Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 132

Don’t you all girls like this romantic, and sensational (1)


Bai Zhi Rui laughed bitterly: “It is my request to him to give me a way out. If he is beside me, my come back ways would be very many. If not, how could I stand so firm after leaving the entertainment circle for four years? So I made an agreement with him that if I’m not yet once again stand still, I asked him to not announce our relationship…”

“Oo.. it’s like that…” Ms Chen felt it was too unfortunate: “He said break up and you just agree with him? How could you be that stupid? If you have Song Ting Yu, this lifetime you wouldn’t have anything to worry about? Just wait until that old grandma passes away, then you could occupy the high position?

This woman, always think, that time if it wasn’t for old grandma’s obstruction, Bai Zhi Rui definitely would be able to marry into Song family so she felt Bai Zhi Rui shouldn’t let Song Ting Yu go. Just wait until the old grandma dead, then she could replace Su Ran.

“I also don’t want to break up. But you also know the temper of Song Ting Yu. If I keep on tangling on him, it wouldn’t give me any kind of benefits. I could lose everything, so I just could temporarily let go it for a while…”

Ms Chen nodded: “Although it is unfortunate, but now there is also no way. At very least, he has some guilty feeling toward you and agrees with you to wait until you could stand steadily then announces your guys breakup. Since this the matter, then it’s better for you to give him a call, let him to cooperate with you to have act something out.

Song Ting Yu always hates those kind of moment. When they were together, he also never spends that kind of day with him. If she wanted something, he would just give her the money to buy it. But don’t you hope that he would give you those kind of surprise.

So this moment Bai Zhi Rui thought, perhaps Song Ting Yu basically wouldn’t know that tomorrow was Valentine’s Day. Asking him to act something out with her, it should be no problem.

She nodded, and took out her phone. She dialed Song Ting Yu’s phone.

The phone rang for a long time, she didn’t wait until the receiver talked. She just spoke up impatiently: “Ting Yu, tomorrow night would you have free time?”


The other side was silent for a while, immediately a woman said: “You wait for a while.”

It was Su Ran received the call, Song Ting Yu was taking bath, he asked her to pick it up.

What day is tomorrow, Su Ran knew it clearly. She even prepared the presents for that day.

She didn’t expect that Bai Zhi Rui would call over and asked for Song Ting Yu to accompany her.

She brought the phone to the bathroom and knocked the door. The door was opened immediately. She felt her body in a while just being rose high to the air. Song Ting Yu carried her with his wait body and placed her at the vanity unit stand.

Because he just took shower, so he didn’t wear any clothes. His wet body made Su Ran’s pajamas to be wet.


This moment he placed a kiss on her face.

Su Ran pushed him away: “Don’t you joke around, your call.”

She passed the phone to him, and stared at him with fixed eyes: “Bai Zhi Rui.”

Song Ting Yu was startled for a while, she went down from the vanity unit and placed the phone on his palm. Then she left the bathroom.

Song Ting Yu directly cut off the phone, and took the his bathrobe and wore it. He also went out of the bathroom.

Su Ran was sitting down on the sofa and reading her book. He went over and sat down beside her. She also didn’t rise her head: “How could it be so fast?”

“I hang it up.” Song Ting Yu used the towel to dry his wet black hair. When it just half dry, he threw the towel to the other sofa. He extended his hand to take Su Ran’s both hands and placed it on his knees. Then looked at her finger.

“What are you looking for?” Su Ran was confused.

“Have you finished with the present for me?” Song Ting Yu said it.


“You want to ask how do I know?” Song Ting Yu placed down her hand, and smiled: “Yesterday night when you were asleep, I looked around your pocket. I thought how could you recently be interested in embroidery, it turns out for my handkerchief?”

“I just embroider several Chinese characters.”

Su Ran felt if she is like an ancient woman, then she wouldn’t hurt her ten fingers.”

“Right, my name started with several strokes.” Song Ting Yu used his hand to stroke her hair: “Are you angry before?”



“No?” Song Ting Yu clearly didn’t believe her. He took his hand then swayed to her front: “If you are not angry, then how could you read your book upside down? How could you see it like that? You must be not reading even a word?”

Su Ran blushed, and put down her book: “I’m not angry, I just a bit be a bit mind about it.”

She was somewhat moody, she couldn’t control herself. At this crucial moment looked at Bai Zhi Rui’s call, her heart felt a bit knotting. She wanted to remove it but it couldn’t.

Song Ting Yu clutched her chin, then turned her face over. Clearly she didn’t want to continue to discuss about this matter: “Tomorrow night I would go home early.”


“I would accompany you to spend the day tomorrow.” Song Ting Yu said: “This kind of moment we don’t spend it at home. Grandma said that she could take care of Wei Xi, so we could go out. Tomorrow afternoon  you wait for me, I will go back and pick you up.”

“Where will we go?” Su Ran was quite curious.

Yet Song Ting Yu just let go of her hand: “That time you would know.” He paused: “Go to sleep, I will go to dry my hair.”

On the other side.

Ms Chen was originally still full of hope, she looked at Bai Zhi Rui: “How is it?”

Bai Zhi Rui put down the phone, and her face was full of grief. She almost threw the phone : “He hung up on me.”

“Is he busy?”

“What is he busy about…” Bai Zhi Rui covered her eyes: “It was Su Ran who picked his phone. He didn’t want to talk in front of her and make her unhappy….”

It was hard to imagine, Song Ting Yu unexpectedly would be so caring to other people.

Until know, Bai Zhi Rui actually also doesn’t understand, where is the problem?

She and Song Ting Yu was in the relationship first for many years, why in few months, she just lost to her. But now she admitted that she was lost to Su Ran.

“Try again, maybe he is available now.” Ms Chen continued.


Bai Zhi Rui bit her lips, and once again dialed Song Ting Yu. This time it was connected. She was completely nervous. She worried the one who would answer the phone would be Su Ran again.

5 Replies to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 132”

  1. BZR was in a relationship with STY for over 4 years. she certainly wouldn’t give up just like that…she’s got characteristics of a drama queen 😄
    Thanks Tang!


  2. BZR won’t give up right now .She is still supported financially by Ting Yu He is backing all of her deals or giving heavy influence to parties involved in her career. No one would touch her without his backing..He has to get away from her if he is to be happy with Su Ran.


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