautiful scene.

Now Su Ran still felt a bit full, so she didn’t eat anything else.

It almost time, Song Ting Yu pulled her hand: “Let’s go.”

SU Ran nodded, supposedly this man already reserved the hotel, so now he wanted to bring her back to get a rest.

Song Ting Yu called the driver to wait outside, then held her to pass across the crowd. Suddenly he stopped, and looked to the other side.

“What happened?”

Su Ran followed his gaze. In front, there was someone selling roses, and there was a lot of couple wanted to buy.

Su Ran was aware of his intention, but when she hadn’t say anything, he just pulled her to that hawker. It was very pitiful that there were only roses. Song Ting Yu didn’t look satisfied.

But at last he still bought a bouquet of roses for Su Ran, and said a sentence to her.

It was a cantonese sentences. Actually Su Ran couldn’t understand it, when she was about to ask. The auntie in the hawker translated it to the Chinese language and said: “This Mister said, Mrs Song, Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Oh it was that meaning.

“Let’s go.” Song Ting Yu held her hands and went forward.

Su Ran pointed at someplace in front: “You wait for me here for a while, later on I will look for you.”

Song Ting Yu stood there, and saw that Su Ran turned back to that hawker auntie and said something. After a moment, she returned, took his arm, and started to walk forward. She also used Cantonese language, she said: “Mr Song, Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Because she learned it at the last moment, so her Cantonese was not very accurate. But Song Ting Yu was still very happy.

“Now are we getting back to the hotel?” On the car, Su Ran looked at the man beside her, and asked.

“You really want to go back the hotel, are you in hurry to be with me….”

Song Ting Yu hadn’t finished his word, but Su Ran already covered his mouth forcefully. She was blushing and glaring at him. She pinched his arm, and pointed at the driver.

She could let go that he likes to say something rubbish in front of her, but now there was the third party. If he couldn’t break his bad habit to talk rubbish, then it’s better for him to not say anything.

He is shameless, but she isn’t!

Song Ting Yu put down her hand, leaned toward her. He raised his eyebrows: “What are you afraid of? He couldn’t hear it. Even if he could, he would also pretend to not be….”

Su Ran : “……”

All along Su Ran looked after Song Ting Yu’s words, she didn’t pay attention to the outside. When she got off the car, she just noticed, then now unexpectedly they were in Victoria Harbor entrance.


Victoria Harbor is very beautiful, it is deserved to be called the most beautiful and brightest scenery in Hong Kong. 

When they got off the car, Song Ting Yu held her hand and went forward. They went and stopped in the back of the yacht. He extended his hand to pull her to the yacht.

They both got in the yacht. It started to move. Su Ran stood on the deck, and she held the rail: “Song Ting Yu, we are?”

“We will spend the night here…”

After all the sea was different with the ground, the wind was more huge. Song Ting Yu took a coat and draped it on her body. Then he lowered his head and kissed her face: “Are you expecting for it?”

Possibly because this period of time Song Ting Yu was too shameless, so every time he said those kind of words, Su Ran would think that he had another intention.

“No.” She immediately said.

“Don’t you lie. You are clearly expected it.”

Song Ting Yu said it and then helped her to tidy her hair that was blown by the wind.

Then Su Ran heard a noise, she turned her head. She looked at several chefs went out from the hold of the yacht. They greeted them with Cantonese: “Mr Song, Mrs. Song.”

“You can start now.”

Several men nodded, and and prepared the long dining table and dishes on the deck.

Su Ran was curious, and saw that they were preparing some authentic Cantonese dishes.

Except that table, there was another table. It was one draped with table cloth, and wine, spoon, and fork on top of it. Song Ting Yu poured a wine, and tasted it. 

His drinking posture was elegant, but when Su Ran looked at it, there was a word appeared in her mind: “Sexy.”


As if he noticed that she was watching her, he turned his head quickly. He extended his long hand, and embraced her waist. He took her to his embrace. He held up her chin, and kissed her lips.

At the start, Su Ran didn’t respond, until there was a faint wine taste. She just be aware, she wanted to push him. But turned out he let her go first.

“Is it good?”

Su Ran took the glass of water to get rid of the alcohol taste. She secretly looked at the chefs on the side, but she noticed they didn’t care about them and just concentrated on their task. 

She sighed.

Song Ting Yu said to her: “They are the most famous chefs who are specialized in western dishes. Now their skills are in waste, because they are preparing you the authentic cantonese dishes….”

Su Ran tied her hair up, and looked at him: “Why?”

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