Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 128

It’s already three months (1)


Su Ran hadn’t finished her words, she just cut off by Tian Mi’s grief tone: “Then how could you not be fat?!”

Su Ran smiled: “It’s possible because during the time to celebrate the Chinese New Year, you ate too much when you went back home.”

“My Ma always feels that I’m skinny. I just returned for a week, she gave me big fish and a lot of meats to eat. I almost be fed by her to be a fat woman!”

Tian Mi panted with rage then she sat down. She played around with the remote on her hand. At first she wanted to look for a video how to diet, yet she encountered a channel. Her finger stopped, she looked at it carefully: “Recently this “White lotus” seemed to be very active? Everywhere you could see her, on TV, newspapers, magazines, everywhere is full of her news. Even when I eat I could see her poster, in a flash I lose my appetite!”

Regarding Bai Zhi Rui’s comeback, Su Ran already knew it since the start. Bai Zhi Rui started to enter the entertainment industry again. First she shot the advertisement, then immediately joined a variety show. Anyway she attended various of ways to enter the audiences’ eyes.

Because in a lot of people’s eyes, Bai Zhi Rui is a goddess. Her comeback was supported by a lot of people.

The people who like and support her were in various age groups, there were guys who stay at home all the time, young girls, old uncles, and mothers. Because they felt she was a soft woman, could be the ideal daughter-in-law!

“Don’t be too excessive.” Su Ran shook her head and smiled.


“It’s not excessive? What I’m saying is a reality. Every time I see her face, I immediately want to throw up…. Ckck, look at her…” Tian Mi said then pointed at the screen: “On the TV, she always appears to be very soft, delicate, and charming. She wants to get the sympathy. But who knows that their goddess, actually is a scheming prostitute.”

Su Ran also watched the screen, it was actually an interview program.

The host asked her about her recent situation, asked her about her following activity, what kind of movies. After asking this, of course, she asked about the questions that most people care about.

Related to her relationship with Song Ting Yu.

The time the host asked the question, Bai Zhi Rui blushed, as if she was embarrassed: “It’s quite good, we are close.”

“Woaah, this woman really doesn’t have a dignity? When does your Mr Song be together with her? Why at this time she shows like she be with him together…”

Tian Mi really unable to watch something like this so she was really angry.

The host then asked again: “Ms Bai, there is a rumor that Mr Song will be divorced with his current wife soon. After the divorce, he would be together with you. Is it true?”

In most interview program, the host always be someone with sharp eyes, she wouldn’t beat around the bush with you.

Bai Zhi Rui seemed to be mentally prepared form the start. She arranged her hair, and smiled: “I would like to skip this question. On the time everyone would know about it.

She just answered it like this, clearly she signaled something to the audiences. Everyone thought it to be true that Song Ting Yu and Su Ran indeed would divorce soon.

Tian Mi who was sitting down in front of the television was really mad.

“This woman, doesn’t she have any dignity? Dignity?!”


Su Ran looked at her temper, then immediately turned off the TV to save the TV from her temper.

Tian Mi finally calmed down. She sat down on the sofa and looked at Su Ran: “Say it, does Song Ting Yu already cut off all of the relations with her? How could everyone seem to feel that they are together? They are waiting for them to be together.”

Su Ran placed down the remote: “Bai Zhi Rui had been together with Song Ting Yu for several years, five years. Moreover, she lost her kids. Song Ting Yu had a guilty feeling toward her. So he wants to compensate her. Bai Zhi Rui said, that temporarily wouldn’t announce their break up. She wants to wait until she is steady enough..”

“So it’s like that….” Tian Mi bit her lips: “Then that Bai could use your Song Ting Yu as her wish?”

Su Ran noticed Tian Mi seemed to be angry again: “Don’t mind her. Let’s go to stroll around. I want to buy a present.”

“What kind of present? Mr Song’s birthday?”


“It is also not Wei Xi’s birthday!” Tian Mi was getting more puzzled.

Su Ran coughed lightly, then shifted her gaze: “After two days, it is fourteen of February…”

“Valentine’s Day!’ Tian Mi immediately said it as conditioned reflex, she said it and looked at her with malicious intention: “So, you want to buy present for Song Ting Yu?”

“Right.” Su Ran nodded, her face looked a bit awkward, “Let’s go.”

Tian Mi groaned: “I don’t have someone to give. I am single, I will not accompany you to buy it. I rather stay at home and watch that Bai’s interview. I also wouldn’t totally refuted by you.”

“I Heard that Wan Da Plaza, there is a very good restaurant. Last two days I heard a person at studio said it. I want to treat you a meal.” Su Ran attempted to attract her.

“Then what are you waiting about, let us go hurry!”

Su Ran: “….”

Also didn’t know who wants to diet…..

Su Ran actually also didn’t really ever give someone any special gift. Previously, she just gave present for Qiao Qing’s birthday or mother’s day. These several years she just gave presents to Song Wei Xi.

As for Song Ting Yu, she really didn’t know what to give him.

This afternoon, Su Ran went to a lot of places. Yet she didn’t find anything suitable for him. The time she almost disappointed, she finally found a good handkerchief.

It is light blue, and simple.

She bought it, then held Tian Mi’s hand to go to needlework shop. She bought a blue yarn.

Tian Mi was puzzled: “What will you do with it?”

Su Ran just laughed, and put it inside her bag: “Let’s go, let’s eat.”

Tian Mi said: “You are too mysterious.”

Su Ran thought to embroider his name on the handkerchief, she thought it will be more meaningful.


When Tian Mi knew her idea, she yelled: “Ran Ran, I really didn’t expect you to be this complete romantic!” 

Su Ran passed the menu quickly toward her: “Come on, order whatever you wan to eat.”

Tian MI was satisfied, and looked over the menu.

Su Ran is not a picky one, her taste and Tian Mi was quite the same so she just let her to order. She drank her water, and raised her head to look around.

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